The Egg Hunt

As I woke up, Diane ordered “you will make me come before I have a shower.”

After a half hour of vigorous action using all the tricks I knew, she still had not come, and decided that she had had enough saying “your ass will pay for that later.”

We showered together, and I was in a quite a lot of discomfort as she was at her most teasing best as she had do everything since I was still in the handcuffs.

Whilst I wanted to get hard, the cage prevented any erection. She dried me off and we went to breakfast to find Tom and Suzy already up.

Suzy had her hands in another pair of Irish 8 handcuffs and said “Oh nice, you have a set too.”

“Diane’s Easter present to me.” I answered.

Tom then said “let’s release Corrine and William and they can wash and then join us for breakfast.”

We all went to the living room where they were laid alongside each other. Susan joined us as we were undoing the straps around the sleeping bags saying “I hope you had a good night’s sleep Corrine.”

She replied “I have had worse. William would not stop wriggling, so he needs to be made to pay for that sometime.”

William groaned at the comment before she continued “I hope his ass is ready for some real attention.”

The others appeared during the next hour and after breakfast had been cleared away, Susan said “As it is Easter Sunday, it is time for a little kinky Easter egg hunt.”

Corrine and William both looked at each other and Corrine asked “How does this work?”

“It is quite simple. I will hide a number of eggs in the garden. Each couple will have their own coloured eggs to retrieve. The couple that collects all their eggs first is the winner and does not have any punishment. The couple that comes in second will each receive 10 strokes of a flogger, the third couple will get 20 strokes with a paddle, the fourth couple will get 30 strokes with the bathbrush and the one that comes in last gets 40 strokes of the cane and spend the night locked in the cage together.”

Corrine said to William “we better not come in last.”

William nodded and wrote something on a bit of paper and passed it to Corrine who read it and smiled. “That is flattering; however I want a decent night’s sleep tonight.”

Susan looked “so what did he say?”

“Read for yourself” as Corrine passed the piece of paper around.

Zack laughed and Dee giggled as they read it. Dee exclaimed, “How sweet.”

William blushed as we all made similar comments.

Kathy added “I hope you will be able to keep your hands to yourself tonight then.”

Corrine then firmly said, “No worries there, I can assure you.”

A few moments later Susan continued with her explanation of the game. “Firstly, if you see another couple’s egg, you are not allowed to interfere with the position of the egg. Secondly after you have found one of your eggs, you will have to bring straight back to me before searching for another. Once you think you have found all your eggs, you need to tell me. If you do not find all of them you will have half an hour time penalty for each egg you do not find. If for any reason I consider you have cheated or not played fairly, I will add a task for you to perform tonight.

“To make this more interesting, all the men will be blindfolded and the right leg of the women will be locked to the left leg of their partner at both the ankle and knee. However with Zack in his wheelchair, Dee will have to be secured to the chair at the waist with two feet of slack and a one foot hobble between her ankles. Everyone except Dee will also have their hands cuffed behind their backs and the men will have a spoon with which to pick up the egg and return it to me. To allow for Zack’s problem Dee will be cuffed at the front and will have to pick up the egg pass it to Zack who will have to hold the spoon in his mouth.

“Now will you all get your cuffs and join me in the playroom.”

Corrine said “I have not got any with me.”

Tom said “that’s no problem; I have some that you and William can use.”

Once we were all gathered in the playroom, Susan locked the door as she left. As the playroom had no windows we were unable to see where she had hidden the eggs.

After about twenty minutes she returned. She told each couple in a whisper which colour eggs we had to retrieve before she made sure that we were properly tied together and us men were blindfolded.

Finally she said “OK, you can start hunting now. Oh by the way everyone has an egg hidden at the front of the house too.”

Dee said “I hope no one is around.”

“You will just have to find that one quickly.”

Diane whispered to me, “Now you need to do as I say as there is no way I want to have to suffer a night in the cage.”

I followed her instructions carefully as we made our way around the garden. It was strange walking around the garden in bare feet, without any clothes on. Whilst it was chilly, the sun did provide some form of warmth. After a few minutes Diane said, “Stop here, turn slightly to your left and kneel down.”

