Easter Weekend part 2

On the Saturday morning at a few minutes to 11, the doorbell rang, and Tom went to greet Corrine and her friend. They had both removed the clothing as instructed by Zack in the previous day’s phone conversation.

As Corrine sat down there was an immediate reaction from her as Tom clicked on the remote he was holding. I recognised the face of Corrine’s friend, but could not put a name to the face. She introduced her friend to us all as William; although it was clear Zack and Dee knew him well from business dealings.

William was wearing a solid steel chastity device. It was designed so that it held his member in a downward position and looked particularly evil.

Corrine explained to us “I have known William for many years, and he spends an occasional day or two with me. Since our last get together, he has been a little bratty, and he has agreed to spend the whole of the Easter Weekend with me to accept the consequences. His wife knows all about this weekend, and whilst she is not into kink to the same way that all of us here are, she can be a little mean. The device he is wearing has been designed by her and is a little unusual as it has little nubs inside that make him extremely uncomfortable if he gets aroused. His punishment for being bratty is that he is not allowed to speak at all until I leave on Monday evening and he goes home to his wife, who holds the key to his device. If he does speak, the consequences could be described as rather humiliating for him.”

Susan smiled then said “Zack warned you there would be consequences for arriving early, and you accepted them.” She turned to William and asked “Have you ever spanked a woman or used other implements on one?”

He nodded his head, and it was clear he wanted to expand on the answer, so Tom quickly picked up a note pad and pencil and passed it to him.

He quickly scribbled something on the pad and passed it to Susan who raised an eyebrow when she saw what was written.

Susan then said “Last night those of us staying here had decided on the consequences of you being late. William can now choose which punishment you are to receive. The choice is a number between one and three.”

Corrine looked nervous as William held up three fingers.

“William, Number three is the choice?”

William nodded.

Susan said “I will tell the two of you what it is after lunch. I hope that you have not made any arrangements for tonight”

Tom fiddled with the remote and Corrine stiffened visibly. Tom giggled and indicated he had turned it up.

Corrine replied, “No, we just planned to have dinner and then get an early night before have a day in the country tomorrow.”

Dee then said, “that sounds fun, but we have another idea for the two of you if you are interested, which will be fun and certainly more interesting for both of you. And Corrine, rather than you being able to make all the decisions, I think William should be allowed to make the decision for the both of you. William, hold up both hands for accepting our idea and just one to say no.”

William thought for a minute then held up both hands.

“Great, now Corrine are you happy to accept that decision?”

Corrine nervously said “Yes.”

John then said, “William and I will go to your hotel after lunch, and he will pack up your bags and check out. You will be staying the weekend here.”

William then scribbled something on the pad, and passed it to John who then showed it to Tom.

“OK, Tom will then come with us and William can drive his car here.”

Zack then said “Now that is all arranged, Corrine, let’s deal with your persistence on getting hold of some furniture. I told you yesterday that we were working on the problem. I think that you need to sample more than just the bench before making any rash decisions, so while William is with Tom and John, we will introduce you to another of tom’s creations which I am sure you will enjoy.”

Corrine gulped before saying nervously “Ugh, you know I am a top.”

“Yes, but you have been very persistent, so I only feel it is fair.”

William smiled and looked inquisitively at Tom.

Suzy decided that it was time for her to step in. “Up to Monday, Tom would not have been able to start on the bench you wanted for at least three months. However that all changed and in about 2 weeks he will be managing a company that makes bespoke furniture and your bench is the first order and mill take about three weeks to complete. The actual price is to be decided, but expect it to be around £7,500. The spanking machine will be available shortly after that for around the same price. The controller has to be redesigned and properly tested before we can start making them.”

Corrine smiled and said, “Great, how much will the deposit be?”

Kathy interrupted, “Usually when we make bespoke items we require fifty per cent as a deposit. However as the price has not been finalised, £5,000 will be acceptable.”

“No problem, William was expecting this and he will give you a cheque before we leave.”

Both Diane and I looked at each other with a smile.

We had lunch and Zack turned to Corrine, “I suggest you use the bathroom now.”

