Easter Monday

As we got back to Tom and Suzy’s house we teased Dee and Zack about their upcoming night’s sleeping arrangements.

After they had been to the bathroom, we first helped Zack into the cage. Zack found himself having to lie on his side when Dee squeezed in and he held her in a spooning position. The door was locked and it was clear that they would be very close all night. The cage was covered with a blanket and Tom set up the baby alarm, saying to the cage’s occupants. “If there is a serious problem shout, and one of us will come and help you. However any unnecessary disturbances will be punished in the morning.”

As we assembled in the morning, Dee had a dreamy smile on her face as she made her way into the Kitchen.

After breakfast was finished Susan asked Corrine “What time is your flight?”

“Not until 5.00pm.”

Susan then said, “In that case I will give you your punishment for last night immediately after lunch. As for William, his 90 strokes you will administer with a nice little paddle I have with me. William can administer yours for me. However, if I am not happy with his performance I will repeat them myself and there will be a task for each of you”

Corrine ordered William into the playroom. About an hour later a tearful William came out and ushered us to join them there.

Corrine ordered William onto the spanking bench and used the button to secure him. “Now for the main event, you will count out loud for us all to hear now that your ass is nicely warmed up.” His ass was a bright red with a series of wicked looking welts.

Susan handed over a the paddle that was about 9 inches long and 6 inches wide with 3 grooves in the business end. Corrine raised her Hand, Landed a stroke with a splat and William let out “OW one, thank you Mistress.”

After about thirty strokes he got his count wrong. “You know what that means?” asked Corrine.

“Yes Mistress, you start over again” was the tearful reply.

As the last of the strokes was administered, William was in agony and struggled to keep up the count.

As the last strike landed William said quietly “Ninety, Thank you Mistress.” Corrine gently stroked the well punished ass before pressing the button to release him from the bench. Corrine gave him a hug and he held onto her as he was settled into a comfortable chair to recover.

We left them together for a while before they came out of the playroom. William’s ass was a dark shade of scarlet with some very distinct welts. There were a series of closely spaced lines on his upper thigh which were evidence of the cane having been used earlier.

As we sat down for lunch, John asked “why don’t we make the photographs a scavenger hunt style task?”

Suzy said, “Explain.”

“Simple really, each Monday a location is emailed and you have until midnight on the following Sunday to find a suitable location and have the photograph taken. The photograph is to be emailed to each of us as evidence of completing the task.”

Corrine was about to say something before she said, “give me a moment” as she picked up her mobile phone.

“Maria, are you free for a short while each week for the next six weeks?”

The conversation changed to rapid French which we did not understand until she finished her call.

“Please excuse that, but it was easier for her to converse in our native Language. To make it more interesting for me, she has asked that you email her the location, so that I do not know what it is until we go for the photograph.”

“What a good idea,” replied John, “then I will email only the men.”

He continued “The only fly in the ointment is Susan. As she does not have a partner, what shall we do about that?”

“Easy” said Dee, “she will have to take the photographs herself, unless she comes up with a friend to take them for her.”

Susan blushed, “I will let you know the name of the photographer tomorrow John.”

Rather than email tomorrow, I suggest the first location is a railway station, with the proviso that the station name must be visible in the photograph. Next week Zack can choose the location.”

As lunch finished, the discussion turned to Corrine’s order of a spanking bench and machine.

Tom said “I can have the bench ready in about a month, but John needs to sort out the controls for us.”

“Give me a couple of months and I will have something ready. I will however need Corrine to come to me with her laptop so I can install the necessary software and then test it.”

“Easy” said Zack, “the Bustard’s staff party is on the last Sunday of June, so why doesn’t Corrine come over for a long weekend and we can sort it all out on the Monday after the party.”

Corrine said “That is fine with me, but where is it being held?”

“At our country estate,” replied Zack. “And we can watch Dee do some fishing.” He added with an evil grin.

Corrine said “I am not that keen on fishing. What could be worse than watching it?”

“Oh I think you will find it entertaining, especially as the lake is well stocked with fish.”

Dee said nervously “I thought you had forgotten.”

“Of course not my dear, but I know how you want to complete it. I think for that comment, the penalty is every task you earn between now and then should be an extra fish.”

John said, “Can Kathy join Dee in the fishing?”

“Of course.”

I whispered to Diane “I think the same should apply to you.”

Her reply was “Only if you agree to do some fishing as well.”

I nervously agreed. By the time the conversation had died down, it now appeared that everyone could end up fishing.

Corrine turned to William, “I hope you are free too. I think that you and your wife will enjoy that too.”

He nodded and broke into a small smile before Corrine then said “Your silence is now over. Tell everyone about your wife’s preferences.”

William stuttered a little “my wife, Celia, is a bit shy about her preferences, and it took me a while to get them out of her. She is not into pain in the same way as I am, and gets no satisfaction from administering it. An occasional light pat is all she will deliver or allow me to give her. However she does like mild bondage, being a pet, tickling and nipple play. One of her favourites is to have small weights hanging from her piercings as she is on all fours. On the sadism side of her personality, she loves me being locked up as I am now.

“We met Corrine as I started to explore my desire for spanking. The first time we met, Celia was there and watched over us. It was then she noticed how horny I was after our first session. Although we were monogamous, she was worried that I might stray, so with Corrine’s advice, whenever I see Corrine I am put into a chastity device. Over the years they have become more extreme, and what is worse is for two weeks before, I am only allowed to give her attention with my tongue and fingers. When I get home, she will decide whether I have been punished enough to gain release.”

We all nodded as he continued “However we have never done anything together outside of our home, and she is very shy about it. However, we both know Zack and Dee well, so when I tell her what happened over the weekend, I hope she will feel comfortable to come along.”

Dee said, “Let me talk to her, and I’ll persuade her to come along.”

Zack then said, “it is about time for Corrine to pay her dues.”

We trooped off to the playroom where and Corrine leant over the horse. William slapped her ass using the paddle for the required eighteen strokes. By the time he had finished, her ass was a light shade of pink. Corrine moved to get up.

Susan then ordered “stay where you are. Those were just tickles, and not sufficiently hard. You both have a task now.”

She took the paddle from William and laid down a hard stroke that produced a loud Splat followed by a sharp intake of breath from Corrine. As we watched welts started to appear from the grooves of the paddle. This continued for the remaining strokes. As the last one landed, there was a loud “F*@$ing hell” from Corrine.

Corrine was allowed to get up and Susan then said “William collect up all your bags and bring them here.”

When William returned with the bags, Susan picked up a security tag and used it to secure his bag.

“Corrine, please remove any item of clothing you may have from your hand bag.”

“Nothing in there.”

“Good, now what are you going to wear on your flight home.”

Corrine selected an elegant dress that was made of a light woollen fabric. She also picked up some underwear and a coat.

Susan looked, picked up the underwear and coat and put them back in the case and closed it up using another security tag.

“Corrine, I will take you to the airport. I will be with you until you go through to Security, wearing only the dress and your shoes.

“William, you will drive home exactly as you are now. What is more, Dee will ring your wife so if you open your bag, you can expect a nasty punishment from all of us here.”

“But what if I need to stop on the way?”

“That is your problem, not mine.”

Author’s Note:- Easter for the Orthodox religion is on May 5th whereas the Protestant and Catholic Easter was on 31st March. Therefore the “Easter weekend” can continue to encompass both the Christian and Orthodox Easter weekends.

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4 Responses to Easter Monday

  1. I guess all of them will need quite a rest after this Easter encounter.

    Rebel xox

  2. What a full on weekend of fun.

    Rachel x

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