The Poker Game

I returned with the games jar and picked out a piece of paper and handed it to her.

“I have no problem with starting the penalties tomorrow. How about adding a little spice to tonight. Whoever loses will spend the night in bondage.”


The game I had picked was Texas Hold’em Poker. Our rules included an automatic ante of one penny each. We had some little variations to the betting rules in that each time one lost a hand the loser would have a restraint added, and the winner could remove one. However, if one had seven restraints, they could not remove one unless they won two hands in a row. In addition, if you wanted to “buy” pennies from the other person you could do so at the cost of one stroke with an implement of their choice per penny. Once one of us had accumulated 9 items of restraint, the next hand had to be played with an all in bet, and the difference between the two bets would be additional strokes for the loser.
The overall loser would be required to dress without underwear until the next game was played as well as suffer a weekend in chains. There was an additional final penalty depended on who lost.

I picked up the pack of cards and suggested we went to the bedroom to play the game.
As we walked up the stairs, Diane gave my throbbing bum a few mild slaps saying “I am so horny tonight and I am going to enjoying riding you hard while you are tied up.”

“In your dreams.” I replied.

We shuffled the cards and the first deal was completed. I looked at my cards and after Diane had decided to bet 10 pennies, I folded. She fixed a wrist cuff on me with glee.

The next few hands were fairly even and by the tenth hand had been dealt I still only had one wrist cuff on, while Diane had none.

On the eleventh hand, Diane put all but a few pennies in at the first round of betting. I had enough to match it. As the three cards were laid out face up, Diane had a real feeling of confidence as two Kings and an ace were on show. She moaned “I want to bet high, but do not have enough pennies.”

“Too bad, you just have to put in what you’ve got.”

“Umm how about all ten restraints and an additional two hundred strokes if I lose. If I win, you only get five restraints and no strokes.”

“So you are that confident.”

“Absolutely.” She re-affirmed with confidence.

“Umm I think that the offer can be improved on. The two hundred strokes is fine, but if you lose you have to go to work for a week with your pussy filled with a nice vibrator of my choice, a butt plug tomorrow and you wear your chastity belt for the week. I will choose your clothes for the week in the office. Also you spend the next two weekends in chains. If I lose the hand, I get to be tied up tonight.”

“That’s not enough for you losing, two weekends in chains and you are tied up tonight.”

I thought for a moment, looked at my cards and said “Agreed.”

The final two cards were laid out which were both sevens. Diane quickly turned over her cards to reveal a full house with three kings and two aces which would often be a winning hand.

She smiled at me confidently as I turned over the first card showing a seven. She gleefully picked up all the cuffs and said “pay up buster.”

“Not so fast” I answered as I turned over my other card showing a seven to have four of a kind.

She slumped back and stared in disbelief at my hand.

She shook her head resignedly as she cleared up. She put on her cuffs as I decided that a nice simple hogtie would be a good start. I also gagged and blindfolded her just to make it a little more uncomfortable. I made sure she was securely tied up before nestling a vibrator on her clit and secured it. I set it on a low setting just to drive her mad.

I left her to stew for a while, while I picked up my laptop and found a message from William thanking us for such an enjoyable weekend. He also invited us to dinner so that we could meet his wife before she decided whether she would join us for the weekend at Zack and Dee’s house. I immediately replied that for the next two weekends that Diane was going to be tied up, but any time after that was fine. I told Diane about this and she just mumbled something unintelligible through her gag.

“Sorry dear, I didn’t fully make out what you said. I think it was some slight on my parentage.”

Diane was getting nicely warmed up, so I released her from the hogtie. I quickly released her wrists before picking up a long piece of rope. I brought her right arm forward, got her to move her right leg so that her elbow was at about her knee and she could grab her ankle. I rapidly bound her arm to her leg, and repeated the exercise on her left hand side.

In this vulnerable position I could take my time teasing her mercifully. I worked on her nipples bringing her very close to her orgasm before stopping, making her squirm and utter screams of what sounded like frustration.

This continued for another six occasions, before I decided that it was about time the gag was removed. As she flexed her jaw, I said “any more complaining, the gag goes back in and it will stay there till the morning.”

She nodded reluctantly, before I started again on the teasing, this time just placing my member at her entrance, sliding it up and down the slit that was wet with juice.

“Please, Please put it in, I am so horny, I need you in me.”

She continued to plead until I relented with “OK, but you must not come until I do.”
I started to move in and out slowly. After a few thrusts I started to pick up the pace and soon exploded in her. She held off her orgasm until she felt me come. As she came the whole of her upper chest went bright red, she tensed up, and screamed out
“YESSSSSSSSS”. I felt her squirting all over me before she slumped back with a dreamy smile on her face.

I quickly undid the ropes and put her wrist cuffs back on and secured them together. I did the same at her ankles.

She drowsily said “Ummm that was good.”

She was still twitching as I laid down alongside gently caressing her as she came back to earth. She hardly noticed that her restraints had been changed before drifting off into a contented sleep.

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5 Responses to The Poker Game

  1. l0rdraven says:

    love using a game to make thing a bit more interesting. Great write!

  2. Mmm…sounds like that was good. Great read.

  3. The Sin Doll says:

    Unf. I enjoyed that. I really enjoyed that.

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