A Sunday Night

Susan decided that the penalties for the egg hunt would be carried out just before we left for the pub saying “There is nothing better than a nice evening with friends sitting on a sore bum.”

Those that had the worst punishments all groaned.

Susan then asked us all if we were all up for a mini challenge tonight, which we were.

She said “Here it is, tonight we will all wear a maximum of 2 items of clothing and absolutely no underwear. Shoes and for the men socks are not part of the two items. In view of the cold temperatures we can wear a coat for the walk to the pub.”

Corrine smiled at the devilish nature of the instruction as it was a chilly evening.

About an hour before we were going to leave for the pub, Susan invited us all to join her in the playroom.

She instructed William and Corrine to bend over the wide saw bench, picked up a flogger and landed the first stroke on Corrine’s upturned cheeks. This brought a gasp and she quickly administered a similar stroke to William who also gasped. Swish followed splat as all the rest of the strokes landed. Even though it was only 10 strokes, both rear ends were a bright pink.

Both of them were allowed to get up and Corrine looked at the flogger that Susan held in her hand “That looks so innocent, but it has a nasty sting.”

Susan Grinned “I know, and don’t forget I did not say which flogger”

John and Cathy were invited to take their positions over the horse. Susan picked up a wooden paddle. The first stroke landed on John’s left cheek with a loud Splat, followed by a moan. This was quickly followed by one on his right cheek. Kathy was not left out as she got the same treatment before Susan moved back and forth delivering one stroke to each presented ass cheek. By the time all 20 had been delivered the OWs were getting louder. They both rubbed their reddened asses, hoping to relieve the pain.

Tom and Suzy were looking somewhat nervous as they approached the horse and leant over. Susan then picked up the bath brush. She followed the same pattern delivering one stroke to each cheek in front of her. It was not long before both of them were both making loud moans of discomfort. When Susan had finished there were four bright red cheeks on display.

Because of Zacks’s situation, we helped him onto the spanking bench and Dee was placed over the horse. Dee asked to be restrained to stop her trying to protect her ass with her hands.

Susan started with five quick strokes on Dee’s ass and as she moved to Zack, five bright red lines of fire developed. Zack took his first five strokes without making any noise. As Susan delivered the next five strokes on Dee’s ass, there was a short delay before Dee voiced any discomfort. Susan moved back to Zack and delivered another five stinging strokes that had him gasping.

This continued until the last few strokes were due and she passed the cane to Kathy for her trademark diagonal strokes on each cheek. As the first landed on Zack’s now red ass with a series of stripes, there was a loud exclamation from him as the impact was felt. Dee also made noises of anguish as her last two diagonal strokes landed. They were both released and allowed to hug each other as they calmed down.

Susan decided it was time to allocate her tasks. She turned to Corrine and asked. “Corrine, is William allowed to speak whilst are in the pub?”

“Well, if it is appropriate then yes.”

“Good, here is your task. Each time either of you speak to anyone whilst in the pub, you will include a token of respect for that person  such as ‘Sir’, ‘Master’, ‘Landlord’, ‘Madam’ or ‘Miss’. Each failure, by either of you, will be rewarded by a stroke of an implement of our choosing on Corrine’s ass and for five strokes on William’s. I will administer Corrine’s at punishment level and William’s strokes will be administered by Corrine at a level of her choosing.”

Corrine gave a smirk “At last a good reason to redden his ass. But what a dilemma as I do not want a sore ass.”

Turning to Zack and Dee she said “your task is somewhat more stimulating. Dee will have a remote controlled vibrator in her and you Zack will wear a small vibrating butt plug. The remote which operates both devices will be passed around the table and neither of you are allowed to come. If either of you come, your suitcases will be confiscated and you must drive home totally nude. Your clothes will be returned to Dee on Tuesday.”

She turned to Diane and me. “Diane and Charles, you will have a special insert added to your shoes that you will wear until you return here. If you ask for them to be removed or refuse you will join Zack and Dee in the playroom here tonight and have a very uncomfortable night in bondage. “

She then asked Corrine for her task.

Corrine answered “it is very simple really, but could be very embarrassing. From each nipple and your clit piercing a little bell will hang. Your task is simply not to let any of the bells ring.”

Susan blushed and realised she had a very simple but devious task.

As we dressed, Susan came to me and inserted a little pad from an office spike mat in each sock just under the heel. She also gave Diane the same to put in her shoes.

As we walked to the pub, I realised how uncomfortable the spikes were when walking. I whispered to Diane, “this is hell, but I do want a good night’s rest. What a dilemma.”

Diane grinned evilly “well if we fail, you will get another 200 strokes added to your tally and the device will stay on until they have all been administered.”

I shuddered at the thought.

As we settled into our seats, the pressure on my heels was lessened and the spikes became more tolerable.

