Diane wins

The bad news is…..17 strokes on your beautiful ass every morning.

All through the week Diane received her 17 strokes on the bum and despite all my best efforts, I did not have to correct her for coming more than 6 times. I left the cane until Sunday and made sure that they were the hardest of the week. She felt the effect of the morning’s cane strokes all day.

After lunch I suggested that she went and got the games jar. As I watched on she drew Scrabble.

After getting the board set up, we checked and made no changesour special rules and the loser’s penalties. It was to be the best of five games.

The first game was fairly uneventful until I managed to clear my rack of tiles with the single word “pussies” scoring 98 points. This gave me the edge and I hung on to win by only 10 points.

The second game was a close run and Diane managed to win by just five points. The third game was reasonable close until I foolishly challenged “quizzled”. I lost the challenge as it is in an online dictionary. Diane managed to score a staggering 298 points through the use of two triple double word scores.

My selection of tiles was appalling in the last game and lost badly.

I now had four weeks in chastity and had to give her three orgasms a day. What was worse I had a total of 384 strokes of her favourite implements to endure. I knew then I would have a sore ass and be totally frustrated.

Diane immediately got up from the table and got the chastity device, and once secured she insisted I set about giving her the first set of orgasms.

I started in earnest and with my tongue working hard and flicking her clit she had her first orgasm. She got out my wrist restraints, secured them behind my back before letting me start all over again. My mouth worked overtime, biting and pulling on her nipples and latterly biting and flicking her engorged clit with my tongue. I watched as she fought to hold back using all her crafty wiles. Eventually she started to squeeze her legs around my neck forcing my face harder into her crotch and she came squirting juices all over my face. As she relaxed her grip on my legs, I managed to move my face so that I could breathe properly.

As I was about to start getting her to come again, she ordered me to stop and hold her. She kissed me, tasting her juices, before saying “I will save the last one till later, so I can sleep properly tonight.”

We talked about my deficit, and she finally decided “I will spread them over four weeks, however just like a bank, there are costs involved in being “overdrawn” and postponing the strokes. Each week I will deliver at least one hundred strokes, but each week the costs of not taking them all are 10 penalty strokes and an interest charge of 10% of the outstanding strokes rounded up to the nearest number divisible by five. So if the interest charge is twenty one this becomes twenty five.”

After a week in chastity, Diane’s teasing had me get easily aroused and the effects were felt in the confined space of the chastity device.

On the second Monday morning, after I had showered, Diane ordered me to bend over her knee for a nice start to the week. I noticed the horrible stingy hairbrush. I shuddered as this was going to be painful.

“Time to get the number strokes down. Today is going to be the nicest, for me anyway, of these morning sessions. I will decide when you have had enough, and I can assure you that you will feel the results all day.”

The first stroke landed on my tender ass that was still soft from the shower. After ten strokes of that horrible stinging hairbrush, I started wriggling to be reminded “wriggling will mean the stroke does not count and an additional penalty stroke.”

After a furious flurry of strokes that had me in agony, she slowed down. The last ten strokes laid on alternately each cheek, just at the sweetest spot had me crying.

“Breakfast will be ready soon, so you don’t have much time to get yourself together and dressed.”

We were both going into the Bustard’s head office that morning. As I gingerly sat down in the car, I grimaced in discomfort.

I somehow managed to get through the morning’s work ready for our afternoon meeting with Dee.

As Diane and I entered the office, Dee was already at the meeting table. I gingerly sat down and despite my best efforts; I was unable to stop a small level of discomfort from showing.

Dee immediately raised an eyebrow. Diane then said “tell her.”

I told Dee about the game and the morning spanking.

Diane giggled as she took off her jacket to reveal a relatively see through blouse displaying her unrestrained breasts. This immediately made me more uncomfortable as I squirmed.

Dee said “That is a bit revealing Diane.”

“Not really, I have been wearing the jacket all day and will put it back on when the meeting has finished.”

Dee’s face lit up, “Oh well a little more discomfort for him is not such a bad idea.”

Dee undid a few buttons on her blouse, reached around her back and removed her bra.

Diane slowly unbuttoned a couple of buttons of her blouse just to make me feel even more uncomfortable.

The sight of the two pairs of beautiful unrestrained breasts had me squirming in even more discomfort as my cock, in its restricted space, reacted.

When the meeting finished, Dee got up made a quick call, and a few minutes Zack appeared in his wheelchair.

