Staff training

Diane held her staff training course and on the Friday evening she told me all about it. This is her summary of the course.


I had put together an outline of the course to ensure that we discussed the ethos of the Department and to allow the staff to try out some of the products.

We had a little trouble finding a suitable venue at short notice for the course until Zack, Dee and I decided that the best place for it would be at their country mansion.

The participants in the course were the staff who had been specially selected to work in the new ‘Bedroom Delights’ department. There were 12 women and two men there.

Dee very kindly agreed to be there for the first day of the course. Dee welcomed everyone to the house, explained that the few staff they had were all open minded and would not be worried if they saw sex toys laying around. The first session discussed the structure of the course, what we would be covering and the usual introductions. We all were required to say one thing about our sex life. Dee, who was the first, in her introduction decided to really set the tone by quickly getting up, taking off her blouse and revealing her pierced nipples saying “I agreed to these piercings to save my arse from a severe prolonged caning.”

Everybody laughed and after a short discussion, it was my turn. As I got to the revelation I got up, dropped my skirt revealing the chastity belt saying “my husband had me begging for an orgasm and apparently I agreed to anything, so I have to wear this.”

As we went round the table, everyone started to relax a little and the revelations included one woman often dressing up in a nurse’s uniform and one of the men who often wore leather boxer shorts even to work.

The first proper session of the day, after lunch, discussed how the departments were being designed and the planned layout of the merchandise. The second session of the afternoon dealt with vibrators and butt plugs focusing on the various types, materials and care. The women were each given a couple of vibrators to try out that night. The two men were not left out as they were give a butt plug each and informed that they would have to have one inserted at dinner time.

One of the girls then said “we will of course have to check that they are actually wearing them!”

The whole room laughed when one of the men said “and we expect to hear a lot of noise from you ladies later!”

As we assembled for dinner during the evening, the two men turned their backs on us, dropped their trousers to reveal their nice arses with a butt plug in each.


On the second day of the, after a discussion about the various vibrators, we moved on to the various clothing ranges that we will be stocking. Both John and Kathy came to the course to go through the range they were supplying to the stores. One of the girls then asked “Can I try on the Cat suit?”

Kathy replied, “of course, let’s go to your room and then you can show everyone.”

The girl replied “why bother, I am sure that some of those here would love to see how to put one on.”

No-one had any objection and the lady quickly stripped and whilst a tight fit, Kathy was able to explain the process in detail, showing how talcum powder helped and how to polish up latex properly.

The person wearing the cat suit was making all sorts of lovely noises as it was being polished. The rest of the people watched carefully and asked a lot of very sensible questions.

After the lunch break, one of the men went to Kathy and John and talked quietly to them and I was not able to hear what was being discussed, however there were plenty of nods and smiles.

The afternoon was spent going through the novelty items that would be available. As we broke up for the day, the girl who had been be the model for the cat suit came up to me with a bag in her hand saying, “Diane, we are all dressing up for Dinner so here is your costume for the evening.”

I was startled at this revelation but was highly delighted as everyone was showing such an interest in the products.

Over dinner there was great hilarity as we were all dressed in different outfits and surprisingly everyone got into role playing based on the costume they were wearing. I was the ‘schoolgirl’  being quite the brat and although was not actually spanked, it was close….


The third day of the course we covered the subject of BDSM. I particularly was nervous about the bondage part as we needed to ensure that everyone understood how the various restraints felt. In no time everyone had dropped their inhibitions and started to enjoy themselves using the selection of restraints available. Everyone got restrained as well as having the opportunity to apply the restraints.

There was a practical demonstration of how to use the various implements to show the pleasure that could be given with the sensuous implements. Once the day’s work had finished I rang Dee to report on progress. She then said “I have arranged a special demonstration for tomorrow, so do not be surprised when you have visitors turn up in the morning.”

We relaxed over dinner  and as we finished dessert, one of the girls piped up “Diane while you were getting ready, we have decided that we should have some sexy fun tonight.”

