Penalties and Treats

Over the weekend, we decided a nice relaxing weekend at home was in order. On the Saturday afternoon I sent her to get the games jar and she drew Penalties and Treats, our version of Snakes and Ladders.

Before we played the game we agreed on the winner’s treats and the loser’s penalties. Furthermore if Diane won, she could have her belt removed and I would be in my device for twice the remainder of the time she had to go in her belt. This gave both of us a great incentive to win.

The penalties would apply only to the loser and to make it more uncomfortable, the winner’s snakes would be added to the loser’s penalties whilst the loser’s ladders would be added to the winner’s treats. It was agreed that each snake would only incur one penalty per player, even if it came into play more than once. We also agreed that the penalties would be delivered when we all get together at Corrine’s office next time. The accumulated treats are to be converted to the number of minutes oral or other pleasure that has to be given to the winner, with a maximum of 15 minutes of the time is used in each treat with no more than two treats a day.

We started playing. After the second go Diane had reached the first ladder and with glee said “you’re in for it, that is the first set of pleasure will deliver to me.”

We continued playing and we both managed various ladders and avoided many of the snakes, Diane reached the top line landing on square 91 having only gone down one snake. Unfortunately, I had hit many snakes and was still down on square 7. She rolled a four that took her all the way down the board to square 28. We continued rolling the die going up and down the board as we hit both ladders and snakes. I managed get to square 74 before rolling a six on my next go that took me to a ladder up to square one hundred thus winning the game.

Diane was a bit disappointed, however took it with good grace. She then asked “why not a little extra spice to this?”

“Go on.”

“We play another two games and the overall loser has to visit our friendly piercing parlour. One piercing for each of the games lost.”

I agreed immediately as I had been thinking of having my nipples pierced for some time.

It took another hour before Diane had lost twice more so she has to get another three piercings. We finally agreed that she would have both outer pussy lips and a clit piercing done.

We totted up the totals to find that the total number of squares “lost” by hitting snakes was 426 and the total of treats were 256.

After we cleared the board away, I said “you may as well start on the treats now as you have over four hours complete.”

She got down on her knees in front of me, cradled my balls and started to kiss my fast hardening erection. The gently brought her tongue to the top and put her mouth over the top of my full erection and sucked and stroked the tip with her tongue. It did not take her long before she lowered her head as far as she could before raising it again slowly. I felt the pressure build in my balls. A few moments later I came in her mouth. She swallowed and continued to suck and tease me to ensure that there was nothing left and I had a clean cock. She sat back with a satisfied smile on her face saying “Only another 4 hours of giving you pleasure to go.”


On the Monday, I rang the piercing parlour and booked her in for her piercings. The piercer was very helpful and agreed to stay open on the Wednesday evening so they could be done after she left the office. I told her that she had to finish no later than 6 on the Wednesday as I had made arrangements for us that evening. She frowned before saying “Damn, I have to re-arrange a meeting, but it should be manageable.”

At about 5.30 she rang me in the office (I was still working at Bustard’s office on Mondays and Wednesdays) and said she was ready to leave. We started to drive home. About half a mile from our home, I took a left turn in to the town centre much to Diane’s surprise. She looked at me and said “Umm is it for the piercings?”


“How am I going to keep them clean whilst wearing the belt?”

“We will sort that out at the parlour when I have taken his advice.”

We were ushered into the back room, and I handed Diane the key to unlock her chastity belt which she passed to me. She lay down on the chair, put her ankles in the stirrups and I gently strapped her down.

I turned to the piercer, “I don’t suppose she can wear the belt whilst these piercings heal.”

“Quite right, they need to be kept totally free from any possible build-up of any fluids, so no belt.”


I then whispered in Diane’s ear “Well, you did say you would anything to be allowed to come a few days ago, so I think an extra piercing in each lip would be sufficient.”

She groaned, “but…”

“If you agree, I have another surprise for you.”


“Wait for a few minutes and then you can find out.”

She thought for a few moments before saying, “OK, two more won’t be that hard as I am already going to have three.”

Jim carefully prepared her for the piercings and in a matter of minutes she had two small rings in each pussy lip and one in her clit hood.

As she got up from the chair, I took off my shirt and sat down just where she had been.

“What are you doing?”

“This is your surprise.”

Jim cleaned and applied an anaesthetic cream on my left nipple before piercing it and inserting a small bar. He did the same on my right nipple.

We talked about the healing times and basically it no sex for a couple of weeks and then another couple of months for all of our piercings are fully healed. I laughed at the no sex bit and said “oh well a different form of chastity for you my dear.”

After paying Jim, as we walked back to the car Diane with a wry grin said “about bloody time you had your nipples done. I can’t wait till they are healed and I am in charge.”

I shuddered and realised I would be made to suffer at her hands.

When we got home the effects of the anaesthetic cream began to wear off and I was rewarded by a mild throbbing pain in my nipples and Diane revealed that her pussy was very tender.

As we went to bed I said “Your reward for this is no belt, however you can go without knickers for the rest of time you would have spent in the belt.”

She giggled a little before reaching over me to give me some unexpected oral attention as part of my “treats”.

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4 Responses to Penalties and Treats

  1. Mia says:

    That is a very fun game to play and I love the penalties and treats elements!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  2. I love it when you play games. Great choice for piercings 😉

    Rebel xox

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