We are still in Corrine’s Office….

Corrine had William blindfolded and standing against the St Andrews cross just waiting for some attention. Meanwhile Maria was watching over Celia. As Celia’s hour finished the Tens machine was turned off. She hugged Celia and asked “what is the key hanging from the thin chain for”.

“William’s chastity device.”

Corrine said “Celia, why don’t you come and help me for a minute, when you have recovered?”

“OOOh will he enjoy it?”

“Probably not, but you may.”

Corrine went back to William, and when she was ready Celia went there. Corrine requested “Please would you take his cage off. You need not worry about him tonight as you will be here with him all the time.”

Celia did as asked and was handed a parachute. She looked it over opened her eyes wide when she saw a lot of vicious spikes inside it and asked “what is this?”

“A nice little torture device for William. I have never had the opportunity to do any torture of that region with him.” Replied Corrine before whispering in Celia’s ear.

Celia smiled and proceeded to handle William’s ball sack roughly when putting the parachute on. Once it was attached she was handed a bungee cord. One end was put through a ring bolt on the floor and the other attached to the ring hanging from the Parachute.

William gasped as he felt the pressure on his balls as the cord contracted to a mild tension. It was not long before his cock was fully erect.

Corrine then picked up the 4 rod cane and swished it a couple of time before landing a stroke on his ass. Immediately 4 red lines appeared. Corrine asked “who owns your cock and balls now?”

“You do Mistress.”

The cane landed again on William’s ass and he squealed. Corrine immediately replied “Wrong answer. Who owns your cock and balls?”

“You do goddess.”

Swish, thwack and a squeal later, Corrine repeated “Wrong answer. Who owns your cock and  balls?”

This happened another four times with the squeals turning to howls as William kept giving a wrong answer. After the seventh stroke he tried “Celia.”

“Well done, for that you can have a reward.”

She then picked up a suede flogger and proceeded to flog his back and arse for a whole 15 minutes. At the end his back was fiery red and when he was released from the cross he had a satisfied smile on his face while still wearing a blindfold.

Corrine then got out two blue pills and a glass of water. “These pills are a new and safe way of keeping your high going longer, so take them and have a drink. William quickly downed the pills and glass of water before Corrine removed his blindfold and asked Celia to remove the parachute.

While this was going on Diane and I watched as Dee, Kathy, Susan and Suzy were put through their paces.

About an hour later we all started to feel that it was time to finish for the evening. When we were back in Corrine’s house, we went up with William and Celia to their bedroom. Corrine whispered something to Maria who nodded. Maria then whispered in Celia’s ear. Celia had a wide smile of anticipation on her face as she approached William, put a cock ring on him and proceeded to tease him until he was totally and painfully erect again.

Celia stood up and returned to Maria. Maria picked up a blindfold and applied it to Celia. She then beckoned for William to come over. He kissed Celia lovingly, undressed both of them and inserted his cock in Celia’s pussy. They moved their legs apart as instructed. Corrine and I were handed a long roll of cling film and between us we wrapped their legs together while Maria wrapped their torso and arms together in cling film. When it was clear that they were wrapped tightly together, their legs were brought together and yet more cling film was wrapped around them so they could not move. Their arms were brought down to their sides and we continued with the cling film until they were totally immobile. Corrine, Maria and I helped them onto the bed, rolled them onto their side, and lay a thin blanket over them. Maria removed Celia’s blindfold before we left the room and as she turned off the light said “sweet dreams.”

Diane had watched this in amusement before we too went to our room. As I released her from her bikini bondage she asked “I wonder what it would be like to be wrapped as they are?”

I opened the door to see Maria still there and asked if she and Corrine could come to our room in a few minutes time.

I returned to our room and said time for a treat I think. Diane immediately undressed me and proceeded to use her mouth to make me hard. As Maria came in the door, I was handed the blindfold and told Diane to stand up. I put the blindfold on, inserted my cock in her already wet pussy and waited as first one leg, and then the other was wrapped in Cling film. I smiled as Diane whispered “God what is happening?”

“Simple, you wanted to know what is like, so we will have the same experience.”

As we were laid on the bed, we both realised that we would have a very interesting night so close, but with virtually no wriggle room, I knew that we would not be able to consummate our love for each other.


After a night joined together with a reasonable amount of sleep, we were woken by Corrine who with a pair of Medical scissors cut through the cling film cocoon and released us. As she left the room she said “come down when you are ready.”

Both Diane and I went back to sleep for a while. I was woken by Diane using her mouth to give me one of her special blowjobs.

We got ourselves together, had a shower before going down for turned out to be a brunch.

After a lot of discussion about the night’s entertainment, Celia then said to Maria “how did you know about my fantasy?”

“Easy, Corrine talked to William with her cane who eventually revealed it. We discussed it and decided we would make it a reality. I hope he was still hard this morning.”

“Oh god yes, I certainly enjoyed my morning after being so close together all night.” She replied with a smile.

Diane then changed the subject “Umm, I don’t quite know how to put this, but I was a little naughty last night, so Charles has instructed me to ask you to decide what punishment I need for coming against a direct order.”

“Tell us more.” Said Eva.

“Well…” Diane hesitated before continuing “I was under strict instructions not to orgasm until I was released from my bikini bondage. The original punishment was to be that I receive all 422 penalties. However when we were watching the initiation last night he teased my clit so much that I came. He then decided that as he helped me there it would be a little unfair to inflict all the strokes.”

I added “That is partly right, as I knew her ass would not be able to take it. Also I thought you would all like to decide on her punishment.”

There was much muttering and a long conversation between Corrine, Eva and Maria in their local language. Eventually Corrine asked “how is her ass today?”

I told Diane to show them, and she lifted her skirt to reveal her bum was still marked with a prominent X on each cheek courtesy of Kathy.

Dee and Zack had a whispered conversation before Dee asked, “Corrine, please excuse me for a minute.”

Dee left the room for a few minutes and came back with an amused smile on her face. She leant into Zack whispered something and he nodded.

Dee then said “Some of you have seen my punishment bra in action. I suggest a whole weekend in it with the settings at random during the day.”

Susan immediately said “that is truly evil.”

Corrine asked “tell me more.”

Dee explained how it worked and I could see Corrine smile as it was described.

Corrine then said, “That is nasty, but as it replaces a severe session, I agree.”

Unfortunately for Diane the consensus was she would wear the bra for the next weekend we were all together. Also if she came whilst wearing it she would receive one stroke of the nasty cane from each of us for each time she came.

Corrine added “Also can we get one for Maria?”

Maria blanched at the thought.

“What are the bra sizes” asked Dee.

“34C.” replied Corrine.

“38C” I added

Dee picked up her phone, talked for a moment and gave the two bra sizes to the other person. When she finished the call, she said “they will be with me by the end of the week, so I will send you Maria’s. The supplier has also told me he has a pair of knickers that need further testing, so he will send me a pair for Diane to wear with the bra.”

Diane frowned on hearing that.

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  1. Kinky Mia says:

    Oh how very naughty an teasing!!

    ~Mia~ xx

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