Diane sees spots

Whilst we have seen a lot of each other working together, Diane and I managed a couple of weekends at home.

After three weeks being the sub, I felt it was time for Diane to have a chance to earn her opportunity to switch roles. Over breakfast I announced that we would be drawing a game after lunch. We also agreed a change in the rules for our ‘new year resolution’, so we spent the morning deciding on the penalties for either of us losing a game  that were detailed on each slip of paper to be drawn out.

After Lunch, I handed Diane the “Games” jar, and she drew dominoes. I got out the set of dominoes and we shuffled them before starting. Our version of dominoes starts with six tiles each, and each time you cannot go you pull a tile from the deck ubtil someone goes out. If neither player can go, the game is won by the person with the lowest number of spots in their hand, with a slight twist in that your spot total is doubled for each double you hold.

The first game ended with me being the loser, but only by ten spots. The second to fourth games were close with Diane ending up as the loser in each of them. The fifth game was close with me being the loser. The sixth game ended up with Diane losing by only one spot. However the eighth game was a little one sided with me winning and Diane ended up with eight tiles in her hand totalling 47 spots. She slumped back in her chair knowing that she had to suffer three weeks in her chastity belt and receive 72 spanks by hand each Monday morning.

Being charitable asked “how about a single game that will increase or lower your fun?”

“Ummmmm” was all that came from her.

“If you win, you spend just two days each week in your belt with a twist of my choosing, and get half the number of spanks with the dressage whip each Monday. If you lose, you spend the three weeks in the belt, with a twist of my choosing on two days each week and instead the 72 spanks are with the single tail?”

“If I win, I want you to have a sore ass on Mondays too, the number of spots you lose by is the number I administer with the paddle.”

As I had missed out on being on the receiving end for a few weeks, I agreed.

We started the game, and initially I was doing well, and Diane accumulated a large number of tiles that she used to her advantage and I ended up losing the game with seven tiles in my hand with a total of 30 spots.

On Monday morning we woke to the beep of the alarm earlier than usual. After a quick wake up kiss, Diane motioned to me that I needed to get in position. I knelt on the bed with my ass up in the air. I felt her gently caress my ass before splat, and the thuddy sting of the paddle made its way to my brain. I gasped, and she continued with another 20 loud SPLATs as the paddle made contact with by upturned ass. I wriggled around repeatedly and was warned “Any more wriggles and I start over again.”

Somehow I managed to stay in position for eight more splats. For the last stroke she waited until I had relaxed my cheeks enough for her to give me the hardest strike of the morning, right at the most sensitive spot exclaiming “OWWWWWWWWW” as I processed the sting of the stroke.

I turned around, grabbed Diane and gave her a long cuddle.

I sent Diane off for her shower, while I retrieved the dressage whip from the wardrobe and joined her in the shower. We cleaned each other down and I caressed her pert ass, whispering how lovely it was. She was make all sorts of lovely purring sounds, before I stopped and got out of the shower with her  “urumphing” in frustrattion.

After we had dried off she entered the bedroom to see the dressage whip laid out. I asked her to lean over the end of the bed.

“That is plain evil; my ass is all soft and tender.”

“I know, that is to make sure you win next time!”

I picked up the whip and let the first strike land. A thin three inch long welt appeared. Whilst it produced a little whelp, I continued to produce little whelps of pain until one stroke overlapped one of the welts to produce a squeal of pain. The last couple of strikes were just at the point where her bum cheeks met the top of her thighs, just at the most tender spot. “OUCH. OUCH”

I let her get up and get dressed. I told her no Knickers today; instead with an evil grin I produced the ben wa balls and the belt. “Put the balls in and I will lock you up for the day.”


“No buts, it is only for a day, and don’t forget that I will be with you most of the time.”

We went into the head office of Bustards and started work for the day preparing our separate reports for our meeting with Dee late in the afternoon.

As we sat down at the meeting table in Dee’s office, Dee looked up, smiling said “Diane, you’re looking a little flustered, what’s up?”

I nodded at Diane giving her the go ahead to tell Dee. Diane recounted the tale, and Dee giggled whern Diane got to the bit about wearing the belt.

“You should have won, and then Charles would be giving you a lot of attention.”

“I know, but these bloody balls are making me soooo horny.”

Dee smirked, “well, I will have to see if I can help!”

We started the meeting and Dee quickly picked up where the problems were before saying to Diane, “Why don’t you get the laptop so I can have a look at the results in more detail.”

As Diane re-entered the office, Dee wore a wide, cheeky smile, “I trust that has helped.”

“No, just made it bloody worse.”

As the meeting wound down Dee remarked “I think all better go out to some of the shops this week, starting tomorrow.”

Once the itinerary was settled, Dee then said “Corrine so enjoyed herself so much last week that this morning she rang Zack and has invited all 9 of us to go to her place for the weekend and join a special party she is hosting. Although it is an invite, I think that it is more of a command for Zack and myself.”

I looked at Diane who said “We are free; I hope the others can make it too.”

“They have already agreed. She has also asked that you bring along the floggers you used on her as well as any other toys you want to use. I am assured that her office is particularly well equipped so that may not be necessary.”

We made our way home and while sat relaxing cuddled together, I hugged Diane whispering “shall we go upstairs?”

“Umm sounds good.”

As I followed her up the stairs I could not resist a playful swat on her ass producing a lusty giggle, “Ooohh, my ass is still tender.”

We snuggled up under the covers while I started to play with her nipples, rolling them the pinching them hard. “Please can you take the belt off so I can ride you hard?”

“No, and the balls can stay in tonight for asking.”


I turned her so she was laid on her back, gently pulling her wrists above her head before tying them to the headboard and her ankles to the foot of the bed. I started gently kissing her all over, making her even hornier. Whilst I was straddled over her head she reached up with her mouth to envelope my cock with her lips.

She caressed my erect member with her tongue before sucking it in further. I was so turned on that before long I came hard, letting her taste my sweet nectar. I slumped down, taking a while to recover before releasing her from her bonds. She rolled over on top of me and kissed me and forcing a drop of my cum into my mouth.

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4 Responses to Diane sees spots

  1. Malflic says:

    Great turn about and tease at the end.

  2. Oh the torture of the chastity belt!

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