We all go fishing

At dinner everyone was enjoying the discussion about the day’s events. Diane and Dee were a little sheepish after their dunking, but they were soon encouraged to be more cheerful with the threat of an increase in the fishing task the next morning.

Corrine and Maria tried to extract more information about the task from Zack, but were rebuffed with just a “wait and see.”


It was a surprise to find that everything had been cleared away by the time we were up and ready for the fishing task.

When we had all gathered and the numbers of fish to be caught by each participant had been detailed, Zack announced “today’s fishing task is quite simple, but will be interesting for those watching which is just Charles, Tom and myself. Dee has the most fish to catch, six in all.”

He continued “Those without nipple piercings will be wearing a clover clamp on each nipple, and those with piercings will be using each of them. You will be sat about 10 feet part around the end of the lake with your wrists cuffed behind your back. Each nipple ring or clamp will have a special breakaway ring attached which is rated at just 8 oz. to protect your nipple. The line will be fed through these rings and the float, hook and bait will be carefully placed in the water. The other end will be secured to a peg so that you do have some movement available.

“The task is simple, when a fish bites, you will get up and pull the fish in to be the side and one of us onlookers will land it with a net. If the fish is large and breaks the breakaway ring it does not count towards your total. If you do not catch all the fish required within 3 hours, you will receive three strokes for each fish remaining with a particularly nasty cane that we tested last week. Those women that complete their allotted task can feel the gentle caress of a new flogger later. Our experience is that the ladies will definitely enjoy the flogger.”

Corrine gave a glare saying “that is devious and nasty.”

Maria looked agitated. “One of my hard limits is excess weight on my nipples.”

“Well, if you do not want to go fishing, I think that six strokes of the cane from Corrine would be an appropriate alternative. However I warn you that this cane is extremely nasty and Dee was howling after the first gentle stroke on a well warmed up ass.”

Corrine whispered something to Maria, who perked up a little nodded and said “well it is only one fish, and the weight is just at the limit, I will take part.

As we walked down to the lake, I asked Corrine “what made Maria change her tune?”

She replied “I threatened her with an additional punishment caning when we get home tomorrow. I know that she hates them and the weight is not much more than her limit, so all we were doing was stretching it slightly. By the way is that cane as nasty as Zack says it is?”

“Definitely, it is the most evil implement I have ever come across. Diane only took one stroke last week and I had to stop.”

“God I hope I catch the fish then.” She added.

We arrived at the bank of the lake, got everything ready, baited the hooks with maggots and waited as the floats bobbed around on the surface of the lake. Suzy was the first to suffer as the float dipped and with a squeal, her left nipple was pulled out. She stood up and gently walked back away from the lake with her breast being pulled away from her and bobbing around as the fish resisted the pull to the bank. It did not take long for Tom to net the fish and land it. He extracted the hook from the fish, put it back into the lake and Suzy was sat back down with another fish to catch.

The three of us not fishing were kept busy as everyone was soon attracting bites on their lines. Many of the breakaway rings broke and when the fish were landed it was clear that they weighed in heavier than the half pound rating of the rings.

Dee whispered something to Zack, who smiled, and then laughed asking “are you sure?”

“Definitely, I want to catch the six fish and not face that cane.”

“OK what weight then?”

“2 pounds.”

“There is no way that I am going to allow a 2 pounder to pull at your rings; you will have to wear some clamps. It is lucky I brought some extras with me.”

Once the clamps and higher rated rings had been installed on Dee’s perfect breasts it took no time for her to catch her first fish, stretching them hard and she was clearly in discomfort as it was landed. It weighed in at 1lb 8oz.

“Only five more to go” Zack reminded her.

Once the three hours were up, we checked the tallies and as both Corrine and William failed to land a fish and Dee was two short of her total they were the only ones to face the dreaded cane.

We went back to the house, enjoyed a salad lunch before Maria asked “can I use the cane on Corrine?”

Corrine balked and tried to persuade us that Susan should administer the strokes as she deserved a reward for the work she had put into making the previous day’s event such a success.

Zack firmly decided “No, Maria, this implement is so nasty that I only trust Susan with it on Dee’s ass. When you see the effect you will see why.”

“But she was the one that got me the fishing task and she deserves some retribution for that.” Maria argued.

Zack then decided it was only fair to put it to the vote, and it was just Maria’s vote that allowed her to let Corrine feel the cane in her hands.

Corrine then said “well let’s get it out of the way.”

Dee cleared the dining table and Diane retrieved the cane from our car. Corrine was invited to assume the position on the table as Diane entered behind her and gave the cane to Maria. Maria swished it around to get a feel for it before approaching Corrine’s delightfully round ass, very gently tapped it before landing a light stroke. Corrine immediately leapt up clutching her ass.

Maria ordered “get back into position, that was just a tap.”

Corrine reluctantly bent back over the table and Maria landed a similar stroke that had her up and dancing again. When Corrine had calmed down, Maria landed a slightly harder stroke that had Corrine up and dancing around with tears in her eyes.

Maria dropped the cane, hugged Corrine and it took nearly twenty minutes to calm her down.

When she was fully recovered she ordered William to the table, picked up the cane from the floor, looked at it and tapped it lightly on her hand immediately recoiling with the sting.

As she lined up behind William, she tapped his ass before landing what was a gentle stroke from her that had him bawling. He remained in position and landed another stroke that had William in even more discomfort before she landed the third stroke he was due. As soon as it landed he shot up, clutched his ass, and did the dance just as Corrine had done. It took a while for Celia to calm him down.

As Dee nervously approached the table, Susan asked, “Do you want to be held down?”

“Yes please. John and Tom got up, held each of Dee’s hand tightly and Susan delivered the first of the six strokes. It was just a gentle stroke, but Dee kicked a leg up, and was clearly in discomfort. The pattern was repeated for the next four strokes by which time Dee was crying and feeling the effectiveness of the implement.

Susan landed the final stroke Dee’s sit spot, and Dee’s immediate reaction was to jump up, dance around clutching her sore ass. She went and joined Zack, wincing as she sat in his lap.

Corrine then picked up the cane and looked at it carefully. “I agree it is totally evil, and those were light strokes. Umm I can think of a few people who could do with feeling it, where do I get one?”

Diane replied “It was a sample from a very reputable company who warned us it was severe. After our testing we have decided it is not suitable for the stores, so I will arrange for one of the samples to be sent to you next week.”

“Great, I know just the person to be the subject of a “special caning” demonstration in three weeks time.”

Maria giggled before Zack said, “tell us more.”

“Why don’t you all come over for that weekend and stay with us. We will ensure that you have a good viewing position. Furthermore, I know it will be very good for Tom’s new business if both the bench and machine are demonstrated at that evening.”

Zack replied, “Dee and I will be there, and I hope the rest of you join us.”

A few whispered conversations later it was clear that we would all be going for another weekend in the Alps.

Next week- the special new flogger in action.

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4 Responses to We all go fishing

  1. That is some fishing trip. Nice idea 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. Renee Rose says:

    Long Bean! You won a prize for the Spankee Doodle, but I can’t find your email listed anywhere. Will you please email me so I can pass it on to Stormy Night PUblications who sponsored your prize? reneeroseauthor at gmail

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