Easter Saturday Evening

After relaxing for a while, Zack suggested it was time for us all to freshen up before dinner. Tom showed Corrine and William the shower by the Playroom leaving them to sort themselves out. They both came into the living room and were surprised to see us all there.

Zack informed them that we were going to a nearby restaurant. Corrine started to protest that she could not go out without being properly dressed.

Zack said “Don’t fret; we will be wearing our coats to and from the restaurant.”

William look panicked when Suzy whispered something in his ear and he calmed down.

The trip to the restaurant was uneventful and Corrine started to relax when we had arrived at the back of the restaurant and were ushered up to the private room.

Michael being his courteous self ensured that we were all comfortably seated. Zack because of his wheelchair was positioned at the head of the table in the “naughty seat” position.

Michael turned to Tom “I see that Zack must have been a bit naughty, is there anyone else who needs our special attention?”

Tom replied “yes, but is there some other way of making their experience here fun?”

“Of course. Who is it that needs the special attention?”

“Corrine and William. They did not follow a very simple instruction this morning.”

William opened his mouth as if to object before Corrine reminded him that he was not allowed to talk.

Dee added “I also think it is about time for Susan to have some fun.”

Susan glared at her before saying “what have I done to deserve it?”

“Nothing, but I do enjoy watching you suffering.”

Michael then said “Seeing there are three involved, I think I will make this an interesting challenge. May I be allowed to choose their meals for them?”

Dee giggled, “Any objections from the rest of you”

Apart from Susan who was a little put out by being included in the “punishment”, there were no objections.

Michael gave the rest of us a menu each. We chose or meals and the rest of us allowed Dee to choose for Zack.

Michael poured the wine for us all and left the room for a few minutes. He returned with a cloth covered tray. He placed it on a side table behind Corrine. He asked Corrine, Susan and William to place their hands on the table in front of them. He approached Corrine and quickly put her into a set of hinged handcuffs. William was next with a normal set of handcuffs. Susan’s was the most restrictive as he restrained her with a set of Irish 8 Handcuffs.

William was a little surprised and relieved to find his were the least restrictive of the three. His relief was short lived when Michael picked up the last item on the tray which was a dental gag which he quickly applied.

A few minutes later, Michael served our starters and for the three in handcuffs was a soup that looked delicious.

We watched in amusement as Corrine picked up her spoon before trying to raise it to her mouth. It took her a few tries before she discovered the best way of managing to get it to her mouth. Susan had even more difficulty as her hands were held together tightly at the wrist. William had no difficulty, but he found it rather difficult to swallow. Once he had finished his soup, Michael removed William’s gag.

Michael served the main courses, revealing a grilled escalope of pork for Susan, a rack of lamb for Corrine and a lamb tagine for William. Susan and Corrine looked worried as they knew they would struggle to effectively use their knives.

Corrine watched amused as Michael prepared Zack’s main course. First Zack’s wrists were cuffed together behind his back. Then the pan fried salmon fillet was put into the blender and came out as a thick mush. Michael produced the traditional straw and left a teaspoon for Dee to assist with any larger pieces that could not be sucked up with the straw.

After dessert had been cleared away and we were enjoying liqueurs Corrine said “How on earth did you come across this place. I have never been to a place that is so Kink friendly.”

Dee answered, “It is a long story, but both Zack and I have known Michael for a long time. Downstairs is a very busy restaurant because the food is so good. This room is available for private functions, and as he and his wife are into the lifestyle, they add their little touches. However unless you are on their list of kinky people, you would never experience their special touches.”

She then turned to William “I realise that this is somewhat different to what you were probably expecting, I hope that you are enjoying yourself.”

William immediately beamed and nodded to confirm he was.

It was well into the early hours of the morning when we got back to Tom and Suzy’s home. Suzy then asked “Susan can you help me get Corrine and William comfortable for the night?”

Susan beamed “of course.” Turning to Corrine and William she continued “You better go to the bathroom and do whatever you need before we settle you down for the night. Oh and Corrine you need to insert this.” Handing Corrine a smooth vibrator.

While they were in the bathroom, Suzy and Susan moved the sofas out so there was plenty of room on the floor. The cushions of the sofas were laid out so there was a mattress on the floor and Suzy then laid out two single sleeping bags.

When they returned from the bathroom Suzy said, “Now you need to get into these sleeping bags.”

Once they were in the sleeping bags, Suzy and Susan immediately started to secure a strap around the bags at chest and waist so that they could not move their hands. More straps went around their upper thighs, knees and ankles. They were nicely cocooned and whilst they could bend their legs and wriggle a little it was clear they were not going to go anywhere quickly.

Susan then said “Tomorrow night you may have the opportunity to sleep in a proper bed, but whether you do depends on the outcome of the games we have planned tomorrow.”

She then turned to William “do you want to make your and Corrine’s night that little more interesting?”

William opened his mouth before remembering that he was on a punishment of silence. He nodded vigorously with a smile on his face.

“I am so pleased you want a bit more fun.”

Tom handed her some Zip ties, and as soon as she had finished securing the first one so that the strap around Corrine’s waist was secured to that around William. She quickly attached zip ties to connect straps around their upper thighs and chests.

“I think that will be enough.”

Suzy pressed a button on a remote and Corrine squealed in surprise.

Suzy then said, “I put in a fresh set of batteries, so I don’t know how long it will continue buzzing, but enjoy your night.”

Diane and I made our way to the bedroom we were in and as I got into bed, she said “Not so fast. I need to get you prepared for tonight. I have a little Easter present for you. Now cross your arms in front of you and close your eyes.”

She fished around in a bag and I soon felt the feel of her manoeuvring my arms slightly then felt metal around my wrists followed by a click.

“Open your eyes.”

I looked down at my wrists to find that they were secured in a pair of Irish 8 handcuffs. She had a bright smile on her face, “now I can have a good night’s sleep without your hands wandering everywhere. I got into bed, laid on my side and she joined me, hugging me closely before we drifted off to sleep.

Author’s Note:- Easter for the Orthodox religion is on May 5th whereas the Protestant and Catholic Easter was on 31st March. Therefore the “Easter weekend” can continue to encompass both the Christian and Orthodox Easter weekends.

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6 Responses to Easter Saturday Evening

  1. I like this extended kinky Easter weekend 😉

  2. grace1ess says:

    Love the story was a brilliant read 🙂

  3. Love this! Thanks for sharing.

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