Diane in chains

The morning after the poker game, Diane woke up with the alarm clock, still restrained. She nudged me awake so I could release her to go for a shower.

As she showered I gathered together the clothes she would be wearing and a couple of vibrators and butt plugs. I also put a hairbrush on the top of the clothes. As she came out of the bathroom she looked at me in alarm.

I smiled saying “You have a choice. 25 swats on each cheek with the hairbrush now and wear the smaller butt plug and bullet, or 25 swats on just one cheek with a paddle tonight and you use the larger ones today.”

“I will take the swats now.”

I motioned for her to get over my knee and started to give her the swats. I started with gentle swats on her left cheek, and soon had her wriggling as her left cheek got bright red from the extra sting of the hairbrush because of her recent shower. As the last of the 25 for her left cheek landed she gasped. I immediately set about her right cheek to give an even colouring. By the time I had finished there were two glowing cheeks that required a quick stroke, before I got her to insert the small butt plug and dildo before ensuring her chastity belt was properly fitted.

I went to the bathroom and had a quick shower before joining her in the bedroom. She was a little fidgety from the red ass she sported.

As we got in the car to go to the office, I instructed her “Today, your bare ass is to be in contact with whatever you sit on. She quickly lifted her skirt out of the way as she sat down.

Much of the day was uneventful; however when we had our regular meeting with Dee in her office, Diane found the cloth seat to be very itchy on her still sore ass.

The rest of the week passed uneventfully and on Friday when we got home Diane asked “what chains do I get from the toy box?”

“Easy. For tonight I want you to put on both ankle and wrist cuffs. You will also wear your waist belt and bring me three lengths of chain you think are appropriate.”

As I got a drink Diane rushed off and a few minutes later returned with her cuffs locked on and three four foot lengths of chain.

I teased her buy saying “I see that you want to move around a lot this weekend. That is not going to happen.”

I secured one end of a length of chain to her left ankle, ran it through the ring on her waist belt and secured it to her right wrist and did the same to her other limbs. She tested her reach and soon realised that to lift her one of her arms she would have to lift the opposite leg.

“This is how you will be secured when we are at home. However as we have to go shopping, I have another plan for tomorrow.”

Diane pouted in dismay and realised she was not going to be getting off lightly.

The following morning, Diane woke still in her chains. As I got out of bed, I unlocked her cuffs and we showered together.

As we were getting dressed, Diane held out her arms for me to lock on her cuffs.

“No cuffs until we get home. However, you can put on your nice little ankle bracelets and those two chain bracelets.”

Diane did as she was told and I approached with a length of fine chain. I told her to put her arms to her side. I cut the chain in the middle and attached the end of each piece to her nipple rings. I ran each length down the arms of her long sleeved blouse. I then cut the chains to the right length and used the locks the bracelets to lock them to each wrist.

“This is how you will be in chains today. I hope it makes for an interesting day for you.”

“This is devious and will be very annoying later.”


As we went into the main town nearby I could see Diane trying to get used to the unusual form of restraint. Whilst walking along she found it difficult as any movement of her arms was fairly quickly transmitted to her breasts.

We went into the local Bustards store where she was greeted warmly by her former colleagues. She quickly selected the clothes she wanted, but was very reluctant to try them on. I told her she had to try them on before buying them and as we went to the changing room she glared at me in anger.

“Enough of that, or I will add to your discomfort, Look at the bottom of your handbag.”

Diane rustled in her hand bag and looked at me with alarm as she felt the largest vibrator she has nestling at the bottom.

In the changing room she tried on the clothes she had selected and left until last the most figure hugging of them all. I loosened her restraints each time until the last one where I ran the chains through the arms and then secured them to her wrists.

As she did up the buttons there was a squeak of alarm as the chains connecting her nipples were tightened around her ample breasts. As he looked at herself in the mirror, she said “this is perfect for the staff party.”

“Good. Now let’s go and pay for this lot, and you may as well leave that dress on. I’ll just get them to remove the tag and label at the till.”

Diane opened her mouth was about to say something before she remembered what was in her hand bag.

When we got to the car after about four hours shopping I asked “Do you want to take that dress off now?”

“Yes please.”

“OK just take it off and put it in the bag with the others in the boot before you get in the car. If you do, I will let you have an orgasm tonight.”

She looked puzzled.

“You either wear it home or you don’t, it is as simple as that.”

“But, but that means I will be wearing nothing.”

“Yes, but you will still be wearing the bracelets and ankle chains.”

“Umm, I have been horny all week, but I am scared of being seen.”

After a few moments she leant over to me and kissed me hard before saying “please unlock the chains.”

I smiled as I unlocked the chains and watched her strip in the car park.

After an uneventful drive home I sent her to get her cuffs and the two chains and lock herself up as she was the previous evening.

Diane went to the kitchen to prepare dinner while I opened up the emails. I found one from William, saying he understood our difficulties, but due to holidays and prior commitments the only weekend they had free was next weekend.

Over Dinner I talked to Diane about the William’s invitation. Luckily he was online after dinner and after a quick chat, we agreed to visit them the next weekend end and Diane could still be in chains.

As we went to bed, I pulled Diane over to me, kissed her greedily whilst stroking her dripping pussy. I carried on stroking her lips before inserting just one finger. She squeaked in pleasure as I continued to tease her.

“As I promised, you can have an orgasm tonight, but you have only five minutes in which to come. If you don’t that is the only chance you have until next weekend.”

Diane concentrated on the stroking and started to squeeze her pussy onto the finger inside. I quickly mounted her and slowly inserted my cock in her warm moist pussy. I increased the tempo so I knew that I would be able to come quickly.

Diane continued to moan in pleasure and was fast approaching her orgasm as I came squirting my seed in her. This was just enough to make her come. While she relaxed in her post orgasmic bliss she said “Thank you.”

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4 Responses to Diane in chains

  1. Luckily she climaxed in those five minutes 😉

  2. The Sin Doll says:

    I enjoyed this. The chains, the choices… all of it. Nice read. 🙂

  3. She shows amazing control in that five minutes. How fun to be her.

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