An Alpine weeekend

On the Sunday after our piercing adventure, Diane revealed she was extremely worried about how she would survive the 422 penalties that had been accumulated in the game of penalties and treats we played the previous weekend.

I gave it some thought. In a series of emails between Corrine and myself, we agreed a way that she could work off some of the penalties. As we were packing on the Thursday night ready for our weekend adventure, I made sure that her skimpiest bikini was in my case.

We met up with the others and flew in Zack and Dee’s plane down to the Alps. We arrived at Corrine’s home about 9pm and were greeted warmly by her, Gina, Eva and Maria. We immediately started to relax. After dinner, over coffee Corrine announced “tomorrow night we have a very special entertainment in the office. We will be having an initiation of a new regular member of the performance group that you saw last time. I hope you will enjoy the show. After the performance has finished, we will have the opportunity to have a play session.”

I said with a smile “great, Diane has quite an intense session ahead of her.”

Diane baulked a little as all she knew was that there were 422 penalties involved, but not the exact order or numbers of each level involved.


As we got up  the following day I turned to Diane saying “I have a one off offer for you. You can reduce the penalties on your ass by one for every 3 minutes you spend in a special costume arrangement I have for you. You cannot, however reduce the total to less than 122 penalties you receive personally. What makes this more fun is that these penalties get transferred to the initiate in tonight’s entertainment.”

“Ooh, and I wanted to go for a long walk today.”

“That will not be a problem, so decision time.”

“OK I will reduce my penalties to the minimum.”

I handed Diane the special bracelets and ankle chains. She quickly put them on. Once she had put them on, she was given her little bullet vibrator that was nothing more than a tease and she inserted it.

“OK stand up at attention.”

As I slipped a small lightweight padlock through each pair of her new pussy lip piercings, effectively joining them, she asked “Aren’t they a bit new for this?”

“A little, but the piercer said that this will be fine, provided you don’t pull them too much during the day.”

I then attached a fine chain to each of her ankle bracelets, threaded the chain through the padlocks, through her clit piercing and then up through the opposite nipple piercing over her neck and back down to her bracelets securing them with small padlocks. This arrangement meant that her left ankle was connected to her left wrist through her pussy lips, clit piercing and right nipple. The right hand ankle was connected to her right hand wrist in a similar fashion through her left nipple.

I then handed her a very light coloured pair of trousers and a virtually see through long sleeved blouse and she quickly finished dressing.

Once she had finished getting dressed “This will be very interesting as every time I move, my clit and nipples get teased.”

“Good, but remember any damp spots will be clearly visible. Also there are just a couple of extra bits you need to know, you are not allowed to cum until after the initiation tonight. If you do cum, you will also get the full set of penalties. At 7pm I will release you from this arrangement and give you a two hour break, before you are put in a different set of bondage for tonight’s entertainment.”

“That is plain evil and very twisted in thinking, but should be fun.”

As the morning progressed, Diane got accustomed to the chains she was in. I noticed that she was certainly getting turned on by the rubbing of her clit and nipples by the chains.

As lunch finished Maria turned to Diane, “I heard you wanted a nice long walk to explore some of the countryside around here. Would you like me to join you as a guide?”

Before Diane could reply, I answered “That would fantastic Maria, Thank you.”

Diane whispered in my ear “That is evil; I wanted to offer you a treat this afternoon whilst we were out.”

The three of us quickly put on some stout shoes and started on a walk through the spectacular mountain valley. We arrived at a ski lift station and Maria suggested we hopped on it to save an arduous walk up the hill.  We soon arrived at the top of the lift and we stopped for a coffee at the restaurant before making our way downhill.

Maria in an amused voice said “Diane this will be a bit more fun for you as we walk down.”

Diane grinned “It is alright for you, but you’re not being constantly aroused like me. Charles has certainly made this an interesting day for me.”

“Oh but I am. Corrine has had me in a belt all day with an irritating knob that keeps teasing my clit. She said this is my punishment for letting her face that awful cane last time.”

About halfway down Maria asked “do you know any more about what is happening tonight?”

“Not much, mainly just what she told us last night.” I replied.

“Oh you know some more then.”

“Just a little, but I promised not to reveal anything.”