Zack looked at Dee. “Where is your bra and thus your showing off your delightful assets?”

Dee explained and Zack chuckled.

The door to the office opened and I was surprised to see Tom and Suzy walked in to join us at the office.

Zack started “Tom, I know that your employer told you this morning about it’s pulling out of the UK market and you are therefore going to be worried about your job.”

Tom looked surprised, “Yes, how did you know?”

“I was asked if I wanted to buy it, but before I make a decision, I value your opinion. And before you ask about why Charles and Diane are here, they have been very effective here in sorting out some of the issues in Bustards and I am sure that they will be able to help me in that decision. So my first question is why you think that they would want to pull out of the UK market?”

“The answer is very simple; they do not understand the UK marketplace. They have insisted on making new products that do not sell and stopping production of some of our most popular products because they think they are outdated. The market share has slipped badly and it will be extremely difficult to get it back as competitors have filled the space left when we stopped making the popular products.”

He continued, “whilst this will probably mean the loss of my job and many others, I expect that it will have to close down as it will take too much investment to recover. I have been expecting this announcement for about six months”

“Thank you, that is what I was expecting you to say.”

Dee then said “Tom, I don’t think you need to worry too much as we have a proposal to make that involves all of us here and John and Kathy. They can’t be here today; however we did talk to them earlier on the phone to help with our thinking.”

Zack then said “After that discussion and your comments I have an idea that involves the four of you.

“After our visit to Corrine last week, I have had a number of calls from her asking what it will take to get you to make her some furniture and the spanking machines. I know you have the talent to design and build the furniture and with help from John on the internals and electronics the machines. I also appreciate that you have not got the time while working to make any more furniture than you have already committed yourself to.

“I have a dormant company that can quickly have 9 shareholders, the six of us here, John, Kathy and Susan. I will provide the funds as a loan to the company to buy the premises and existing machinery. I will also provide a loan to the company for working capital. You will run the company with any help needed from the rest of us. Charles is expert on finance and Diane has shown she is excellent in staff relations.”

Tom then said “I have been wanting to get out of there for a long time, but I have never had the money to set up on my own. I would need a free hand to design and make the furniture I want to make, and I need to select the craftsmen I want.”

“I would expect nothing less. I can assure you that Dee and I will take a back seat, but will be available to give advice and help when asked.”

“Can I talk to Suzie alone for a minute?”

Dee said, “Sure, use the meeting room next door.”

After a few minutes, they returned and Suzie said “We accept your idea with a specific condition. When we demonstrate the spanking machine for the first time in a public arena, Dee must be the first model and she must do it totally naked.”

Dee looked alarmed, but Zack answered “That is fine with me. Let’s make the call now.”

Zack got out a piece of paper and dialled a number in the US. Once usual greetings were out of the way, he said “I have thought about your offer but do not want to buy the company. I do have a counter offer.”

“I had hoped you would buy the company. I will listen to your counter offer.”

“A company I own will buy the premises as is, complete with all the machinery at the market price of the building to be assessed by three independent valuers. The transaction is to be completed in two weeks or else my price is reduced to £1. You will make all the staff  redundant within a week, however during this time you will allow Tom and a couple of my colleagues, who are with me and listening in, to talk with any staff  they want with the possibility of them being offered jobs in my company.”

“Christ that is a hard ball offer. I can’t accept nothing for the machinery; it has to be at an assessed value.”

“I can’t do that, the company will pay market value for the machinery it wants, and anything not needed has to be removed within two weeks.”

“You are being hard on me; we can’t just remove stuff like that.”

“Oh you can, but it will cost you probably more than you will get for it.”

“Shit, give me an hour and I will get back to you.”

“Half an hour is all you have.”

“The call finished and we sat chatting when suddenly the phone rang. Zack looked at the number, put it on speaker and all we heard was “I accept your offer and Tom can talk to the staff starting tomorrow.”

“I will fax over an initial agreement in a few minutes and I have a valuer available for Wednesday.”

As the call finished Zack turned to Tom “You are now the boss of a company making furniture and spanking machines.”

Authors note:- the latter part of this installment is not particularly kink related and is there to set up the next few weeks of the story.
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5 Responses to Diane wins

  1. You always seem to have the most fun time.

    Rachel x

  2. l0rdraven says:

    A fun story as it also follow a dream I have in owning my own kink line of products

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