Diane has a ride

I whispered in Diane’s ear “I have a little game for you to play tonight….”

As we got home I asked Diane to go upstairs and strip off completely, put on a pair of high heels and join me in the living room. Meanwhile I gathered together a few things that will help keep her amused.

When she arrived in the living room, I had her put on the blindfold so she could not see what was going to happen. I secured her wrists so that they would be out of the way and guided her to where I wanted her. I also made sure that there were no clocks visible before setting up her torments.

I fashioned a hobble that gave her enough movement to shuffle back and forth and stand on one leg with her foot flat on the floor.

I picked up a long piece of rope, ran it through her waist a few times, then tied it off with two long tails dangling in front of her. I picked up another length of rope and tied one end of it to a heavy (15kg) weight, sat on a stool that was then run through a pulley to be left dangling. I then picked up a piece of string, threaded it through her nipple rings and tied it off gain leaving a tail. I secured a one pound (1/2k) weight to one end of another piece of string, ran it through a second pulley and left it dangling.

I positioned her carefully and secured the string from her nipple ring to the smaller weight so that it would stay on the floor when she was flat footed and almost under the pulley it ran through. I cautioned her to stand still as I inserted her remote controlled large vibrating dildo. I then ran the ropes through her crotch and made sure they were correctly positioned on either side of her clit, while managing to stroke it and elicit an audible moan of pleasure and then ran the ropes through the back of her waist rope. I had her shuffle back a little until there was virtually no slack in the string attached to her nipples and then tied them off to the rope dangling from the pulley that held the weight.

I then said “here is your challenge. When I remove your shoes, the challenge starts. You will be on tiptoe in the middle here and this will not cause you any discomfort. You can move back or forward to stand with your feet flat on the floor, but in doing so you will cause discomfort to either your nipples or your crotch. If you stand flat on the floor here, both your nipples and crotch will suffer.”

I continued. “You start with 48 strokes every day for the next week using a different implement of my choice. After 12 minutes, the number of strokes reduces by one for every full minute before you ask me to release you. If you manage 20 minutes you can come once in the next week, and for every extra five full minutes, you allowance goes up.  If you manage 45 minutes you will not have to wear your chastity belt at all until we next have a game. If you survive 61 minutes then you get to administer 10 strokes of an implement of your choice on my ass each morning before work and I will be in the chastity device for 2 weeks and be required to make you come at least once a day using my tongue.”

I removed the blindfold and then removed her shoes. For a few minutes she held her position well, but it was not too long before her calf muscles got tired, so she moved back only to find there was a nasty pull on her nipples. Initially it was manageable, but after a couple of minutes she shuffled back to the middle on tiptoes. She moved forward a few minutes later to relieve the pressure on her calves and felt the full effect of the weight on her clit eliciting a load moan. She moved back to the middle to relieve the torment and it was not long before her calf muscles gave way and she stood flat footed in the middle. Her face was scrunched up in pain as she felt the full effect of both the stretch of her nipples and the pressure of her clit being squeezed by the ropes. She shuffled forward again to relieve the pain on her nipples before shuffling backwards to relieve her clit from the tight squeeze.

It was not long before she gave up all attempts to stand on tiptoe and resigned herself to the tortures on her nipples and crotch, alternating between the two.

I sat watching my gorgeous wife torturing herself. I also noticed that her moans alternated between pain and moans of pleasure. But as time progressed there more squeaks as if in pain coming from her. I let her stay that way and enjoyed the sight of nipples being stretched which usually make her so hot and horny and the effect of the crotch rope on her clit and the dildo.

Diane was clearly feeling the strain and called out “I give up.”

I jumped up, untied the weight secured to her crotch rope, moved her forward, hugging her tightly and snipped the string between her nipple rings before carrying her to the sofa.

She was breathing heavily as I settled her down, and untied the rope around her waist. I started to remove the vibrator when she stopped me, with a “NO, just leave it there, but turn it on. My clit and nipples are sore, but I am sooo horny, please turn it on full and let me cum.”

I reached over for the control and turned it so that it was set at medium so that it would tease her but it would take a while for her to cum.

“You evil bastard, please turn it higher.”

“Do you think you managed to last 15 minutes” I teased.

“I bloody well know I did, so please let me cum.”

I left the vibrator running on medium for a few minutes while her pleas became more anguished and desperate before I turned it up high.

Her breaths got shorter; a scream of “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” then her face and shoulders went bright red before she arched her back and squirted juice on my jeans before slumping back in my arms.

I quickly turned off the vibrator, held her close and waited for her to recover.

I helped her to the shower and joined her to soap her down and relax in the steam. I dried her off, held out her robe, and we made our way downstairs to the kitchen while I made a light supper.

“Tell me how I did.”

“The good news for you is that you can come most days. The bad news is you only managed 43 minutes, so you will get to wear your belt as usual, 17 strokes on your beautiful ass every morning and come only five more times in the next week.”

We talked about the scene, and she said “It was a delicious predicament. You know how I love my nipples being stretched and my clit squeezed, but the sensations were too intense that it became painful after a while, but at the same time I was getting horny.”

At bed time I carried her to the bed and whilst my wandering hands started to turn her on, she moaned in pleasure and then in frustration as she said, Please please keep it for another day as I am on the orgasm restriction.”

I held her close spooned together, with a strong erection, and realised I too was going to be restricted too.

The next morning as we got ready for work, I playfully gave 17 spanks with my hand before stopping.

She turned to me “Is that all?”

“Yes that was your 17 for today!”

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2 Responses to Diane has a ride

  1. How wicked…utterly, utterly and deliciously wicked.

    Rachel x

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