Once she had returned, Tom and John left with William and the rest of us went to the playroom with a nervous Corrine. As we entered, she said “You know this has become a very unusual weekend, William has never seen me unclothed before, and usually he goes home with a very sore ass. I know that he has been extremely uncomfortable in his cage today, and that has been an exquisite torture for him as well as very pleasing for me as a Domme. However he does like impact play and it may be a bit lacking.”

Susan said, “Don’t worry. We will have the opportunity to make up for that tomorrow. Today is a no impact day and you may have noticed that Charles and Dee have a sore ass from last night.”

Zack wheeled himself over to the pillory and indicated to Corrine that she was to join him. Dee helped him secure Corrine’s neck and wrists in the pillory so that she was bent slightly at the waist.

Diane said gleefully “Now for the interesting part.”

Dee attached two pads from a TENS machine on each of Corrine’s rounded ass cheeks and two more pads on either side of her pussy. She placed Corrine’s bare feet in a box at the bottom of the pillory. She checked everything carefully and secured the retraining board so that Corrine could not escape. Finally Dee placed two pads on each of her breasts either side of Corrine’s nipples. Once she was satisfied with everything she connected up all the leads to the two machines on either side of the base of the pillory.

Suzy then said with an impish smile “this is a devilish piece of furniture that produces interesting sensations and is also a predicament device. The longest I have managed is three hours and ten orgasms before I was let out.

“There are little micro switches under each of your feet. Every time you let your left foot drop, the TENS machine on your right side will be activated and the left side is activated when your right foot drops. The severity and rhythm of the pulses is set at random. You will be in it until the others return or have had three orgasms. There will always be at least one of us here who may, at their discretion, feel that a little extra stimulation is needed.”

Suzy the said “I am about to turn the machines on, so I suggest you lift up your heels.” Corrine quickly lifted her heels and Suzy turned the machines on.

We watched Corrine as she slowly dropped her left foot down to test the device and quickly raised it with a squeal of “Sh*t” as she felt a pulse through the pads on the right hand side.

A moment later she pleaded “Can I be blindfolded as it will make it more interesting.”

Suzy quickly picked up a blindfold and put it over Corrine’s head.

We watched for a few minutes before Zack reached out saying “I’ve always wanted to this” and started to tickle Corrine’s sides produce laughter and an attempt to avoid his fingers. In trying to evade Zack’s tickling she inadvertently felt the effects of the pads and quickly raised her feet.

After about half an hour, Corrine was clearly getting excited as her nipples had hardened into little bullets and her face was getting red. Dee picked up the remote to the vibrator and set it to full. Corrine suddenly screamed “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS” and arched her back as much as she could, started breathing rapidly as her orgasm hit. Her feet slumped to the floor and she quickly raised them again as the pulses were felt.

She calmed down, but as the strain on her calf muscles made itself felt she started to more frequently let her feet drop to receive more pulses from the TENS machines.

It was not long before she started on her way to another orgasm. She quickly reached the peak and screamed in pleasure as it hit home. The orgasm lasted much longer and the clenching of her muscles as she came hard, squirting profusely before slumping down hard.

Suzy immediately turned everything off, released her feet and Dee released her neck and wrists as Diane and I held her. We carried her into the lounge and laid her down on the sofa as she spasmed with the aftershocks of her orgasm. She had the dreamy smile of a very contented woman as she relaxed.

A few minutes later we heard the cars pull up and William entered the house; saw Corrine’s smile and then the pads on her breasts. Still keeping silent he raised a questioning eyebrow.

Dee giggled “You have one very contented mistress.”

It took Corrine about twenty minutes to recover from her experience before saying “That was so intense, I don’t think I’ve ever come so hard before.”

Author’s Note:- Easter for the Orthodox religion is on May 5th whereas the Protestant and Catholic Easter was on 31st March. Therefore the “Easter weekend” can continue to encompass both the Christian and Orthodox Easter weekends.

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6 Responses to Easter Weekend part 2

  1. I have only ever used a TENS machine when I was giving birth. When asked to turn it down someone turned it up and it made me jump out of my skin…they have been a hard limit ever since 😀

    Rachel x

  2. l0rdraven says:

    love the story, TENS units sounds like fun. I love to play with electricity and and looking forward to trying and using one

  3. girlforhim says:

    Love the predicament bondage. Very very sexy.

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