Diane gets a new job

Maria agreeing to spend the night with us at William and Celia’s house was unexpected.

Celia turned to Diane saying “I like your arrangement of chains, is this something you do often?”

Diane replied “No, I unfortunately lost a game of poker with Charles when I had run out of chips and wanted to bet high, we agreed on a number of penalties. Part of the penalties was to be in chains for the following 2 weekends.”

“Um interesting, it must be difficult to move around.”

“It is OK if I do not take long strides or move my hands too much. Sleeping is the most awkward as I cannot get my arms into a really comfortable position.”

Over dinner we all chatted and as all of us were into kink, the atmosphere was relaxed. Celia overcame more of her shyness, especially when talking about her pet play.

Dee mentioned the staff party coming up, and asked what the plans were.

Susan replied “It is all being taken care of. Don’t worry about a thing. I will be at the estate from Wednesday, making sure everything gets put in the right place.”

Zack then added “I’m paying for it. You don’t need to be involved or worry. The invites have been sent and I can assure you it will be fun. The programme has been fixed and all the necessary equipment like marquees have been ordered.”

Susan added “over 75% of the staff have said they will be there and many are bringing their families.”

Dee looked surprised.

Susan continued “I know you are wondering about one of the featured events. All you have to do is go with the flow.”

The next morning Corrine cornered Tom asking “when will the machine and benches be in full production?”

“The benches are available now. The one we made for William was the first off the production line, however we will only be making 2 or 3 a week at most as we have already had orders for some vanilla furniture thanks to a little advertising we have done. As for the machines, they will not be ready for at least another month and we will be restricting the manufacture to the same numbers as the benches.”

“Well, I will be sending you some orders in the next week or two, so what are the costs?”

“Before I answer, I need John involved.” He called John over who explained each machine used remotely will only be able to accept instructions from one laptop controller. This means that the cost is high. We will be charging slightly more than we originally expected and that will be £3,000 for each machine and the same for the bench.”

Tom added “ we only accept orders with a 50% deposit that is held in escrow until the items are delivered and final payment received.”

“That is fine, what about delivery outside the UK?”

“Delivery will be at cost and the recipient will be responsible for any duties levied by customs.”

“That will be no problem. I will email you orders for 10 of each over the next few weeks. I also know the others have orders lined up for you too.”

Over lunch, Susan asked what Corrine and Maria were doing over the weekend of the Bustard’s staff party. They both replied that they had nothing on.

“Great, I have something that I think would both enjoy for that day and are you available over the whole weekend and on the next couple of days after?”

They both checked their dairies confirming that they could be free.

“Brilliant, I will email you what is going on privately. You realise that Dee is not aware of any of the details and it is going to stay that way until the day.”

Corrine smiled “sounds intriguing and a long weekend away sounds fun.”

Maria had also been talking very quietly to Celia, before she leaned over to Corrine and whispered something in her ear. Corrine nodded in agreement.

As the afternoon progressed, we all relaxed in the spring sunshine when Zack announced, “Corrine, I have yet to see the pictures for the last 2 weeks assignments.”

Corrine blushed “sorry, I have not sent them although I do have one for the station.”

She picked up her laptop and showed us a picture of her next to a Ski Lift Station.

“The lakeside one we did not have time for.”

“In that case, an extra task is called for. On the day after the Bustard’s party, you will join us fishing on our private lake. We will tell you all about the task then. And I think Maria should join you for not making sure the picture was taken.”

Maria shivered at the thought. “I hate fishing.”

“Don’t worry, you will enjoy it.”

At the Bustard’s head office after the weekend with William and Celia, Diane and I met with Dee for our usual weekly meeting.

After dealing with all the routine matters, Dee said “I have been thinking. With the success of the 50 shades trilogy and the success some of our competitors have been having with some adult toys, it is about time we set up a department that can satisfy that need.”

Diane asked “Does Zack know?”

Zack’s voice came from behind me “Do I know what?”

Diane replied “Dee is thinking about an adult toy department.”

“Oh yes, and I approve wholeheartedly.”

Dee continued “Diane, instead of the training role I had envisaged for you, I am putting you in charge of the whole operation. Instead of store managers appointing staff, you will do that. Also you will be in charge of a small team of buyers. Can you select the staff for each store’s department and get a team of 3 buyers together by the time of the staff party?”

“Well it will be a busy three weeks, but I should be able to choose all the staff by then.”

“Good, if I am allowed, I will announce it at the party.”

“Zack had a grin on his face, I am sure we can fit that in the plans.”

Dee then asked “Which store should be the first to have the department?”

“That is easy, Norwich. They complained to me that they are the last to get any new product, and there is an ideal area that is not being used effectively. As it going to be such a short lead time, can we use John and Kathy as the source for many of the products initially?”

“Of course, we know them and I am sure we can get some exclusive lines. Let’s call them.”

Dee managed to get John and Kathy on the phone and talked through the plan.

John just said “WOW.”

Kathy was a bit more business-like and said “it will be a challenge. But if we have five weeks, the first department can be fully stocked and ready to go.”

“That’s just what I wanted to hear” added Dee.

Kathy then said “well for this extra work you are giving us, you and Zack need to pay a penalty. One of us will be with you at the office tomorrow to discuss deal with the punishment. Also we will get a layout sorted with your shop fitters.”


On the way home, I could see Diane was decidedly agitated about the new position she had been given unexpectedly.

I stopped the car in the layby by the busy dual carriage way.

“Get out of the car.” I ordered.

Diane slowly got out of the car and I said “Strip completely.”

I went to the boot, found a bungee cord while she crouched down so that people would not see here in her delightful birthday suit.

I told her “I am going to sort this agitation out right now. Stand up, lean over the boot of the car with your ass facing away from the road.”

I moved behind her and waited until a line of lorries approached and asked “Fast or slow?”


“You asked for it” and swung the bungee back and just as the first lorry passed, I landed the first stroke. As each lorry passed, she received another stroke. The sixth and last lorry passed giving a blast of the horn as I laid down a harder stroke.

“Get in the car as you are.”

She got in the car as instructed. I replaced the bungee in the boot and said, “Now, you can have a nice warm butt all the way home.”

I turned the car seat heater up to full.

After five minutes she was squirming. “Enough squirming. If you do not stop, I will have to take another break, and your ass will suffer even more.”

As we entered our home, I hugged her, gave her a large glass of wine and said “Now relax, I know you can do the job.”

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