The Journey Home

As soon as Susan had finished with the paddle it was time for her to take Corrine to the airport. As Corrine sat in the passenger seat of the car taking her to the airport she winced in discomfort.

Dee rang William’s wife to tell her that he would be leaving soon and that he had a task to complete. Dee explained to Celia “his suitcase is locked with a security tag and here is the number. If it has been tampered with, let both me and Corrine know.”

There was a distinct cackle as Celia laughed.

Diane and I left Tom and Suzy’s house shortly afterwards as we had a long drive home. In the boot of our car were Zack and Dee’s bags as they had the interesting drive home to accomplish. Dee’s departing words were “see you tomorrow at the office. Don’t forget to bring our bags.”

On the drive home we decided to avoid the motorways. Diane decided to doze off and as we were going down one road I saw a sign for a small village that I knew had a station. I turned to Diane “have you got the camera?”

She replied with a drowsy “Yes.”

I turned off the main road, followed the side road to the village.

As we approached the village, I told her “keep your eyes closed.”

We carried on through the village to the station. We arrived in a relatively deserted car park where I stopped the car. I said “Open your eyes.”

She blinked a couple of times as she took in the location. A train rushed by towards London without stopping. “Uh ho, are we going to take the picture?”

“Yes, on the platform. Now strip off all your clothes and check the train time table. Make sure that there is not going to be a train stopping here in the next 20 minutes.”

She slowly got out of the car. As he did, she turned the music up on the stereo and started to slowly unbutton her blouse. She left it unbuttoned while unbuckling the belt around her skirt. The zip was opened and the skirt slowly fell to the ground at her feet. She stepped out of it, bent down, letting her tits brush the material of her blouse before the buds of her nipples hardened with excitement. She sensuously removed the blouse handing it to me.

Diane handed me the camera and went off to check the timetable while I put her skirt and blouse in the car and then went round to the boot. I picked up a couple of cuffs and a couple of bits of short rope. She came back saying “no trains for an hour.”

“Good, then there should be no-one around. Put these cuffs on.”

She buckled the cuffs around her wrists. And we walked on to the deserted platform. I settled her into position, stretched her arms to the side using the ropes to secure them to the uprights of the sign giving her some room to wriggle and move around.

I got the camera ready and took a couple of shots before I saw a train approaching along the track. I moved so that I could get a clear shot of the sign and the platform edge, told her to turn slightly towards me and to stand still. She started to panic when she heard the train approaching. I made no move to release her as I waited until the train was passing before I took the final shot.

Once the train had passed, I released the ropes and let her free.

As we walked back to the car she said “You rotten sod.”

“Why, all I was doing was doing this week’s scavenger hunt picture.”

“I know, but I was all exposed for everyone to see, and what happens if someone on the train took a picture.”

“Doubtful, the train was going fast and it would have been very unlikely anyone had time to take a picture.”

“Ummm it still was not fair; I just hope no-one saw us.”

“How about a challenge- I put your clothes in the boot, and lower the top of the car so you can be nude all the way home for all to see.”

“What do I get if I agree?”

“I will service you orally for twice amount of time it takes to get home.”

“Not enough. In addition you also get a punishment level stroke with an implement of my choosing before you service me so I can admire a nice throbbing red ass. The number of strokes is the number of minutes it takes to get home. If you exceed the speed limit you will get an extra 20 strokes each time.

“You’re on.”

We left the station and for the first five minutes I kept to country lanes before reaching the main road that would take us back home. Fifteen minutes later I turned into our short driveway.

She looked at me in amazement saying “That didn’t take long. You tricked me.”

“No I didn’t. You just did not know how close to home we were.”

“Humph. I suppose so, but I had never heard of that place. Still get the photo sent to everyone while I make dinner.”

I sent an email to the other with the photograph of Dee tied to the station sign as the train passed. The message title was simply “Barset Station.”

As Dee waited for the dinner to cook she said, “If my memory is right, I think you have 140 strokes due.”


“And, today your device comes off.”


“Well in that case I will deliver all the outstanding strokes as a warm up to the 15 you earned today before you service me. Dinner will be ready in about an hour and a half.”

