The Initiation

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Now for the main event. The initiate in front of you has earned himself 18 strokes of the nasty cane. However before that he will be receiving 300 strokes of various implements that have been gifted to him by his agreeing to be a whipping boy.”

Diane looked at me before whispering “God he will have a sore ass by the end.”

Eva continued, “We start with a flogger, the first 100 strikes will start light and then become more intense and act as a warm up until he receives the remaining 41 as hard strokes.

The flogger was clipped in the machine and all that was heard was the swish of the tails and increasing loud thwacks as the flogger connected with his ass.

Once the initial warm up was over a grunt accompanied each strike of the flogger and his ass was a bright shade of red. It only took a few minutes before his session with the flogger was over.

Eva got up from the desk and announced “and now for 40 strokes of this nice little paddle. The severity of each strike and the time between them will be set at random.” She showed the paddle which was about 18 inches long with grooves carved out length ways.

I turned to Diane “that looks so nice, but I bet it would also give a nasty sting.”

Diane wiggled as best as she could in her seat as if to say- No thank you. I wrapped my right arm around her and my hand wriggled down her bikini bottom and I managed to rest a finger on her clit.

The paddle was mounted onto the arm of the machine; Eva returned to the desk and pressed a button to start the machine. The first strike came and looked quite vicious and a moan of discomfort came from the mouth of the recipient. There was a pause followed by three very quick strikes that had the person strapped to the bench moaning in pain. This continued for around five minutes before the paddle was removed from the machine.

One of his escorts on stage took over a bottle with a straw in it and encouraged him to have a drink. He took a long draw on the drink.

Eva then announced “there will now be 38 strokes with a tawse.” Whilst showing it to the audience before securing it to the machine.

The first swish and a loud smack were clearly heard as the first stroke landed. The machine was again set at random intensity and frequency and the last five were delivered in as many seconds bringing a loud moan of anguish as the last landed. The initiate let out a long breath and he was allowed a short while to regain his composure before a thin strip of leather about 24 inches long was attached to the machine. Swish followed by a loud crack and a moan was heard the 31 times that Eva had announced.

Eva then showed the junior cane that she inserted into the machine. “The final part of the 300 strikes as a whipping boy is 50 strokes with this cane. As we know he has yet to meet the other one, I have set the machine to deliver them fairly quickly and at medium intensity.

Swish followed by thwack and finally a moan was heard. As the machine moved up and down the target area all parts of his bum were target and by the end of the four minutes his bum was very well welted and had turned a deep shade of red.

As the machine finished, we could hear the sounds of blubbering from a well punished ass.

Eva moved the machine away and announced “for his appointment with the most severe cane I have ever seen, strokes will be delivered by each of those he brought to orgasm. The first eleven will be administered by the man, and the last seven by the girl. Because of the state of his ass, we will not be severe, but I can assure you that they will be felt.”

She passed the vicious four rod cane that we had tested a few weeks ago to the man and he delivered his strokes in a calm, measured way and was clearly holding back on the intensity. Even so each stroke was greeted with a howl of pain. As the girl stepped up to deliver her share she whispered something in Eva’s ear and was rewarded with a nod.

The first six strokes were similar to the man’s and produced equal howls of pain. However she decided to be devilish and stroked his ass for what seemed like a long time before delivering a final hard stroke that produced a very loud crack. The person jerked back as hard as he could in his restraints and screamed in agony as the feeling of pain reached his brain.

Eva thanked everyone for their attendance and drew the curtains. The audience left the building and a few minutes later we joined Eva and the others on the stage. The sub had been released from the bench and aftercare was being given by his two escorts and Eva.

Eva left the sobbing man in the care of the escorts and came to Diane saying “thank you for allowing him to receive such a punishment.”

A few minutes later the man had his mask removed to reveal it was Dave who had been the cause of so much trouble earlier in the year. He approached Dee saying “I apologise unreservedly for the difficulties I caused. I have now found a new job that may be a bit uncomfortable at times, but it was my choice to do so.”

Dee smiled “Thank you for the apology. I hope you find contentment in your new job.”

Corrine smiled before saying “It is so fortunate for you that there was a way of keeping you out of jail. I am sure that you will find your new role less painful than today. Just remember there is always that severe cane available for your new employers to punish you with.”

“They will never have the need to use it again.”

As he turned to join his escorts we could all see how much his ass had taken. Whilst the skin had not been broken, it was almost purple in colour. His escorts in the meantime had wiped each of the implements down with some wipes so they were clean for the next session.

Corrine then turned to William and whispered something in his ear. He nodded and smiled at the same time. Maria then turned to Celia saying “Time I played with you. Unfortunately you cannot be a pet tonight.”

Celia frowned on hearing this but brightened up when Maria continued “I will have some fun with your tits instead.”

Maria collected a bag and escorted Celia to the centre of the room before instructing her to take off her bikini top. She lowered a bar about 5 feet long and using the attached cuffs secured her wrists to it. She applied a pad to each side of Celia’s nipples before raising the bar slightly. She connected the pads up to a tens machine controller. She then raised the bar a bit further. She then told Celia to step onto a couple of stools and raised the bar further so that she would be just be comfortable when standing flat footed.

Maria then announced “Here is the fun part. You will be here for about an hour. Each of these stools has a pressure pad that controls the strength of the impulses from the machine. The machine is also sound activated so when there is a noise you will get a 15 second jolt from the machine through the pads on your tits. If you are on tiptoes when the machine starts its jolt you will get a low level of impulse, however if either of your heels trigger the pressure pad you will get a jolt randomly in the top five intensity settings. You will have at least a five second interval between any jolts.”

Maria reached down and pressed the on button. William looked at the set up and clapped his hands. Celia tensed and let out a moan as the tens machine was triggered.

I looked at the devilish set up and told Diane it was time she got her remaining penalties. I took her to the spanking bench, released her wrists and arms from her bikini and secured her safely on the bench. I untied her bikini bottom and as I removed it I felt that it was dripping wet.

“Oh what a naughty girl, did you come while Dave was being your whipping boy?”

“Only a little one.”

“Well as I probably helped you to it, I will spare you all of the 422 penalties, however I think the others will decide on a suitable punishment tomorrow.”

I proceeded to warm her bum with a hand spanking until she was purring nicely. I picked up the flogger. I proceeded to deliver 40 strokes. All she did was purr and groan with pleasure. Next up was the paddle and a further 26 strokes of that had her grunting in a little discomfort. I looked over at Celia and could see that the little noise we were making was not inflicting any torture to her breasts.

I picked up the tawse and applied the 18 strokes with vigour and Diane squealed as each Thwack resounded around the room. As I looked at Celia I could see that this extra noise had been effective.

Knowing how she disliked both I asked Diane “single tail or dressage whip?”


“It is either of them. You have five seconds or you get the same with both.”

Immediately she replied “Dressage.” Just 10 flicks of the tip of the whip on her bum there were nice little welts visible.

I picked up the cane and motioned Kathy over. I whispered “the last four are yours, I think a nice little x on each cheek would be about right.” I delivered 24 strokes that had Diane squealing after each strike before passing the cane to Kathy. She delivered one of her trademark strokes to each cheek before then shifting position to deliver another stroke on each cheek to make the cross. The application of these last four strokes brought Diane to tears and as soon as Kathy had finished, she was released and I hugged her tight, calming and soothing her. Corrine passed me a tube of Arnica cream that I tenderly applied to Diane’s sore and well striped bum.

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4 Responses to The Initiation

  1. John says:

    Lovely initiation; lucky people! 🙂

  2. Kinky Mia says:

    lots of sore bottoms there!!!

    ~Mia~ xx

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