The Judge’s decisions

In court Dee and Susan explained to the lady judge why the accused was no longer working and now had no money or cards.

“I have heard enough” she said sternly. “Let the public back in.”

Once the courtroom had settled down, she turned to the accused and started “You came here with just a few clothes, no credit cards or bank cards and had given your companion the money to cover expenses. She kept a careful record and returned what was left. You also voluntarily decided to please her in any way she desired whilst you were here.

“Your behaviour has required four busy, respectable business people to stay here longer than was originally planned causing them a lot of disruption.

“In this country we do not tolerate begging or leaving a café or shop without paying for goods. Your behaviour is not that I expect from a person from your country. I wish I could make your punishment more severe; however my hands are tied by what the law allows. You will pay a fine equivalent to £5,000 and in addition you will pay for the all the costs of the four business people having to stay longer than planned. Until it has all been paid you will remain in prison. It seems only fitting that you remain as you are until you get home, therefore I order that any personal fitments must not be removed.”

Dee looked at the Judge with a wry smile on her face. Susan looked amused while I whispered to Diane “that is real justice being done.”

We returned to the hotel to pick up our things and the manager said he would drive us to the airport. When he heard about the sentence he laughed. “Ahh, our lady judge is not so nice to naughty people. If he had not tried to make excuses he would have not been treated so harshly.”

Zack was there at Bustards when we arrived.  He welcomed us back, and he looked at Dee, “what a lovely dress, is it new?”

Dee replied it was and explained all that had happened in court. Zack then grinned “so you have been getting another person to pay for your clothes, which is a bit naughty, I will have to think of the most appropriate penalty.”

The next evening we received an email from Zack inviting us to join them and the others for the weekend at their home. We thought about it and were a bit worried about “mixing business with pleasure”. Zack, in a very intriguing reply, said there would be a special guest on the Saturday night, who we would want to meet.

We arrived as usual on the Friday evening and Zack and Dee were their usual playful selves and good company. On the Saturday, Zack answered the door to the other guest. As she entered the room, Dee, Diane, Susan and I looked startled as the judge from Wednesday morning walked in the room.

“Corrine, I believe you have met my wife Dee, Diane, Susan and Charles.”

Corrine with an amused smile replied, “I have seen them across the court room.”

Zack made the necessary introductions to the others with a brief explanation of what had happened earlier in the week.

Corrine accepted a glass of wine before saying “I know that this is a bit of a surprise, especially for you Dee.”

Dee gulped, and squeaked “Yes, I knew Zack had an old friend called Corrine.”

“Yes, it is me. Zack assures me that you are all discreet, so I will give you a little explanation. I met Zack in New York well before he met you, Dee. We had mutual interests while I was studying. I also started out plying my special trade and he was an early client, but unfortunately after a few meetings he decided to change direction. We kept in contact as friends and eventually I became very successful. This unfortunately also had its consequences, and there was a messy legal situation in which the judge  accepted the other person’s story without any facts to back it up.

When it was discovered that the bastard was seeing another person in my line of business, Zack helped me out and we were able to finally clear my name and basically ruin him financially and he was also sent to jail for perjury.

“After this incident I returned to my home country, finished my studies and started out again, this time I was very discreet and am now wealthy. I am semi-retired from that business and am able to enjoy life as well as serve my country as a low ranking judge.”

Zack kept a straight face through all this before saying “When Dee told me about what happened on Wednesday, I thought about it before making a few enquiries. I suggested to Dee that we invite you all over for the weekend, and I knew that you would be interested to meet her in a more relaxed environment.”

After a pleasant dinner where Corrine was especially entertaining, Zack asked, with a wink at Corrine, “Shall we retire upstairs to our special relaxation area?”

We were a little apprehensive as we did not know a lot about Corrine, but immediately on entering the playroom she went straight to the spanking bench examining it in detail before asking Zack “Where did you get this excellent bench?”

“Tom made it and everything else especially for us.”

“It is superb.” She then looked at the rest of the other furniture and said “Tom, I think we need to have a talk tomorrow, this is excellent equipment.”

She then turned to Zack “You did not tell me about this room, but luckily I did pick up your hints, so I hope I can have some fun tonight.”

“Of course you can, although I am confined to this damned chair, I do think that Dee needs a little correction, and it will be a change for her not to be on the receiving end of the spanking machine.”

“You have one of those stupid noisy machines?”

“This one is not noisy, and is an excellent way for me to chastise Dee as I am not physically able to do it.”

“That is impossible. I do not believe you.”

