A weekend away, part1

After a busy week, Diane and I arrived at Biggin Hill for the flight for the weekend with Corrine. We were the last to get there, and we were soon on our way there with all the others. On arrival we were met by Corrine who guided us through to three cars were we were taken straight to the hotel to be greeted by the Manager.

We were allocated rooms all in one wing, next to each other and got ready for dinner. After the meal she told us “I have invited three “special” friends for dinner tomorrow evening. You will find them very enjoyable company and after dinner we will go to my office. I trust that Diane and Charles have brought their special floggers that I so enjoyed last time we met.”

I confirmed that we had.

Zack turned to Dee saying “If you go skiing, you better not fall on to your bum then.”

We all laughed while Dee blushed.

At dinner the following evening we were introduced to Corrine’s friends and found them to be great company.

Corrine over dinner revealed “You know that idiot that caused us to meet a few weeks ago has not come up with any money. He asked for the help of a lawyer and Maria here acted for him. As he says he has not got any money, he asked if there was a way he could work to pay it off. I consulted a friendly appeal judge and we have found a way he can, however he does not know exactly what he has actually agreed to. You will find out more later.”

After Dinner, we followed Corrine, having to help Zack in his wheelchair down some stairs, before proceeding along a passage and helping him up some other stairs and being shown into a luxurious waiting area.

“Please excuse me for a minute or two, while I make sure everything is ready.”

She departed for a few minutes and then invited us all to accompany her into what she referred to as the back office. We entered the office, and there was a large glass wall overlooking a small club type “We will have to sit through a performance which will last about 30 minutes. The audience will then leave and we can then go to the more interesting area.”

Just as she finished, music started and a young couple dragged a man and older woman on stage. The man was hooded and wearing a chastity cage and looked to be the same build as the person we had seen sentenced. Maria saw the puzzlement and confirmed it was him. The performance was started with the man being put into rope bondage and tied into an uncomfortable hanging hogtie and the woman was suspended in such a way that her pussy was ready for plenty of oral attention. The couple were left hanging for a minute or 2 before the young woman announced “Dave here will now use all his skills to bring Gloria to a climax. He will not be released until he has succeeded.”

Gloria was obviously well able to hold back as Dave did his utmost to bring her to climax. She was fully aroused as Dave gave her all his attention trying to bring her to a climax. After about twenty minutes, Gloria finally came squirting her juices all over Dave, screaming with pleasure at the release.

Dave was immediately released from the hogtie and lead off stage while Gloria was taking her bows for the performance.

Corrine said to all of us present, “please be patient while the audience leaves. In the meantime Dave has started to earn his way out of prison and pay his fines”

A few minutes later, the audience had left and the curtain behind the stage was drawn back to reveal a large space lit discreetly with a wide range of furniture on the floor area. Along one wall was a large collection of restraints and implements, whilst in the middle was Dave in a standing spread-eagle. She turned to her other guests and said “he is yours to play with. All that is asked is that there are no serious marks that last more than a day or two.”

Maria laughed and with an evil grin said, “Absolutely delightful, it is time I got something out of him.” The others looked gleefully and asked they could use anything there. “Of course”, replied Corrine. “The others here are all into our favourite activities, and all I ask is that you have enough energy to be on the receiving end of two delightful implements later. I can assure you that you will enjoy them.”

Corrine turned to Zack, “your special package is the corner, do you need some help setting it up?”

Yes, although Tom and John can do that. All I will need is Dee over the spanking bench which should have got here yesterday.”

“Oh yes, it is all ready for you.”

I turned to Diane saying (this should be interesting. Now you better get ready for a bit of fun. I approached a long pole that stuck out of a base, with a special adjustable attachment. I got Diane to stand on the base with her back to the pole. I got out a ring gag, but before I could put in Diane’s mouth, Corrine said with a smile “Don’t worry about that, the room is totally sound proof. Anyway, Dave is in his device and his torture will increase with the sounds that will be made by the women.”

I managed to secure Diane to the post, and found the Hitachi that I placed just at the right point where she will be totally aroused, but not quite get to cum. I turned on the Hitachi, and watched as Diane started to leak her juices and moaning loudly. I ignored her pleas for release, leaving her on edge for an hour.

In the meantime, Dee had been secured on the bench and the spanking machine had started to warm up Dee who was wriggling as each stroke landed. Her moans and Yelps attracted the attention of Maria and Corrine’s other guests. They stopped tormenting Dave to watch Dee receive her spanking. Zack stopped the machine, came over to me to find out how many swear words Dee had used since we last met. When I told him, he laughed gleefully.

He went back to the machine, changed the implement from a light wooden paddle to a single strand of thin leather, altered the settings slightly and Dee yelped in pain as the first stroke landed. Zack teased her by saying “it is three strokes for every time you swore in Diane and Charles’s presence.” After just 12 lashes had been applied, the machine stopped, and Zack pressed the button to release Dee from the bench.

When I felt that Diane had been tormented enough and she should gain release, she was being very loud with her pleas and moans, and I could see Dave was in agony from the restriction of the cage as he was being turned on by Diane’s moans. I stood behind her and reached around, kneading her tits with one hand while the other played with her clit. In no time she came hard, screaming in pleasure. I continued to play with her clit, while the Hitachi was still working its wonders until she had come five or six times in a matter of minutes. After the last orgasm she slumped in her bonds, with a contented smile on her face making all sorts of unintelligible noises. I quickly turned off the Hitachi, released her from her bonds helped her to the sofa and held her until she had recovered sufficiently to be able to left on her own for a few minutes.

Corrine looked at Susan, “you have not played yet, and Dave is there for you too.”

“Not tonight, but I would not mind, with Dee’s permission, to let you and your female guests play with me if they want to.”

Dee gave her permission and the other guests were delighted.

Susan was taken to the Cross, secured and we were given a demonstration of four Dommes playing with a single female sub. Susan was purring loudly, as she was given a thorough, but totally sensual experience with four different floggers that varied in intensity as the tails landed all over her back and bum.

After half an hour, her back was glowing from her thighs and bum and her shoulders. She was released with a big bright smile of contentment.

In the meantime both Tom and John had been the subject of some various pleasures so there was a break in proceedings as we all relaxed.

Corrine then said “Now it is time for the special flogging treat for you three.”

Next week find out how they took their floggings.

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3 Responses to A weekend away, part1

  1. It certainly is turning out to be an interesting weekend.

    Rachel x

  2. mmalflic says:

    Looking forward to next week’s story already.

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