I raised an eyebrow “Go on.”

“Will you join us in a game of strip poker this evening?”

“OK, but there should be no sexual contacts whatsoever.”

“We agree with that entirely.”

They had already discussed the rules to add spice to the evening-

  • Everyone starts with the exact same number of clothes.
  • You do not lose any clothes if you fold your hand.
  • You cannot fold more than twice in succession.
  • Anyone who loses all their clothing is allowed to continue playing until they lose next.
  • After losing their next hand, they are restrained until the end of the game.
  • The position and restraints used are selected by drawing from the forfeit pile.
  • However for the final hands between the last two people, the loser is restrained for one hour.

“We thought about adding spankings, but as not everyone was comfortable with that idea, we have abandoned it.”

I was extremely pleased with their way of thinking particularly our message of ‘consensual fun’ had clearly got through. The game started quite tamely and before long there were a few of us who had lost more clothing than others. I had a bad streak and was the first to lose all my clothes, but luckily my fortunes changed for a while and three people were restrained before me.

When it was my turn to draw a forfeit card I saw I was to be restrained in a single monoglove sleeve and have my legs tied so I could not move about. I shuddered at the thought as that is one of the most difficult positions for me. I stood up, followed the instructions given and felt them lace up the sleeve. They had laced it up to comfortable position while one of the men got to secure my legs with rope at the ankles, above and below my knees and finally thighs. I was about to comment about the sloppy rope work as they had not tidied up the short lengths after the ties until they got a spreader bar and tied it tight to each of the leg ties so there was no give in my legs. Once they were happy with my leg ties, they went back to the monoglove and laced it up tighter until I was mildly uncomfortable. I was turned so that I faced the wall and could not see what was going on.

Time passed and as I love being tightly bound, I was enjoying erotic thoughts, getting turned on and my pussy juices were beginning to seep out. I don’t know how long I was actually restrained for, but it seemed like hours before they finally finished the game with one of the men being the loser. They released everyone from their restraints in the order that they were tied, except me. The girl who had suggested the game, said we know how turned on you are, so as a reward for the fun course you have arranged for us, we will leave you tied up a bit longer. I giggled and protested mildly, but actually I was enjoying myself. I knew it would be a frustrating night because of the belt I was wearing.

I was finally released after an extra half hour and we sat down for a final drink before going to bed for the night.


As we assembled for the final morning, I was delighted to see Tom and Suzy arrive in a van. They quickly unloaded it and there were a series of mysterious packages in the corners of the room. They joined in to talk about the furniture range that Tom had been working on. During the break, they did not join us for a while. They came out, grabbed a cup of coffee each and drank it quickly. As I walked back into the room I was amazed to see a plain bookshelf and what looked like a perfectly normal coffee table.

Suzy disappeared for a few minutes while Tom showed how well designed and adaptable the furniture was. The bookshelf had a built in expansion unit that could be extended out easily to make a strong secure frame for bondage. Suzy returned wearing a small leather skirt and bra and was secured in a series of positions. Tom was able to demonstrate how everything worked quickly and efficiently. One of the men then said, “That’s OK for Suzy, but what tall people like me.”

“Easy” replied Tom “Let’s have you up here and try it.”

In no time he was secured and quickly agreed that it would be useable for anyone no taller than him. “I am amazed” he said, “This is the first time I have come across something that can cope with my height.”

Once the bookshelf had been returned to its innocent looking purpose, Suzy was quickly positioned on the coffee table and given a few gentle slaps on her bum to show how vulnerable she was.

This produced a big round of applause, and Suzy was suitable embarrassed.

As we finished up the course, I revealed the biggest surprise of all. “When you get into work on Monday, you will all have access to 30 on line sex shops, this has upset the IT staff but because of your unique roles you may need access to them. If you know of any more stores that are not on the list, you should let me know, and we will look at adding them to the list.

“Finally, those from Norwich will see me next week and those from Exeter in three week’s time when we get your departments ready for opening.”

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