William and Corrine took our drinks order and went to the bar to set up his tab for the night and they brought the drinks back. I noticed Dee stiffen slightly as the vibrator was turned on.

Corrine reported that “William has been naughty and had earned 10 strokes.”

Susan piped up “Now that is three for you and fifteen for William.”

Corrine blushed and looked furious, but soon realised her error. “Sorry Miss.”

“That’s better.”

After an enjoyable meal, we divided into two teams one of men and the other women. Dee was beginning to get a little red in the face so Suzy asked “what’s the matter Dee, you are blushing?”

“That vibrator is getting to me, I am all horny and it is maddening.”

Corrine asked “Sirs and Misses, what is the reward for winning between us?”

She asked William “will your wife be ok with photographing you naked?”

“I am sure she will enjoy that, Miss.”

“Great, let’s make it six photographs taken at different public places on different days with the loser in their birthday suit.”

A lot of giggling took place and we agreed on the penalty.

As the landlord came round to collect the entry money and hand out the quiz sheets, he said to Dee “I see you have changed gender for this quiz.”

Dee giggled as Corrine raised an eyebrow.

Dee explained what happened last time and Corrine just laughed.

The landlord then asked Dee to make the usual announcement to encourage the others to take part. As he rose to take the microphone she stiffened as the vibrator was turned on.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I and my friends here intend to enjoy ourselves in the quiz. It is again a battle of the sexes, although this time I am not an honorary man. Should either team have what could be a winning score, I confirm that none of us will be claiming any prize other than bragging rights over our partners.”

She sat down to a round of laughter. A little tinkle of a small bell was heard as Susan tried to keep from moving while laughing.

The landlord thanked us for that and then started the asking questions.

As the questions continued, William provided some interesting answers.

At the break, Corrine asked us how he was doing with his task. When she heard the answer she added “William, any more failures on your part will double your punishment and you will walk back naked.”

Susan then quickly added, “Any more on your part, you too can walk back naked.”

Corrine and William each quietly answered “Yes Mistress.”

As the quiz ended, the Landlord announced “there is a tie in the battle of the sexes in the corner there. We sent Zack and Dee up to answer the tiebreaker. Dee’s nipples were clearly visible poking out like bullets at the front of her blouse and I noticed Zack stiffen as they made their way up.

Susan giggled, “We have been playing with the remote quite a lot, and I think she is really turned on, so I have turned it up to maximum.”

The landlord asked “In a scientific study by Dr William Hartman and Marilyn Fithian what was the most orgasms in an hour by a woman did they record?”

As they returned, Dee was definitely blushing, and as she sat down she held her breath and went red around her upper chest. She closed her eyes, let out a deep sigh and had a satisfied smile on her face.

Zack just said resignedly “shit; now it is a nude drive home.”

The landlord revealed the answer to the tiebreak as 134 and announced that the men were closest at 110 against Dee’s answer of 40.

William smiled as he had escaped the penalty for losing, but Corrine was mildly annoyed when saying “Now I have to get someone to take nude photos of me, just think of a judge being caught doing that.”

Susan immediately said “and now you have a nude walk to add to the red ass tomorrow.”

Corrine went bright red at the thought.

As we left the pub, Susan asked Zack how many times William had slipped up.

“Just the four times.”

“Well added to Corrine’s 14 failures, that is 18 for her and ninety for him.”

We sent Corrine to the toilet so she could strip  under her coat before the walk back. As soon as we left the pub car park she handed over her coat.

The walk back was uneventful except Corrine’s nipples stood proudly erect by the time we got to the front door.

Author’s Note:- Easter for the Orthodox religion is on May 5th whereas the Protestant and Catholic Easter was on 31st March. Therefore the “Easter weekend” can continue to encompass both the Christian and Orthodox Easter weekends.

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9 Responses to A Sunday Night

  1. Ah, I’ve been looking forward to this part! I can understand Dee, wanting to be restrained, as I also tend to half want to cover and half not want to cover myself, which I really need to work on (if you have tips, they’re welcome). And a hug is actually great after a spanking. My Sir also holds me tight after a spanking, which really comforts me. It also was such a dirty little twist when Corrine had to administer William’s punishment!

  2. thelongbean says:

    Thanks for the comment.
    Whenever I was on the receiving end of anything other than a flogger, my Domme had to restrain me. As for tips, I am sorry I have none.
    I hope you enjoy next week’s episode when Corrine gets her punishment and then gets to William!!!

  3. l0rdraven says:

    another great write in the series. Thank you for sharing the continuing saga.

  4. I’m not sure if I could cope with all of that fun…but it would be worth trying!

    Rachel x

  5. thelongbean says:

    lordraven- Thank you for your kind words

    Rachel- It is always worth trying something!

  6. I love when fun, games, and sexy can all be combined. Such creativity.

  7. GeekyNymph says:

    Sounds like quite an adventure! I’d love to take part.

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