All in a day’s work

I have just been sent on a new assignment and Diane has just taken on a new job, both of us working with Dee.

I returned from the office earlier than normal to find Diane already at home preparing our main meal. After we had talked about the new role she had been given, I reminded her that she had an appointment with a cane. She blushed, disappeared for a moment and returned with the severest cane we had. She immediately removed her skirt, lent over the kitchen table presenting her beautifully rounded ass.

I laughed and asked “so someone has been naughty. Is there anything else I should know about your day?”

She murmured something and when asked to repeat it, said quietly “apart from the incident in front of Dee, I managed to select clothing worth another £125 above what I was allowed. The store manager said if it was his wife he would probably have punished her for going over the limit, but he still let me have it without paying.”

“So you managed to get extra clothing without paying. Well you will have to tell Dee in the morning, and let her decide on the appropriate punishment.”

I asked “do you really wanted to be caned now as you are probably still sore from the morning.”

“Yes, I don’t want it hanging over me.”

“OK, you asked for it and there is no going back and you selected the nastiest cane we have.”

I tapped her bum, watching her carefully as I laid down the first stroke. It was not as severe as it could have been, but she winced and let out a small shriek of pain. I positioned the cane on her bum just above the red stripe that was appearing, tapped a few times and let her have the second stroke a little harder. She yelped as the sting of the cane started to make itself felt.

As I prepared to deliver the third stroke, the phone rang. I let it ring until it diverted to the answering machine and heard Dee’s voice start to leave a message for Diane. I told Diane to get up and take the call.

She pressed the button to put the call on speakerphone, and answered “Hi Dee, sorry I was a little slow in picking it up.”

“No problem, I hope I wasn’t interrupting anything important.”

Diane blushed as I said “Hello Dee, your call is probably a welcome break for her.”

“Oh tell me more.”

I mouthed to Diane “Tell her.”

“Charles was administering the six I earned earlier.”

“Never mind, it was just a quick call. I wondered whether you wanted go skiing after our meeting with the HR guy.”

I replied “Neither of us has ever been skiing, but if you want to, I am sure we can find something to do that will mean Diane falls on her sore ass.”

Diane gave me an evil look as Dee laughed saying “I will arrange for us to fly back in the evening so we can have a little fun after what will be an interesting meeting.”

When we finished the call I turned to Diane “now where were we? Ah yes, another four to go.”

Diane knew better than to protest so resumed her position over the table, and I lined up to deliver the third stroke. I delivered a hard stroke right at the top of her sweet ass. She yelped, and looked as if she was about to get up, before relaxing back into position with tears in her eyes.  She took the next stroke in the same manner.

I shifted position slightly and delivered a stinging stroke at a diagonal on her left cheek. She let out a loud screech of pain as the sting burnt into her ass. The sixth stroke landed on her right cheek again at a diagonal. She squealed loudly, and started crying as the pain registered properly. I let her get up, hugged her until the tears stopped.

The next morning we arrived at Biggin Hill about 10 minutes early to find Dee waiting for us. We quickly went through passport control and within five minutes were walking up the steps to the waiting Lear jet.

On the plane, Dee talked through what we could expect at the meeting without going into all the details. She asked me to look over some papers while she had a chat with Diane. As Diane shifted in her seat, Dee smiled saying “I hope the skirt is not as itchy as the one you had on yesterday.”

“No, but my ass is sore from all the attention yesterday. Thankfully getting up to answer your call did not earn any extra strokes.”

When we had been through customs, a car was waiting with a driver. He drove us to a hotel about 30 miles from the airport. The doors were opened and we went inside. I was surprised to see the Bustards logo proudly displayed behind the reception desk.

Dee was welcomed by the manager, who took us to a discreet meeting room and advised that it was available for as long as it was needed. About 20 minutes later the HR manager entered the room and was invited to sit down.

The meeting started with him asking “I was told that I would be meeting MD, where is Mr Waken.”

Dee replied “Mr Waken left the company on Friday. The announcement will be made tomorrow morning. I am the current MD. I am here to discuss a few queries I have.”

Dee went through a long list of questions, and showed that she was a skilled interviewer. I saw that the HR manager was getting very uncomfortable with his situation.

After about an hour of questioning, Dee wrapped up the meeting quickly by saying “I have heard enough. As MD of Bustards and acting for the board, you are dismissed with immediate effect for gross misconduct. The hotel manager will accompany you to your room, you will only pick up your suitcase that has already been packed for you and leave this hotel immediately.”

A quick call had the hotel manager come to escort him out of the meeting room. We chatted about the meeting and compared notes to ensure that we had recorded everything. A few minutes later the door opened and in walked Susan.

Diane immediately said “Bloody hell, what are you doing here?”

“Making sure that idiot was well occupied.”

Dee revealed “I asked Susan to help because of her background as a private detective. He has been seeing Susan about once a month, and some of their email correspondence had been through his Bustards email account. This was the email traffic that I referred to as being inappropriate earlier.”

Susan then elaborated “He made contact with me about two years ago, and during this time he has been a regular visitor to the dungeon. In that time he has become enamoured me. When Dee asked me to help her with the investigation at Bustards, I realised who he worked for. I told Dee, and after discussing it with Andy, we agreed that I would continue with the investigation. I did not see him in the dungeon for the period of the investigation. After a series of desperate emails and with Dee and Andy’s agreement, I finally relented to his request of a week’s holiday as his proof of his devotion to me.

“He signed a formal agreement, drawn up by my solicitors, in which he consented to wear a chastity cage until Thursday morning. After he left, I packed his suitcase and waited until he had been escorted from the hotel. In addition he gave me £2,000 to pay for everything whilst we were here. I have kept a record of everything we have spent and there was just £1 left which I left on top of his suitcase. He did not bring any cards with him as I insisted he left his wallet behind as proof of his trust.

“He will also have a lot of explaining to do at the airport, as he has a heavy steel chastity cage on and the spare key is at his home.”

Dee giggled, “F***ing hell, I didn’t ask you to go that far.”

“I know, but he has previously been in a cage for a couple of weeks. When we arrived, he showed me it and has been wearing it since. Anyway, he has got quite a talented mouth, which I suppose is what comes with being a smooth talker.”

As we were enjoying lunch, the manager approached us and asked if a police officer could have a quick chat. Dee replied “of course.”

The police officer joined us and explained in perfect English “we have arrested a man for begging. He tells me he has been kicked out of the hotel with no money and does not have a wallet.”

We all laughed. Dee and Susan explained everything about the circumstances and he asked to see the agreement. When Susan returned, he looked at it, asked a few questions relating to the legal terms before saying “This seems to be perfectly in order. If it is acceptable I would like to take this with me. We will have to keep him in custody until he faces a court tomorrow morning.” He left us to enjoy the rest of our meal. Just as coffee had been served he returned and introduced his boss.

He then said “Please accept our apologies for disturbing you again. We have referred this to the prosecutor and he asks that you be available to attend court tomorrow morning. I hope that this is not too inconvenient”

Dee replied, “No problem at all, I had hoped to have a good excuse to go skiing this afternoon.”

After the police officers had left Susan asked “How is Zack going to take this?”

“Quite well, but my ass will suffer.” replied Dee smiling.

Next week:- what happens that night….
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7 Responses to All in a day’s work

  1. Can’t wait for next week 🙂

    Maggi xx

  2. Malflic says:

    Love the shift from a Caning to a business setting with a twist. Plus it is ski season.

  3. Looking forward to see what happened that night… and wondering what is going to happen at court.

    Rebel xox

  4. Yes I’m looking forward to next week too.
    Rachel x

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