I did as I was told and as she instructed me to move slightly left, back and then right I felt her breasts brushing my cheek. I could not resist turning my head slightly finding one of her nipples and gently biting it.

“That’s enough of that.”

I smirked, but continued to bite and stretch the nipple as she was leant over directing me. She moaned slightly before saying “Ok it’s in the spoon now, let go of me and slowly get up.”

I did as I was told and was guided back to where Susan was sitting. As soon as it was safely with Susan, Diane quickly had me moving back to the garden saying “the others are around the front, and I have seen where two more are, so let’s get those quickly before we go to the front of the house.

We quickly retrieved the next 2 eggs before Diane whispered “now to go to the front of the house.”

We shuffled our way to the front of the house and Diane soon spotted our egg hidden on the doorstep. After much squirming around she had managed to direct so that we picked it up and could make our way to Susan. As we passed our egg over, Diane said, “I just saw another one, but it is in a not so nice place.”

OK, let’s go. We shuffled our way and Diane said “Now you need to turn around.” I followed her instruction and she said “start going backwards.”

As I took my first step back I felt a tingling sensation in the backs of my legs. I crouched down as instructed and could feel my ass being tickled and as I retrieved the egg, it started to itch. It was in a patch of stinging nettles.

Diane whispered, “I think that is our last one.” We made our way back to Susan and Diane said in a low voice, “I think that is all of ours retrieved, so we are finishing.”

Susan commented, OK you can take off Charles’s blindfold now and watch the others.

We giggled to each other as we watched the others struggling to retrieve their eggs.

After about another twenty minutes John and Cathy decided that they had found enough, quickly followed by Tom and Suzy. William and Corrine approached the nettle patch and as he bent down, Corrine lost her balance and he fell backwards into the nettles. He uttered some groans of discomfort as she laughed “About time your ass suffered this weekend.”

Dee and Zack decided they had found them all just before Corrine then declared they had too.

“I’ll announce the results after lunch and you can then choose the forfeits.”

Turning to Tom she continued “is the pub quiz on tonight?”

“Should be; I’ll ring as Suzy gets lunch ready.”

Zack interrupted quickly, “Dee can prepare lunch, and it’s about time she did something useful.”

“Thanks, Zack, but it is not a problem, but Dee can help if she wants.”

Dee said, “of course I will help.”

Just lunch was served, Tom confirmed that the quiz was on, and the landlord would be quite happy if we attended under the same rules as before.

After lunch Susan announced that as Diane and I were the only ones to have found all our eggs, we were the winners. Diane had a relieved expression on her face at that, until she added, “However you will have a little task tonight as I saw Diane pick up an egg that had fallen out of the spoon.

William and Corrine came second as they only missed one egg, you also have a task tonight for standing on another couple’s egg making it harder to find.”

Susan continued “John and Cathy came third, Tom and Suzy fourth and finally Zack and Dee who will spend the night together in the cage. Zack and Dee also have a task tonight as Zack’s blindfold was adjusted slightly.”

Dee looked sullen whilst Zack seemed to relish the idea.

Corrine said with a wicked looking smile “what about you, Susan, I think that you should have a task to perform just to give you something to think about too.”

Corrine whispered something in William’s ear and he quickly nodded. She then said “I hope the pub serves food as William would like to thank you all for your hospitality by covering the bill tonight.”

Next week find out about the rest of the day.

Author’s Note:- Easter for the Orthodox religion is on May 5th whereas the Protestant and Catholic Easter was on 31st March. Therefore the “Easter weekend” can continue to encompass both the Christian and Orthodox Easter weekends.

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9 Responses to The Egg Hunt

  1. dedi says:

    I love the nettles, once MrReg made me sit in a couple. Very stingy 😀

  2. Stinging nettles? Oooof 😀

    Rachel x

  3. That’s the most fun easter hunt I’ve ever read about!

  4. Yup, totally the most fun Egg hunt ever. Thanks for sharing.

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