Another weekend away

As we finished at the office on Friday, I gave Diane a little bag saying “go to the ladies, remove all your underwear, then attach one chain each to a nipple ring and put on all the bracelets. Run the chains attached to your nipples down the inside of the trousers so that the one attached to your left nipple runs down your right trouser leg and so on, then meet me in the car.”

I got to the car and finished my preparations just as Diane appeared. I got two of the small locks and attached the chains running from her nipples to each ankle bracelet. I reached behind her and attached short chains to the longer ones at waist height and then locked them to her wrists allowing her a little movement.

“Oh my god, how am I going to manage the weekend with these on?”

“With great care. I have left the keys to the nipple ring and ankle locks at home, so you are stuck with them all weekend.”

“Ugh. I just hope Celia is sufficiently open minded to accept this.”

“Don’t worry about the weekend. She is fully aware that you are in chains this weekend. Provided you are careful no one will notice when you are fully dressed.”

She sat down in the passenger seat and I helped secure her seat belt before getting in the car and driving to William and Celia’s house on the Essex coast.

After about three hours driving, we pulled up at the magnificent old property to be greeted by both William and Celia.

Both of were wearing Kaftans. I recognised Celia as one of the famous plus size models. Diane whispered “I didn’t realise that she is married. My god, we are going to be in her presence over the weekend. Tell me I am dreaming.”

“You’re not dreaming and she looks so sexy.”

We were warmly welcomed and I was invited to put my car in the stable yard to the side. As I parked in the stable block I noticed that Zack and John’s cars were already there. Celia came out of a side door and helped me with the only bag we had brought.

Zack and Dee were sat with drinks. Dee was just wearing just a very restrictive corset as Celia said “William has told me about last weekend and we thought another clothing optional weekend would be acceptable.”

We were shown our room for the weekend and then invited to join the others downstairs. As we left the room, Diane was just wearing her chains, we saw John and Kathy. John was wearing a chastity device and Diane said “that looks uncomfortable.”

“It is not too bad at the moment.” John replied.

Kathy added “Well he deserves a little torture, so I hope I can get him very uncomfortable later.”

We heard another car pull up, and William and Celia attended to their welcoming duties. I was surprised to see Corrine with both Suzie and Susan.

William announced “Well we thought she would enjoy another pleasant weekend in England.”

We all chatted happily when Celia announced that dinner was ready.

Over dinner as the wine flowed the talk turned to our shared interest in the kinkier side of sex. Celia seemed to lose some of her shyness as she got to know us all.

She said “I suppose I should reveal more about my preferences. I am totally devoted to William, and although I enjoy some kink, I am more of a sub than a Top. I have tried to give William what he wants, but it was not successful. I let him visit Corrine around five times a year where he can indulge his submissive needs. As you know I don’t let him stray and I can assure you he is very attentive to my needs after he has seen Corrine. I suppose I have got more evil as the devices have become more uncomfortable over the years and I certainly get all the attention I need when he is locked away.

However, for me, my kink is around being a pet, nipple play and the occasional mild spanking. I only ever submit to women, and I am not interested in submitting to men. The stables block was a major attraction when we bought this house, and we have a dungeon for William in one stable and I have my pet play area in another. It is through Corrine that I have found a female top who can fulfil my needs.”

Susan piped up “Wow, I have always wanted a pet. I would love to see how you go about it sometime.”

“No problem. My usual top is planning a social visit tomorrow so if she is happy, I will ask her to show you.”


The following morning after breakfast, we heard a car draw up to the front of the house and Celia quickly jumped up and went to the door.

She welcomed her guest, and our jaws dropped as in walked Maria. She greeted Corrine warmly and said something in their native language, before Maria said in English “what an unexpected pleasure to see you all again.”

Celia visibly relaxed before asking “how do you all know each other?”

“We all met at Corrine’s a few weeks ago and we had some very intense play at her office.”

“Oh, in that case I don’t need to be too worried then. Susan asked last night whether you would show her a bit of our play.”

“Delighted to.”

Corrine whispered something in Williams’s ear and he nodded.

“William has bought some nice new equipment for his dungeon. Celia, while you do not need to get involved, I need you to know how it works in case of emergencies. Can we show it to you later?”

“You’ve got me intrigued.”

“Good. When you see it you will realise why I need you to see how it works.”

After lunch Susan went with Celia and Maria to observe the play, whilst we set up the new spanking bench that Tom had made for William. Whilst we did not have a new spanking machine ready, John plugged in a new control box into Zack and Dee’s machine and fiddled with Corrine’s laptop.

When we had finished, Celia came into the dungeon area on all fours with a tail swishing from a butt plug following Maria and Susan who was holding the lead. She had some heavy weights pulling on her nipples and she looked as if she was having fun. She was lead around a bit before being taken out. About an hour later they joined us in the Dungeon having finished their play session.

Corrine then said “Celia, I hope you don’t mind but we just need to run a quick test to show you how this equipment works. The spanking machine you see is a prototype and the real one will be delivered soon. When it is, I will be able to remotely deliver spankings to William. However, in case of emergency we need you to know how to stop the machine and release him.”

Corrine ordered William to get on the bench and he strapped himself in as instructed. “You can see his laptop is positioned so that I can see him. From my laptop I can fully control the bench and machine. However if I need you to intervene, the button here overrides the locking mechanism, stops the machine and releases all the cuffs. Now, has he been a good boy or does he need a little serious ass warming?”

“He has not been too bad, but after Easter weekend, he was a bit lazy with his tongue.”

“Well in that case we will have to give him a little punishment.” Turning to William she continued “12 strokes with the paddle which you will count and say ‘I will not be lazy with my tongue’ after each stroke. Usual rules apply and I will be sat in the house with the others while you are punished.”

We all went into the house and Corrine set up her laptop on the dining table. We all crowded around with an excellent view of William on the bench. John showed her how to programme the controls and she pressed Play.

We heard the echoing splat as the paddle landed and we could clearly hear William say “one, Thank you mistress, ‘I will not be lazy with my tongue’.”

The sound of the splats continued to come from the speakers of the laptop as the count rose. After the tenth stroke landed Corrine said “speak up or we will start again to hear William say the count again but louder. After the 12th splat had echoed around and the final count had been heard, John showed her which button to press and a couple of minutes later William returned into the house with a nice sore ass with some vivid red marks visible.

Celia looked at William’s ass before saying, “wow, I suppose it means he will not be visiting you so often Corrine.”

“Oh no, it means that I can give him a sore ass between his visits. Also after his sessions, we know how randy he gets, so you will get more attention from him.”

Celia beamed as she said “Great. I think I will have to let you know how naughty he is.”

William groaned.

Corrine then said “Enough of that or do you want another 12 even harder swats?”

“No mistress, I am sorry.”

Celia then said “Maria where are you staying tonight?”

“I have a local hotel booked.”

“Why not spend the night here?”

“Thank you, that could be fun.”

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  1. Mr. Proper says:

    You had me at “plus sized model.” Sounds like a fun getaway. Great read!

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