A weekend away- the finale

After a night at Corrine’s office, we had a good lunch at her home.

Corrine smiled, “Now this is my proposal.”

“Gina, Eva and I each have clients that need more attention than we can give them because of their commitments and ours too. We therefore would like you to consider making some more of your excellent benches and spanking machines with some bespoke changes. You will of course be handsomely rewarded.”

Maria added “I want one of each too.”

Tom asked “what changes to the bench would you require?”

Corrine replied “firstly it would need to be easily disguised as an innocent piece of furniture. Secondly is there any way that the restraints and the machine can be controlled remotely through a computer?”

Tom said “Probably, but it will take time, and I already have commitments that mean I cannot even start working on any benches until at least the middle of June.”

John added “I need Tom’s help with the machine, and the electronics side needs to be thought through, but it should be possible to make them remotely controlled and activated, however I am concerned about safety and this needs to be factored in.”

“Oh well, I suppose we will have to be patient and wait until you have time.”

Zack laughed “Corrine, you are always so impatient. I think you should get a sore ass for that.”

Eva, Gina and Maria cackled with laughter before Maria said with a giggle “I think we should all be on the receiving end before we commit ourselves.”

Corrine’s eyes lit up, “well as they are still in the office now, let’s do it. It is about time I got to see Gina and Eva on the receiving end. As for you, Maria, It is time you were on the receiving end of a good caning, and I know how you used to like them.”

Maria’s reply was “OH S**t. And I have a long day tomorrow.”

Eva smiled “It is time you were on the receiving end too Corrine. I would love to be able to watch you in court struggling to sit still with a nice sore ass tomorrow.”

Gina chipped in “Me too.”

Corrine invited us to follow her to the office, following the same route as we did the previous evening.

The back office was still as it was the previous evening except there was a bit lighter but still looked very intimate.

We gathered around the spanking bench and Corrine started to strip off her dress revealing her excellent figure. She stood still, waiting for the rest of us to finish preparing.

She slowly lowered her knickers and mounted the bench and was soon in a position to be secured. She fiddled with the restraints until she felt comfortable. Zack showed Eva the button to press and with a click, Corrine was fully secured with her ass in the exact position to receive her spanking.

Susan suggested “why don’t we give her a gentle hand spanking as a warm up so she can feel the full effects of the implements used.”

Gina laughed “are you sure you are not a professional?”

Dee giggled “she does a little now and then.”

Susan delivered a gentle hand spanking that got Corrine’s upturned bum a nice shade of pink.

Whilst this was going on, Eva had gathered together a few implements, and John showed her how the controls worked.

Susan had made way for the machine and the first stroke of a leather flogger teased Corrine, and she said “that was just a fly swat”. After a few more gentle strokes, the machine suddenly delivered a hard stroke that had Corrine gasping. A series of swishes at random intervals made Corrine wriggle around a little in her restraints before a short break as the implement was changed.

SMACK resounded around the room as the paddle first made contact.

A moment later “OW” followed from Corrine as the impact reached her brain.

More loud smacks later had her panting as she felt every one of them land on her now reddened ass.

“Now for the finale” said Gina. The implement was changed and “THWACK” echoed around the room followed by a loud “OWWWWWWWW”. There was a short wait as a red line started to appear.

“THWACK” followed by “OWWWWWWW” was repeated four times.

Corrine started to try and move out of the way as another “THWACK” was heard as the cane landed on her ass followed by an even louder “OWWWWWWWWW”.

Zack laughed, “That was not even full power.”

“Wow, I wonder what full power is.”

Maria evilly smirked, “I think one more at full power should keep you quiet. She fiddled with the control and an even louder “THWACK” was heard followed by a scream of “OWWWWWWW.”

Corrine was released from the bench and her hands immediately went to her now bright red ass which sported six bright red lines. She gently stroked it as best as she could.

As Corrine gently sat down on one of the chairs, she winced and said “That last stroke was evil.”

She then ushered Gina to the bench and as she was secured, Kathy said “I think the exact same sequence is what is needed to show you all how effective it is.”

Corrine asked “I hope you are not a pro domme too.”

“No, I just work with John in our fetish clothing business.”

Corrine smiled. She watched as Gina followed by Eva received the exact same sequence of strokes.

Both were just as careful as Corrine when sitting down on the chairs.

Finally it was Maria’s turn. She was a little shorter than the others and some adjustment to the positioning of the restraints was needed. As Maria received her strokes Kathy whispered something in Corrine’s ear which brought a smile to her face and a nod.

Kathy went to the wall where the implements were stored and selected a whippy cane. As the last stroke of the sequence had landed on Maria’s ass to a loud squeal as the pain was being processed. Corrine said, for that earlier comment, I am allowing Kathy to penalise you for your unwelcome words earlier. Kathy quickly administered one stroke to each cheek of Maria’s ass. These were greeted by the loudest screams of pain. As Maria was released, the welts from the final two strokes revealed Kathy’s trademark diagonal strokes to make Maria’s ass look like two gates.

Maria grimaced as she sat down, but still had a bright smile of contentment on her face.

“I will feel these for the next week.”

“Good” was all Corrine said.

Tom, John and I quickly packed up the machine and got the bench ready for transport. Zack said something to Corrine who just nodded before standing up and she quickly went to the front office.

She returned and thanked us all for our company as did the others. There were a lot of hugs as we got ready to leave the delights of Corrine’s office and make our way back home.

On the flight home, Dee and Zack were cuddled together and obviously having a private conversation. The others relaxed just as Diane and I did.

I whispered in Diane’s ear “I have a little game for you to play tonight….”

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3 Responses to A weekend away- the finale

  1. I think you should market this machine to the fetish community, I suspect that there might be some buyers.

    Rachel x

  2. Shivering again, reading about the spanking machine

    Rebel xox

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