The staff party

It was Bustard’s staff party weekend and as requested our “gang” all made our way to Zack and Dee’s country estate. As we approached it for the first time Diane and I were surprised to find the driveway was nearly a mile long. We could see that Susan and her team had been busy making sure that all the marquees were up and a suitable area for the coaches to park had been clearly marked out as well as many games.

We all gathered for Dinner and Susan explained what she needed each of us to do the following day.

Corrine complained “I did not come here for work. I suppose I will have to punish William for this.”

Maria added with a smile, “I hope Zack has his machine here as he, Dee, Susan and Celia need a good reminder of how to treat their guests who are dominants. I really don’t want to over exert myself dealing with them.”

Susan quipped “there will plenty of time after everyone has been fishing on Monday.”


Dee, Diane Celia, John and Kathy all were busy in the stables area whilst I had been delegated to help Tom in setting up the items by the lake.

I asked “what is all this for?”

“No idea, I just made it to the specifications I was sent. I’ve also been told that we must not talk about it.”

As we finished the marquee supplier’s staff came over erecting a screen so that it could not be seen. The afternoon disappeared in a blur and an exhausted team finished just before dinner. We were joined by a group of very attractive women, who were instantly recognisable, and some other people who were introduced as the hair, make up and dressers.

Susan explained that they were all here for the fashion show would take place at lunch time. They were all staying in the local hotel, but it had been agreed that they would join us for dinner and once the show was over, they could mingle with the staff until it was time for everyone to go home in the evening.

One of models said “this is the best job I have ever had, a good fee, two days in the countryside all expenses paid and only half an hour of work tomorrow plus the hour of rehearsals today. We have even been told that we can keep the clothes we are modelling.”

Dee laughed “well, Zack is paying, and it is about time he opened his wallet a little.”

Zack looked embarrassed, but smiled at her.


Sunday morning came round quickly and everything was ready when the first group of guests arrived. It was not long before there were about a thousand people assembled in the main Marquee.

Dee stepped up to the microphone “Welcome to the first staff party for Bustards. We will soon be serving lunch, and after the main course, there will be a display of some of the new lines that we will be stocking for summer. I have been assured that delivery of most of the clothes shown today will be tomorrow. I am also pleased to announce that in 2 weeks’ time the Norwich store will be the first to open a special “Bedroom Delights” department and every two weeks we will be opening the department in another store until all stores have one. I will now pass you over to my beloved husband Zack who is responsible for arranging the party.”

Dee sat down to a round of applause as Zack approached the microphone. He started “it is my pleasure to reward all the hard working staff of Bustards with some form of relaxation. All the entertainments, refreshments and facilities provided are free. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of the organisations involved in helping to provide the entertainments, but the list is a bit too long to list them all individually. You all have been given a bag that contains fifty tokens. Each token they receive is worth £1 of my money.

The main attraction for which there is no collection of tokens, will to be at the side of the lake at three this afternoon. I encourage you all to take join us there and where appropriate take part. All the store managers, Head Office Department managers and directors will be there for your entertainment. None of them knows what is involved. However I can assure you it involves water.”

Everyone laughed whilst I saw Dee cringe and a few other people were looking a little uneasy.

Zack continued “I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to my fantastic wife, Dee, and her team of senior managers and all of you for the hard work in making Bustards a better company to work for. All I ask is that you enjoy your day here.”

Zack sat down to a round of applause.

I was sat with Corrine and Maria who asked what all that was about.

“Sorry I can’t say, especially as Diane is involved in the entertainment.”

Diane started to look worried until I reassured her “it just involves a little water.”

As the dessert course of a splendid meal was served, a boom of music was heard as a voice that I recognised but could not place announced the start of the fashion show. The first model on the runway was Celia wearing a delightful summer dress. She was greeted with many gasps of surprise and a rousing round of applause. As each of the models appeared there was a round of applause as they were recognised for who they were.

Towards the end of the show, Celia came out wearing the bridal outfit. As she was returning the voice announced, “This outfit is traditionally the end of a fashion show. In this case, Bustards have decided to look forward to what could be worn on the first night of a marriage. Some of these clothes will be available in the main store departments, however a few will only be available through the new ‘Bedroom Delights’ areas of the stores.”

Each model wore a sexy, but discreet outfit, with Celia being the last out wearing one of most severe hobble skirts designed by Kathy. She shuffled to the end of the runway where she was joined by all the models for the finale where her skirt and blouse were removed to display her in a shimmering metallic bikini which we found out later was all metal and locked on.

After the applause died down, the announcer came on stage and amused everyone with one of his famous TV comedy routines.

As the afternoon progressed everyone was clearly enjoying the entertainments that had been put on by the many voluntary organisations . They all had the collection tin discretely visible and I noticed many people put some tokens in them.

Just before three o’clock I saw Dee wheel Zack to the side of the lake and he disappeared inside with her. I escorted Diane down there as did the spouses of all the others who were ‘nominated’ to be the entertainment. As a drum roll sounded out from the PA system behind the curtain, it was rolled back to reveal the stocks and pillories as well as the dunking chair.

Zack then announced “As the first house built on this land was completed in the 13th century, the local Medieval Society has kindly agreed to put on and supervise this part of the entertainment. Each of those delegated to be here will be asked to decide their own fate by spinning the wheel. They have a one in four chance of being dunked. Otherwise they have a 50/50 chance of being in either a pillory or the stocks for 10 minutes.”


He continued with glee “Everyone here is allowed to throw sponges from each of the pools at those in the stocks or pillory to ensure that everyone gets a soaking.”

One by one each of those delegated to be the entertainment went forward to spin the wheel. Many of them managed to avoid a dunking but by the time their 10 minutes were up they were all soaking wet.

Diane was one of the last to get called out, and she selected the dunking. She was strapped in to the seat. Three burly men used one end of the lever to lift off the ground, swing the arm over the lake before they let go and she dropped into the water with a big splash. She was lifted out, spluttering, before they raised her to the full height and let go again, ensuring that she was completely soaked.

She was released from the chair came over to me “That water is freezing and yucky.”

It was not long before Dee was the only one who was left to make her choice. She chose the dunking.

The comedian from lunchtime leaped on to the stage. He started making a few jokes to encourage the crowd getting them to shout that a dunking was not good enough. The chant was heard “and 20 minutes in the pillory.”

Zack nodded enthusiastically as Dee looked on in surprise.

The comedian then asked “does Zack need to be wet?”

The shouted response from everybody was “Yes”.

After this was repeated and the shouts got louder, the leader of the supervising team picked Zack out of his wheelchair, strapped him in the seat got Dee to sit on his lap before the beam was lifted up swung out over the water and released. Zack was well and truly dunked and Dee fell forward into the water with a big splash to huge cheers. She made her way back to the lakeside and was quickly helped out.

Dee was placed in a pillory and Zack was locked into the stocks. All the sponges that had been thrown previously had been collected up and there were plenty of accurate throws hitting the two of them all over their bodies. Once their allotted time was up, Zack was helped back into his wheelchair and Dee sat on his lap gave him a big hug and kissed him long and hard to the applause of those watching.

Next week the after party goings on
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