A weekend away- part 2

We have been playing in Corrine’s playroom…

Corrine said “Now it is time for the special flogging treat for you three.”

Continuing she said “before we decide who goes first, you all need to strip naked and then put on a blindfold.”

While the three women quickly stripped and put on the proffered blindfolds, Dave was taken to the small cage nearby.

“You will keep the blindfolds on until all of you have received your special treat.”

She proceeded to help Maria to the centre of the room and put her in a standing spread-eagle. Maria shivered, testing her bonds before settling ready to accept her flogging.

Corrine motioned to Diane to bring over both floggers, took the special flogger for the front and nodded to Diane to start with the silicon flogger.

As Diane got into her rhythm, Maria started to make the usual pleasurable sounds as she first heard a swish then felt the sweet thuddy sting of it. She settled into a steady purring sound until Diane switched her aim to the deliciously round globes of Maria’s ass. After the first stroke had landed, Maria pushed her bum out wanting more.

Corrine smiled and whispered something in her ear that produced a smile. After Maria’s ass had turned a bright pink colour, Diane nodded to Corrine and stepped back. Corrine also took a step back and started gently on Maria’s bare front. After a few gentle swats, she started to lay down strokes at full force, making Maria groan with pleasure. Corrine was use all her strength and there were plenty of loud swishing sounds as the flogger came in to land with equally loud smacks as it landed. As the flogging started to make its presence felt, Corrine switched the target to Marias crotch. The flogger landed hard with the tails hitting Maria’s shaven folds extracting a pleasurable gasp. This continued with Maria wanting more until she arched her back screaming “SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII” and moaning in ecstasy as she climaxed. Maria slumped forward as a stream of juices ran down her legs.

Susan and Dee quickly rushed to help Maria, carrying her to the waiting chair to recover.

Corrine motioned to one of the other Dommes who had heard all the loud thwacks of both floggers.

“Gina, your turn now.”

Gina was escorted to the standing position secured into position and Diane and Corrine managed to make as much noise with the floggers.

I looked over at the other Domme, Eva, who looked decidedly nervous as she heard the floggers landing.

Gina succumbed to the sweet caress in exactly the same way as Maria, and was soon screaming with pleasure as she orgasmed.

It was now Eva’s turn. She was gently escorted over to the position and was  still looking very nervous. She looked very scared as Diane started in gently with the silicon flogger. She quickly relaxed into the sensations and started purring as the caress of the flogger did its work. Corrine took over from Diane and quickly had Eva screaming in pleasure as she came.

Corrine laughed as Eva was let down from her standing position and taken to the waiting chair. “Oh dear. We have a little mess here.” She got Dave from his cage, made him kneel by the small puddle, pressed his nose onto the floor saying “Now lick that clean.”

Dave was slow to get started, and a quick flick of a crop soon had him licking up all the juices from Eva. When he was finished he had a pained expression on his face as he was taken back to the small cage.

Corrine went over to the three ladies who were in various states of recovering from their treats. Their blindfolds were removed.

Maria was the first to ask “My god, what are those floggers? They are so sweet.”

Each of them looked carefully at the floggers whilst grinning with satisfaction.

The next day

As we all assembled in the foyer of the hotel, Dee was summoned to the telephone; she talked animatedly for a few minutes, before making another quick call.

She came over to us, “I am sorry that we will be slightly delayed, but Corrine has insisted that we go to her house for a light lunch before we leave for home.”

We enjoyed a light lunch with great company and the conversation was entertaining. When all the dishes had been cleared and we settled down for coffee, Corrine said “Now I would like to talk business for a short while. I am most impressed with both of your floggers, and especially the light rubber one. Please tell me where you got them.”

Diane replied “They were made especially for me some time ago. I don’t know of any for sale.”

“Shame, I would dearly love to have one, and from the chatter this morning, I think Maria, Eva and Gina want one too. Please could you look into getting more made just for us? We will, of course, pay for them.”

Diane laughed, “As much as I would like to help, I have lost contact with the person who made them.”

“Oh well, that is such a pity.”

“Now Zack, that spanking machine. None of us had ever seen one that quiet and effective, where did you get it?”

Dee blushed as Zack replied “That was made for us by all of the other Brits here. I can assure you Dee has enjoyed being on the receiving end many times, and we do thank them for making it.”

“Umm I thought that it was unusual.” Turning to the rest of us, she continued “Eva, Gina and I would like you to look into making a few more. I will explain why in a minute.

“Tom, I know that you made the bench for Zack and Dee, which I must say  is a superb piece of craftsmanship and I need to talk to you about making some more for me, as well as some other items for my office.”

Tom looked surprised before replying “it is just a hobby, and I do not usually sell them as they take a long time to make.”

Before Corrine could say anything Eva started “Before you dismiss this out of hand, I think we better explain a little more.

“You will no doubt have heard a bit about Corrine’s background, both Gina and I started out at college and needed to earn some extra cash. I first met Corrine in New York whilst with a client and had rented her space for an afternoon. She even helped me with that client, and he had an unexpected extra dimension to that session. Until we all became successful in our respective fields, the three of us built up a small core of discreet and loyal clients who have become good friends over the last ten or so years. Even though we are no longer active in the professional scene, these friends and clients still come to us for their regular sessions.”

Maria then said “with me it is slightly different. I started out as a sub, and I met Corrine at a play party. We became good friends and now I am have become a Domme helping Corrine when she needs an extra pair of hands. Also through my playing at parties, I too have a small number of people who I consider friends who I top.”

Corrine then said “I hope you will all be able to get to know us better in the coming months, but as Zack and I have known each other for a long time, I hope he will vouch for me.”

Zack smiled, “of course, I can.” Turning to us he added “I have been friends with Corrine since childhood, well before I met and fell in love with Dee.”

Corrine smiled, “Thank you Zack, now this is my proposal.”

Next week- Where does this all lead……

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