Easter weekend- part 1

Zack turned to Tom “You are now the boss of a company making furniture and spanking machines.”

After a bit more discussion, calls were made to Susan, John and Kathy. It was agreed that we would all meet up at Tom and Suzy’s house on the Thursday night for the Easter weekend.

Diane and I got to Tom and Suzy’s house to find the others had arrived before us. After dinner, Dee told the others about the meeting on Monday, much to my embarrassment.

Zack then said, “I hope you don’t mind, but I have booked the room at Michael’s restaurant for Saturday.”

Susan chipped in “oh good, we can have some fun tomorrow, especially as Charles is in chastity.”

Zack then turned to Dee “You can suffer a little too, it’s about time I brought you to account for all your recent misdemeanours and it was not nice to make Charles more uncomfortable at the meeting on Monday”

Diane added “How about another clothing optional weekend?”

Zack immediately agreed followed quickly by Tom, Kathy and Susan.

As it was getting late we agreed to deal with the business part of the weekend the following day.

Friday morning was spent sorting out all the details for the new business which Tom would run for us. It was set up that Tom and Suzy held 50% plus one of the voting shares and the rest of us had additional non-voting shares. The loan from Zack would be treated as special shares and when part of the loan was repaid some of these shares would be bought back by the company.

When all the business was completed and we had finished lunch, Diane turned to Tom and asked “Can I use the playroom?”

“Of course” Tom replied.

She ordered me to retrieve her implement bag from the car and wait for her kneeling by the bench of my choice.

Kathy then turned to John saying “it is about time you were on the receiving end of a bit of play. Go and get the implement bag and wait for me in the playroom. And you are to be silent while waiting.

Zack then said to Tom and Suzy, I haven’t brought any implements, can I borrow a couple of yours?

Susan with a grin said, “No need. I have plenty in my car, and I would love to give Dee’s ass a little attention.”

I went to the car, collected the implement bag and waited by the spanking bench as ordered.

Diane then asked “How many strokes are still due?”

I replied “260.”

“Good, I think we need to get the total down again.”

Diane secured me to the spanking bench, placed a cane, a tawse and a single tail on the bench in front of me. I was blindfolded before she said “I think 30 of each of those on the bench and the one in my hand will be about right.”

I gulped at the thought of 120 strokes of some fairly vicious implements.

I felt something being laid on my back before she started to spank me gently, before they got harder and I could feel my ass getting warmer.

Diane said “your ass is a nice shade of pink, now for the real fun.”

She picked up whatever she had laid on my back and I soon felt a thud as the leather paddle made contact with my raised ass. I managed to hold back on any noise. The thuds were repeated and I was soon letting a few “Ouches” escape.

“Good, for a moment I thought they were not hard enough.”

The next thud as the paddle landed had me gasping as it was so much harder. This continued until the thirty strokes of the paddle had been administered.

Diane gently stroked my ass as she let the effects of the paddle be felt. I sensed that she had picked up another implement. A swoosh was followed by a thin line of fire across my ass. I was moaning and gasping as each of the strokes landed.

Diane allowed me a little recovery time before she picked up the next implement and I felt the sting of the tawse as soon as it landed. The strokes were so quickly administered that I was unable to keep up and was soon breathless.

Diane let me recover, and when she thought I was ready asked “are you ready for the last set?”

“As ready as I will ever be.”

“Good.” very shortly after I heard a swish and felt the sting of the cane. The swishes and stings seemed to go one for ages before she stopped. She came round to my face, cradled it and I felt the most painful stroke land on my left ass cheek. This was followed very quickly by the same on my right cheek. In between gulps of air I asked “Kathy?”

With a smile she replied “Yes, her trademark diagonal stripes.”

She removed my blindfold, kissed me and then released my restraints.

I got up and was soon feeling all the welts on my ass, and the most painful were those that Kathy had administered.

When I looked at my hands I was surprised that there was no blood as my ass felt as if it had been cut to ribbons.

Suddenly there was a sound from a mobile phone ringing, and Zack was very embarrassed as it was his that he had not left in the kitchen. He picked it up, looked at the screen, and Said “Bloody hell it is Corrine again.”

He answered the phone and it was clear from his “working on it” comment that it was to do with the furniture. Then he had a surprised expression on his face. He closed the call by saying if he would ring back in a few minutes.

He turned to us all “Corrine is due to arrive in Birmingham in about 4 hours time with a friend. She wants to meet up with me and any of us who are here.”

Suzy said, “I hope she has somewhere to stay, but suggest she comes over for a light lunch tomorrow and take it from there.”

“Good idea.”

Zack rang Corrine. “Dee and I are staying with Tom and Suzy. They have suggested you and your friend come for a light lunch. There are conditions though. You and your friend must be here at 11.00 a.m.exactly. If you are late or early you and your friend will have to accept the consequences. Each of you may only wear a coat and a pair of shoes when you arrive. You will remove them once you have been dropped off, before you ring the doorbell, and remain unclothed until you leave the house. Finally you are to have ben wa balls inserted alongside a remote vibrating egg and you will hand Tom the remote control as you enter the house.”

After a few moments Zack finished the call and turned off his phone.

Susan then said, “You know that you were supposed to leave the phone in the kitchen, you will have to accept the consequences at dinner tomorrow night.”

Zack blushed but said nothing.

Susan continued “Dee, you should have checked before we came in here, so get yourself over to the Cross.”

She restrained Dee to the Crucifix, told us all to stand back, picked up a quirt and proceeded to flick it so that there was a crack and then a quiet sound as the tip made contact with the flesh of Dee’s ass. Immediately an angry welt about two inches long was visible. Dee let out a yelp. This patterned of sounds continued as flick after flick landed all over Dee’s back, ass and upper thighs.

Dee started to moan in excitement as well as let out the yelps and a particularly vicious flick landed just at the entrance to her hidden hole producing a load squeal of pain. Susan put down the quirt with a smile of satisfaction and  started to roll a pinwheel all over her back.

She let Dee down, who gingerly sat on Zack’s lap.

All the time that both Dee and I were on the receiving end of the various implements, John had been secured in a strict ball tie, with the twist that there were clover clamps attached to his nipples that were tied off to the top of the horse so that he could not move. Kathy released him and as she removed the clamps kissed him hard, and this suppressed any noises he could make.

We all made our way back into the kitchen and when she had recovered from her play, Dee offered to cook dinner.

Over dinner and long into the evening we planned the day ahead when Corrine arrives.

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8 Responses to Easter weekend- part 1

  1. Lots of spanking going on here and is making me long for one.

  2. msbunnywhite says:

    Lots of spanking. Impact play is not my bag but it sure is fun to read about 🙂

  3. John D says:

    Very lucky guy!

    Fun to read

  4. l0rdraven says:

    very tasty write, I cant wait for the brunch 🙂

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