After the fishing party (see last week’s post) and follow up caning, Suzy, Diane, Celia, Kathy, Susan and Maria still had the pleasure of meeting our new special flogger in the afternoon.

Zack suggested that the flogging should be outside as they had no suitable attachment points in the house. Tom, John and I quickly found two suitable trees and set up ready for the “treat” for completing their task.

As the women approached the trees, I could see Diane and Kathy looking very excited as they knew exactly what was involved. Suzy, Susan and Maria were their normal selves, not knowing exactly what the sensation involved, but clearly hoping it would be pleasant.

Celia was very apprehensive saying to Maria “Please be gentle on me, you know how I detest impact play.”

Maria replied “if it is anything like another flogger we experienced you will thoroughly enjoy it, and be begging me for more.”

“I hope you are right.”

“I expect I am.”

Zack held out a bag and asked each of the ladies to pick out a number to determine the order they would be on the receiving end of this flogging.

Celia was even more worried as she had drawn the number one. William helped Tom and I to secure Celia with her arms stretched wide and her legs about shoulder width apart.

Diane passed the flogger to Maria who started gently flogging Celia’s delightful ass. The strokes landed quick and fast and there was no discomfort showing on Celia’s face.

After a few minutes Maria whispered something in Celia’s ear that brought a wide smile and a clear “go for it.”

Maria moved around and started to gently flog Celia’s shapely breasts. Celia was emitting moans and begged for more. Maria slowly increased the force behind the strokes and Celia was purring in delight.

Maria stopped for amount hugged Celia and after some more whispering, moved back and gently swung the flogger in an upward motion so that the tails lightly hit Celia’s crotch. It did not take long for Celia to mumble “more please.”

Maria duly fulfilled Celia’s request and soon there was slight impact on Celia’s clit which started to become more and more prominent.

Celia’s face and upper chest started to redden as she approached a climax. She started moaning loudly before exclaiming “YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES” and juices started to run down her legs as she slumped in her restraints. Maria immediately stopped, when Celia was released William helped her into a comfortable position to allow her to recover.

Diane was next and I enjoyed flogging her to the edge, keeping her there for a few minutes while she begged for release. “Please, Please let me cum.”

I whispered in her ear as I caressed her “does that include a month in your belt?”

“Anything, please make me come.” she shouted.

I stepped back and flogged her clit hard and she came explosively. We quickly released her and I provided the appropriate aftercare to let come down from the high.

John had Kathy soon begging for release which he duly allowed.

Susan was up next and allowed Tom to flog her to her climax before she had a cuddle with Dee to relax.

Suzy was next and was quickly sated.

Maria was the last up and Corrine stepped up and said, after that caning you gave me, I am going to be brutal, and this may hurt.

Maria smiled, saying “go on, let’s see if it is as nasty as it looks.”

Corrine started gently on Maria’s round cheeks and when there was no discernible reaction soon started swinging the flogger harder until it was clear she was laying on strokes as hard as she possibly could. Maria was just purring in pleasure as vicious looking strokes caressed her ass. Corrine stepped back, “well this is not doing the job, so let’s try your front.”

Corrine moved around and started to lay down her hard strokes right across Maria’s breasts and there was only a tiny wince as a tail caught her nipples. It did not take Maria long to start moaning in pleasure, so Corrine moved to target Maria’s crotch. The first few strokes appeared to be gentle and as soon as a hard one landed Maria called for more.

Corrine started to realise that despite her hardest strokes, Maria was loving the sensations the flogger created. Corrine stood back, changed her position slightly so just the end of the flogger’s tails were hitting Maria’s clit. After the fifth stroke had landed Maria came explosively, squirting her juices as if she was having a pee, before collapsing in her restraints.

Corrine hugged Maria and held her close. It took some time before Maria had recovered sufficiently to be able to stand up and walk back to the house.

As we sat round sipping our tea, Celia said to Maria “That flogger is something else, I hope you will use it on me again sometime.”

Maria with a wicked grin said “well, I might, but I could use some others as well so you can really enjoy a good flogging.”

Celia’s only other comment was “I suppose now floggers are no longer a hard limit. That was so enjoyable.”

Corrine then added “I am worn out having used it so hard. It looks really vicious, but there is no way it can be called that.”

Both of them then looked at John before Corrine asked “John, how do I get hold of one?”

Dee quickly replied “Exclusively from Bustards Norwich in 2 weeks time.”

“But what about where we live?”

“No chance. It was shown to us a few weeks ago and we have negotiated a worldwide exclusive license. The manufacturer has also said they will be struggling to make enough if they sell as well as we think they will.”

“This flogger alongside the other exclusive deals we have will soon make us a force to be reckoned with in the market.”

“How come you have managed these exclusive deals?”

“Simple, Diane and I can be very persuasive when we need to.”

The conversation turned to more vanilla matters until it was time for us all to leave.


In the car on the way home I asked Diane “What did Dee mean about you being very persuasive?”

“It is simple, many supplier’s representatives are used to dealing only with men, so a few smiles and the occasional unbuttoning of a single blouse button by Dee is all it takes. Kathy told us about this and it has proved to be entirely true.”

“Umm I will have to find out how naughty my wife has been then.”

Changing the subject slightly, I asked “when I was flogging you, do you remember saying anything?”

“Only about wanting to come.”

“Well at one stage I asked ‘including a month in the belt?’ your reply was “anything, please let me come.”

Diane blushed, “did I?”

“Yes and Dee giggled about it. I think for not telling me about the persuasion tactics and the begging, “I think a month in the belt will help you concentrate on your work, especially as you have departments opening in 2 stores over that period.”

“But we have a training course with the department staff this week.”

“Well you should have thought about that before promising ‘anything’ to me.”

That shut Diane up, and when we got home, we went to the bedroom where I retrieved her belt, teased to the edge and then locked her in it.

She huffed and puffed a little, but soon calmed down when  I said “if you want any more punishment, there is that nice cane you are sending to Corrine downstairs.”

She sighed in resignation saying “That cane is so evil, I should never have even thought about testing it.”

As we laid in bed later, she snuggled into me, “If I need someone to do a flogging demo, will you do it?”

“Of course, I always enjoy flogging you, and that nice flogger will be fun for me, especially as you are unlikely to be satisfied.”

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  1. Feeling the flogger touching my clit is a feeling I cannot handle (yet). Ouch…

    Rebel xox

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