“That sounds like a challenge. I think you need to put your ass on the line.”

Corrine laughed, “OK, but I want to see it in action. If I do not agree, then you and Dee will spend a weekend in my very uncomfortable office.”

Zack immediately replied “If you are impressed, we will demonstrate its full capabilities on your ass finishing with 24 hard strokes of the cane.”

“Accepted, I look forward to having you both in the office.”

Dee turned to me “Diane told me about the overspend on Monday, so why don’t we use the machine to demonstrate its effectiveness with 125 strokes of the bungee flogger set at random.”

Diane shivered, looked at me then said “Ouchy.”

Diane removed her clothes and approached the spanking bench where Dee and Zack were setting up the machine with Corrine looking at it with interest.

When Diane had got settled on the bench, I warmed up her ass with a hand spanking before indicating to Dee that she was ready.

Dee pressed a button, and all we heard was a quiet splat from the strands of the flogger as it landed on Diane’s ass. The machine made no sound as it continue to deliver the strokes, the most noise was from Diane as she sighed, grunted and squealed depending on the strength of the strokes. Diane’s ass turned a bright red, looking as if it had enough heat to fry an egg. All the time Corrine was beginning to look worried as she realised thcarefully laid trap she had fallen into.

When Diane was released from the bench, I held her tightly as she came down from her high. When she was sufficiently recovered I whispered “do you want to use your special floggers tonight?”

“Definitely, but give me more time please.”

I went over to Zack, whispered in his year and a bright smile came across his face and he finally nodded in agreement. So I said to Corrine “I hope you agree that it is everything we said.”

“Definitely, and my ass is going to suffer the consequences.”

“Not necessarily, we have two floggers that you will never have come across before. You can trade in your date with the machine for 125 full strength strokes from each. ”

Dee smiled before Corrine asked “will they leave marks?”

“One will be used on both your ass and bare back, the other on your front. There will be no marks on your front; however there may be a few on your back and ass.”

“Umm, this is intriguing, but as I hate receiving the cane most of all, I will go for the flogging.”

When Diane had recovered, Dee asked Corrine to undress and join her at the hanging bar. Corrine left her beautiful G string on, before Dee said, “that has to come off too.”

Dee secured her in a standing spread-eagle and applied the blindfold. Corrine wriggled a bit before calming down. Diane approached and started with the Silicon Flogger on Corrine’s ass before moving up to the top of her back between the shoulders. Although there were some squeals as a hard stroke landed, she was purring with pleasure as the thick strands repeatedly landed. Diane finished with a quick flurry of strokes on her ass that had her bouncing around as much as her restraints allowed.

Corrine was allowed to calm her breathing before Dee started in with the Neoprene Flogger on Corrine’s small but well-formed breasts. Dee carefully paid attention to hitting the nipples and soon there were sounds of pure bliss coming from Corrine. After about 70 strokes had landed, Dee started to pay attention to Corrine’s clean shaven pussy. It was not long before Corrine was close to cumming, so Dee switched her attention to the breasts before landing the last 10 strokes directly on Corrine’s clit. The last stroke landed and Corrine immediately came hard, squirting her juices down her legs, arching her back and crying out with the release, before slumping in her restraints. We quickly released her and sat her down and Zack held her tight as she came back to reality.

When she had recovered and was starting to make sense she said “WOW, That was incredible, what are they, where did you get them?”

Diane said “a sub made them for me, I don’t know of any others in the world. I hope you liked them.”

“Like is not the right word, Love is better!”
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7 Responses to The Judge’s decisions

  1. Malflic says:

    More wonderful twists and turns in the story. Can’t wait for the next chapter

  2. Oooh having her nipples and clit whipped… that is something I will experience sometime soon…

    And yes, I do look forward to it 🙂

    Rebel xox

  3. Some challenging twists and turns for me personally but a delightfully well written tale.

    Rachel x

  4. Very nice indeed! I can’t wait to read more.

    ~ Beck

  5. What fun! Witty dialogue and naughty twists and turns.

    • thelongbean says:

      Thank you Vanilla Kink, beck, Racheal, Rebel and Malfic. Thank you for your kind comments.

      @Rebel, Nipples and Clit whipping can be very nastyy if not done properly, however there is one flogger I know of that will make a lot of sound but has very light touches even when applied at full strength….

  6. ddee says:

    It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d without a doubt donate to this fantastic blog! I suppose for now i’ll settle for book-marking
    and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to fresh updates and will share this site with my Facebook group.
    Chat soon!

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