Dee’s Apres Ski

We have been asked by the local police to stay in a ski resort for the night….

Diane, Susan and I spent the afternoon strolling around the small town whilst Dee hit the ski slopes. As the sun went down, Dee joined us in the hotel lounge for a cup of coffee.

The manager came over and said “Please excuse my interruption, however you will need rooms for tonight, so I have allocated Miss Dee the main suite and the two adjoining rooms. I also realise that you were not expecting to be here tonight, please visit Maria at Vazzi and we will sort out payment later.”

Diane said, “Thank you, I would something a little less formal for tonight, and you Charles need to get out of that suit.”

I smiled whilst saying “Oh you are giving orders now are you?”

Diane immediately realised that she was in the wrong and apologised immediately.

Susan looked amused when Diane told her about the previous couple of days.

I got up “You are right in that we need something a little more comfortable, so I trust you are ready for a little shopping.”

Dee got up as well, “I definitely need something, but before we go, I think I better ring Zack.”

She spoke to Zack on the phone, explaining about the need to stay another night. She then passed the phone to me.

After the necessary greetings, “I am sure both of you are finding this a little unusual, and it is. However, I believe Dee has sworn a little in your presence and as Susan is there too, I think I have just the right punishment for her. Tonight please ensure that she gets a nice tingly bottom. I suggest you give her 6 swats for each use of the F word and 3 for each other instance of swearing in your presence. And tomorrow she is to wear no underwear.”

At his request I passed the phone to Susan who had a short conversation before passing the phone back to Dee who quickly finished the call.

In the shop it did not take Diane long to find us what we needed. When I saw her with underwear in the pile, I whispered “what is good for the boss is good for you too, no underwear tomorrow.”

Diane blushed “OH not another day with no knickers.”

I replied “Yes, and no bra either.”

Susan had been with Dee, and when we finished we returned to the hotel to freshen up before dinner.

As we sat down for dinner, Susan said to Dee “Did Zack tell you about tonight?”

“He only said I was to do what I was told by the three of you.”

“Fine, well you are only allowed one glass of wine. After dinner we will go to your suite.”

Dee looked nervous all through dinner and when we arrived at her suite, Susan immediately instructed her to strip completely. “You will now order a bottle of wine from room service.”

Dee quickly complied. Susan then said, “You have a choice, answer the door like this when the wine arrives or accept an alternative task.”

Dee immediately replied “I don’t want to be seen like this, so I will, go for the alternative.”

After a few minutes, Susan ordered Dee to go onto the balcony where she was to stay until we let her back in.

As Dee waited on the balcony, “it will only be about five minutes before the wine arrives, so she will be fine.”

A couple of minutes later, the wine arrived. We let Dee wait a few minutes more before she was allowed back in, “Its F***ing cold out there.” She exclaimed with her nipples proudly showing the effects of the cold.

Susan reached behind her and produced a pair of nipple clamps that were placed behind her rings. “This is to help keep them nice and pointy. Now be a good girl and collect the sports bag on the bed in my room.” Handing her a room key.

Dee quickly left the suite whilst Susan deliberately closed the door. There was a quiet knock a moment later, and Susan took her time in getting up and opening the door to let Dee back in. Susan took the back, placed it on the table, opened it up and ordered Dee “You can choose three implements, one of which must be able to leave nice welts on your ass.”

Dee hesitated a moment before rummaging in the bag and laid out three implements on the table.

I then said “Zack has asked us to administer the punishments for swearing. By my count you have used the F word twice in our presence and other swear words a total of twelve times. You are now going to get 16 strokes from each of us using the nice toys that you have chosen.”

Dee looked very worried as she had chosen two severe implements and one sensual one. She turned her back to the table as instructed, and we each picked up one implement.

I asked “Dee in which order would you like us to go and would you like a short warm up from Diane?”

When she had chosen, she leant over the end of the bed. Diane gave her the requested warm up that was  short but thorough producing a nice rosy hue to her raised ass.

I approached Dee laid the tails of the martinet on her ass, raised my arm and with a satisfying swish the tails of the martinet landed. Immediately red blotches appeared where the knots on the tails made contact. I continued with my allocated strokes. She started to have tears in her eyes after the sixth stroke and by the time my allocated strokes were completed she was sobbing gently while her ass was a riot of red blotches on a pink background.

Susan approached Dee and stroked her tenderly. Susan had picked up the single tail and with a swish it landed with Dee letting out a squeaky “OW” between the sobs. The “Ow”s got louder as each lash of the thin leather strip landed, each producing a bright red line. After 15 vivid red lines had appeared, Dee was sobbing hard, clearly feeling the burn from each of the strokes she had received. Susan raised her arm and delivered the hardest stroke of all, which had Dee struggling to stay in position. The line quickly appeared and was an even brighter red than the others. She climbed on to the bed, holding Dee in position while Diane commenced with the flogger. The sweet kiss of the soft tails landing on the angry red blotches and welts whilst adding to the sting also produced moans of pleasure. All too soon for Dee the flogging was over. There was in the background a sweet smell of arousal.

Dee got up, hugged and thanked each of us. As he was hugging Susan, she whispered something. Susan said, “Louder so that we can all hear.”

“I am so turned on, I wish Zack was here.”

Susan said “Zack talked to me about that. As you are so turned on, we will deal with that now.”

She went to her toy bag, produced a belt and other accessories. She had Dee turn around, placed the belt around her waist and secured the attached cuffs around Dee’s wrists. She then got the bullet vibrator, inserted it and then added a butterfly vibrator placed directly on Dee’s clit. She laid Dee down on the bed, covered her and turned both vibrators on.

Susan then said “I don’t know how long they will last, but the batteries are not fresh and they have been used a little this week. I will come and release you from the belt in the morning, so enjoy the night.”

The next morning we met at breakfast with Dee looking decidely weary. She claimed that the vibrators had kept her on edge for much of the night and she had great difficulty getting any sleep.

After breakfast we all trooped along to the courthouse to be met by the prosecutor. He explained that as Dee was such an important business lady the case was the first to be heard. We were shown into the court and shortly afterwards the accused appeared. He glowered at us as he sat down. The usher called out for us to all rise as the Judge entered the court. She was a stern looking woman who would strike fear into anybody who crossed her.

The prosecutor read out the charges and outlined the case. Simply put, he was arrested for having left a café without paying for a coffee and begging.

“How can a senior manager in a reputable firm be unable to pay for a coffee and be begging?” asked the judge.

The lawyer rose “He is not a senior manager in a firm. He has no job. May I ask that the public is excluded whilst this is explained in more detail?”

“Is that really necessary?”

“Yes, it is.”

Once the public had left the court, Dee explained the reasons her dismissing him from his job. The judge asked Susan about the contract and what was entailed. Susan explained in detail what had happened during the week and that he was in a chastity cage that could not be removed until he got home.

Once the judge was satisfied with the explanations, she asked the accused for his side of the story. She looked amused and a cheerful smile appeared as he tried to make excuses for his behaviour.

“I have heard enough” she said sternly. “Let the public back in.”

Next week, This “episode” comes to a close.
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  1. Malflic says:

    Can’t wait for the next chapter of this story.

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