Product testing

Diane took to her new role as the head of the Adult department of Bustards with great professionalism. The team she built up around her were carefully selected to be open minded about the products that were to be sold.

Diane also made it a rule that all products supplied by companies other than those that initially were provided through John and Kathy’s business had to be tested by at least 3 members of the team.

On the Friday of the weekend before the Bustard’s staff party, Diane came home with a box of toys that needed to be tested. It was one of the few weekends that we have had to ourselves so far this year and I did not relish the idea of having to “work”, however Diane was insistent that we completed the tests over the weekend.


John rang early on the Saturday inviting us to join them at the pub for an evening meal. Diane replied “we have some serious product testing to do today and tomorrow. Why don’t you and Kathy come over, stay the night and you can help us test these new toys out?”

John immediately agreed and they arrived a couple of hours later. As is the custom whenever we get together in private, we were all soon naked.

Lunch was a light hearted affair and we worked out the testing procedure.


The first test for Diane was to try the suspension cuffs and spreader bar combination. The cuffs came with a short length of rope that acted in the same way as a really strong bungee cord in that there was a little give. One end had a ring fastening and the other a snap link. The two special rings that were used for hanging pot plants came into their own. And were just the right height with the special ropes for Diane. I soon had her secured in a Y position with her hands stretched out above her; however they were not held taught.

I picked up the extendable spreader bar that was made of a lightweight material and used a twist mechanism (as used in many walking poles) to secure it to the length selected. I soon had her spread-eagle with her feet comfortably far apart. The bar was not at its full length, so I said “In the interests of proper testing, you are going to find this a little uncomfortable” and proceeded to stretch her legs apart by another foot. I twisted the bars and asked her to wriggle and try to shorten it, but she was not successful. I twisted the connectors and put her back into a more comfortable position.

I reminded her “you know the rules. You may only come when I tell you. If you do come at any other time you lose the challenge and suffer the consequences.”

I looked over to John and Kathy and they were busy with Kathy in a tight ball tie using the special restraint system.

We each had three vibrators to test and as the clock chimed we set to work trying to make our partner come.

Diane soon felt the powerful vibrations from the first that I picked up. It had what were claimed to be special stimulators on its shaft that soon had Diane moaning in pleasure. After just a few minutes Diane was pleading with me to let her cum, but I was feeling mean and kept saying “No.” Irrespective of my denial of permission, she came explosively after just twenty minutes. There was a large puddle under her from the juices that she had squirted out when she came. I held her tight and released her arms from the ropes while she recovered.

Kathy was also being repeatedly denied the opportunity to come and she managed to hold out until the clock chimed and she was given permission to come, which she did with a loud “YESSSSSSS.”

Both ladies were given until the clock chimed to recover before we tried the next vibrator. Diane and Kathy had absolutely no problem holding out for the designated time despite my and John’s best efforts.

As we were about to start the third test John looked at the one he was due to test put it down, released Kathy and they came over to me and Diane. He looked at the vibrator I was about to use and said “Don’t use it. These two look too shiny to be made of the silicone that they claim to be made of. They must be lab tested.”

I released Diane who rushed to the phone and rung a couple of people telling them not to use the two vibrators that we did not think looked right.

After washing the used vibrators carefully and having some liquid refreshement, John asked “are you three ready for the next tests?”

Diane groaned “Yes.”

John secured Kathy in the same way that Diane had been secured earlier, and Diane was secured in the Ball tie.

We both set to work trying to make our partners come. Diane was holding out well, but Kathy came twice very quickly when he used the vibrator that Diane could not hold out against. All in all the test results were similar with both women.

As both Diane and Kathy had come when they were not allowed to, they had to pay the consequences. John and I decided that they could choose who would get the sore ass first tonight and who would be in the special jacket.

Diane picked up the straight jacket that was made of a solid linen cloth, with a big twist. The jacket zipped up at the back and there was a special clip that stopped it from being able to slip back down. At the front there was an open panel that allowed her breasts to remain fully accessible. I made sure that she was securely bound in the jacket. When she was sat down on the couch I put on her blindfold and inserted the earplugs from her iPod and allowed her to listen to some music while John prepared Kathy. After a thorough warm up, John picked up a vicious looking flogger made from a thin latex type of material with little bumps down each of the falls.

When the first blow landed, Kathy wiggled her ass as if to ask for more. Even though the strokes got harder, she was purring with pleasure all the way through. The second implement was a carpet beater made of a stiffer material that looked very similar. This soon had Kathy squirming and whilst she was not crying out in pain, it was clearly a less pleasant implement to be on the receiving end of.

John went through the other impact toys, leaving what looked to be the most vicious to the end. The final implement was a quad cane where four thin rods were connected at the handle end. The first light blow landed and Kathy was dancing on her feet as she processed the impact. After three more strikes that were even harder, John went to her, hugged her, and calmed her down before applying some soothing lotion. We quickly cleaned the implements.

Kathy and Diane quickly swapped places and Diane took up the position at the table to be on the end of the toys. They all elicited similar reactions to Kathy accept the quad cane. The first light blow landed and she was unable to hold her position and was up dancing around very quickly after it landed. I put the cane down, held her firm and re-assured her that that was all she would get.


As we relaxed after breakfast the next morning Diane asked “Can you try the first flogger as if it was my neoprene one?”

“Of course.”

Diane was secured into the standing spread-eagle and I gently started to flog her breasts. She encouraged me with “harder” regularly and I was nearly using full force before tiny red marks from the beads started to appear. She purring nicely when I switched the blows down to her crotch and she was writhing in pleasure as the intensity increased. The difference was she did not come, however I stroked her clit and she quickly came hard releasing her juices all over my hands.

Kathy then decided she would try the same treatment. After her session with John, she asked “where can I get one of these?”

Diane replied with a smile “Bustards, when we open in Norwich.”

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4 Responses to Product testing

  1. This is a fun way to test toys 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. The Sin Doll says:

    This brings a whole new meaning to “toy testing.” Similarly, I’ve always tested my BDSM toys with my local group. It really does make the review more interesting. 🙂

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