I gulped, then meekly answered “Yes boss.”

“No need to get cheeky.”

“Go get the implement bag, put on the blindfold and wait by the dining table while I get something you may not like, but I will.”

A few minutes later I heard a little rustling in the Kitchen and waited patiently. I sensed Diane coming to me. She bent me over the table and gently secured my hands to the legs so I could not rise. She then secured my ankles before starting with her hand. The first blow landed and was much harder than usual for a warm up. I exclaimed “OUCH.”

“Yes that was number one, you will now count and there is no warm up today.”

“Yes Mistress, One.”

When the count had reached thirty my ass felt like it was on fire.

“That was a nice start; you are nice and red for the next implement.”

Splat as the paddle landed. I felt the thud spread all over my right cheek. “Thirty one”

“The next few are going to be rapid fire. Keep count. If you state a higher number at the end than you have actually received we will start again.”

“Whack, whack” started in rapid fire mode and it was difficult to keep count.

Diane stopped stroked my ass gently soothing the sting of the paddle. “How many is it now.”


“You’re wrong, but not over, so we will continue from that number.”

The next implement she picked up landed with a sharp crack. The sting was wicked as I felt the effects of the two slits in the tawse. “Ouch, fifty six.”

Crack after crack resounded from my ass until there was particularly sharp crack resounded around the room. I gasped as she stroked my ass as got my breath back. “One hundred.”

“Good boy, only another 40 to go.”

Suddenly there was a quick bite of fire as the tip of the dressage whip made contact. The sting was sharp and I let it subside before saying “one hundred and one.”

I reached the count of one hundred and twenty five as she started to caress my now burning ass. My eyes were moist as the sting and thuds had really reached my core.

Diane let me recover for a few minutes before she picked up another implement. This produced a splat type of noise as it landed. I bawled as it was the horrible kitchen spatula. 5 strokes later a crack accompanied the splat.

“Oh you naughty boy, your ass has broken it. You will have to get a new one tomorrow. There is another nine to come before the punishment strokes, so we may as well start now for breaking the spatula. You need not bother counting.”

The first stroke landed and had me gasping. Initially all I felt was the line of fire from a switch. I then started to feel an itch. She continued without holding back and the sting of the switch landing on the itches only made the pain worse. When we had finished I was crying hard.

Diane removed my blindfold to show me what she had used. Not only was there the switch, but there were stinging nettles wrapped around it.

She laughed evilly as I recovered and she released me. She put a towel on a chair, sat down and indicated that I should kneel at her feet.

“Now get started, and make it good. I am all horny now and need to come.”

I set about my task and tasted the dew that had started to seep from her pussy. I lapped at it and her clit working as hard as I could making her come repeatedly. She made me stop a couple of times as she recovered from her gushing orgasms. As I was cleaning up the juices from around her opening, she pronounced “That was just what I needed.”

She rested for a short while, disappeared for a few minutes and then served dinner. As I finished, she slipped the key for my device into my hand. “Now you can be released.”

“Just to round off the weekend, go and get the games jar.”

She then said “I’ve missed your cock in me for the last few weeks. How about all penalties start first thing in the morning.”

I returned with the jar and picked out a piece of paper and handed it to her.

Author’s Note:- Easter for the Orthodox religion was on May 5th whereas the Protestant and Catholic Easter was on 31st March. Therefore the “Easter weekend” could continue to encompass both the Christian and Orthodox Easter weekends.

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11 Responses to The Journey Home

  1. l0rdraven says:

    mumm the rush of being in a public place. Another fine addition to the saga

  2. mmm I agree… a public place… exciting!

  3. It seems the two are both quite playful. Lovely exploring places on a drive, and adding some excitement to it.

  4. Lusciously_Lou says:

    I love this .. love love love!

  5. msbunnywhite says:

    What a fun story especially calling on aspects of a journey to determine the different acts 🙂

    • thelongbean says:

      Thank you for the comment Ms Bunny.
      The journey was fun, and a little part was based on a r/l experience.
      I just hope you enjoy next weeks episode.

  6. jemima101 says:

    The idea of the train going past…oh yes! I love the more risky things we have done outside, that would just be fab!

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