“Damn, I hoped to learn if my ass was on the line at all.” She continued “Anyway, I need to ask a little favour from you. Celia knows nothing about this, William has agreed to help bring one of her long held fantasies to reality tonight. If you say yes, all I need is a little help later involving cling film.”

“Sounds interesting” replied Diane.

“I am not sure if Diane will be able to help much, as she will be in different bondage until very late tonight. If Diane is OK with it, I will certainly be prepared to help.”

Diane added “I have no problem with you helping out.”

“Great. Thanks in advance.” replied Maria.


As we got ready for dinner I handed Diane the bikini I had secretly packed for her saying “Now you have had your break from the chains, this is all you are wearing tonight.”

Diane Blushed “But what about the others.”

“Don’t worry; all those who are subs tonight will be wearing similar attire.”

At the table for Dinner there was Zack, Corrine, Eva, Maria, Kathy, Tom and myself in normal clothes whilst the rest were in the skimpiest swimwear denoting that they were the sub for the night Eva teased Susan a little as it had been arranged that Eva would be her top for the night.

Dinner was over Diane stood up as I asked her to, I took  a pair of soft mittens out of a pocket, placed her wrists at her side and locked them on. I took the strings from her bikini bottoms and tied them to her wrists. Finally I undid the string from her bikini top and tied each end to the upper arm. She tested the bonds and the way she was secured made her breasts move and sway inside the small triangles of bikini material hiding her nipples. I reminded her that this was her bondage for the next 5 hours.

We then made our way to Corrine’s office as before for the evening’s performance.

In the middle of the stage was just a desk with a laptop on it, spanking bench and machine that I clearly recognised as being made by Tom’s new company.

Eva as MC announced to the audience “Tonight is a really special night. Before you is all the equipment that we will be using tonight. The controls for both the bench and machine are on the laptop on the desk.”

A masked man, not in any form of bondage and willingly walked alongside the two elegantly dressed women who escorted him on stage.

Eva said to him “I know that you have asked to become a member of our special performance troupe. You have been warned that there is a special initiation required and you have agreed to go through it. I have seen the papers you have signed and they were discussed with you by a lawyer of your choice. Please confirm before us all that you wish to proceed.”

“Yes, I have requested to become a member of the troupe and am aware of the need to go through the ceremony.”

“Thank you, now proceed to the bench and make yourself comfortable.”

He climbed onto the bench put his arms and legs in the right position. “This is your final chance to stop the initiation- all you have to do is get off the bench.”

He stayed still, and about 30 seconds later Eva went to the laptop and pressed a button. The restraint mechanisms were secured by a series of clicks.

Eva invited one of the ladies who accompanied him onto the stage to bend over just in front of him, put her arms behind her back, lift her skirt and back up so that her pussy was just in the right position for him to give her some oral attention.

“To start the initiation, you are to bring both of your escorts to orgasm with just your tongue. To give you an incentive to do this quickly, for each minute you take you will receive one stroke of the most severe cane I have ever seen. So the quicker you are, the fewer strokes you receive. You may start now.”

He had obviously been practising his oral skills as within five minutes the woman was getting close to her orgasm. A couple of minutes later, she tensed up and let out a scream of delight as she came.

She took a few minutes to recover before her place was taken by the second escort. We were all surprised when the dress was lifted to reveal an erect penis.

The man on the bench was very agitated until Eva said “You willingly confirmed that you would bring two people to orgasm with your mouth. Nowhere was there any reference to gender. Now get on with it as your time restarts now.”

The man reluctantly started to use his tongue and mouth. Again after just a few minutes the person was making sounds of pleasure and it was clear that the man was doing his best to get the person to orgasm. Ten minutes in, there was a grunt as the persons face tensed up before relaxing and then pulling his cock out of the initiate’s mouth to allow a small spurt of semen to land on his head.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Now for the main event. The initiate in front of you has earned himself 18 strokes of the nasty cane. However before that he will be receiving 300 strokes of various implements that have been gifted to him by his agreeing to be a whipping boy.”

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  1. I must say, the chains through the piercings frighten me a bit…

  2. Kinky Mia says:

    Oh that is wicked with the chains!!

    ~Mia~ xx

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