After the weekend in the Alps with Corrine, Diane was informed that she was not to shave her pussy until instructed to do so. Two weekends later we had a heatwave and the forecast for the weekend was for hot sunny weather.

Unusually, I had to go to the office on the Saturday morning, so I decided a treat was in store for Diane. As she woke up, I told her to have breakfast before she had her shower.

I left a message on the fridge door as I left the house.

Dearest Diane

When you have had breakfast, you may have your shower. Once you have showered, you will shave your pussy so that it is totally free of hairs and as smooth as a baby’s bottom. When you have completed your preparations, you will go to the bedroom and play with yourself until you have an orgasm.

Immediately you have had your orgasm, you may not clean yourself up and you will insert the ben wa balls and the remote bullet vibrator then put on your light, short white sundress (the one with the draw string just below your lovely tits) and a pair of shoes only.  

The draw string must be tied as tight as you can make it. You will then walk to the George Inn in Little Goring and arrive and enter at exactly1.00pm according to my watch. Being early or late will have consequences.

Love Charles.

As Diane arrived all hot and bothered, she straightened up as I hit the remote for the vibrator. She looked around in the dark gloom (compared to the bright sunshine outside) and found me at a corner table. She greeted me with a kiss and I send her to order a drink.

When she had got her drink, we look at the menu and I send her to order the food. When she sat down, I saw how clearly her nipples were visible against the thin fabric of the dress. I slide my hand up her thigh to check that she had followed my instructions. I turned off the vibrator and played with her clit with my finger.

I asked “Do you want to have another orgasm?”

She gasped “as you wish.”

“That does not answer the question.”

“Yes please.” you whisper in my ear.

“You will have another orgasm before we leave here.”

We finished our meal and I continued to play with her pussy and clit. She started squirming on her seat, biting her lower lip whilst burying her head on my shoulder to keep as quiet as possible. She stiffened and sighed as the orgasm hit long and hard.

She thanked me for the orgasm as we stood up to leave the Inn. We walked to the nearby hotel that I had booked for the night. As we arrived she looked at me curiously as I collected my toy bag from the car before we checked in to the hotel. Our room was on the second floor. We entered the room and I instructed her to open the sliding doors as wide as possible. The balcony overlooked the Golf Course and the balcony for the next room was separated by a high opaque glass divider. The rails of the balcony had clear glass.

I instructed her to remove her dress and shoes and lie down on the bed. I passed her the leather cuffs that she quickly placed round her wrists and ankles. I secured her wrists wide apart before I picked out an extendible spreader bar and attached it to her ankles before expanding it to its full length of four feet.

As I place a blindfold over her eyes I said “Now you need to keep very quiet as I am sure the room next door will be able to hear every squeak of noise you make.”

I then took a pair of tweezers from my toy bag saying “Now let’s see how well you followed my instructions. Every hair I find, whether it is short or long will be dealt with appropriately.”

Diane shivered as I said those words.

I lay down next to Diane facing the shaven mound and carefully inspected her handiwork. There were clear signs of her pussy hadbeen excited on her inner thighs. Every hair I found I pulled out using the tweezers. The first few were bearable, but as the number increased she started squeak a little. By the time I finished she was squirming as the cumulative effect of the removal of the hairs became ever more painful.

As I finished my inspection I ask “How many hairs did I find?”

She moaned at the thought as she had not kept count before answering “43 Master.”

“Oh dear, you are wrong. It was in fact 65.”

I left her to contemplate what the consequences of the miscount would be. I went on to the balcony, moved a sunbed so that it was in the sun for the rest of the afternoon.

I walked back to her and released her wrists and helped her up until she was standing at the end of the bed. I asked “Do want a warm up before I punish you for failing to obey my instructions?”

She pondered this question and knowing it would probably be a hard session then said “Yes please.”

“I hoped you would say that.”

I remove the blindfold and told her to go out to the balcony still wearing just her cuffs and spreader bar.

I told her to lay face down on the sun bed and I removed the spreader bar before attaching her wrists and ankles to the frame of the sun bed. I pick up the factor 15 sunscreen and generously spread all over her back, sides and legs leaving her bum unprotected until I applied a lower factor sunscreen..

I said, “Your failure to follow a precise instruction means that you will stay here for one minute for every hair I found and as you got the count wrong there are two minutes for every one you were out, making a total of 109 minutes.”

She groaned at the thought and although she could move around a little, she knew there would be some nice white bits on her wrists and ankles.

I picked up the remote and turned the vibrator on at the highest setting knowing that it would be difficult for her. I sat down on the other sunbed saying, “If you have an orgasm, your warm up will be extended by another 30 minutes for each one.”

She squirmed as she heard me say these words. As the time passed, her sweet nectar started to escape her pussy lips due to the effect of the vibrator. She struggled to suppress the impending orgasm as the vibrator did its work in making her really horny. She pleaded with me to let her have an orgasm. In her begging, she even offered to give up having any orgasms for a week.

I remain firm and she wriggled around, mashing her delightful nipples on the sunbed which made her even more desperate.

I went to the fridge in the room and collected a bowl of Ice and teased her lower lips with ice cubes before passing them to her mouth saying “we need to keep your fluids up.”

As she continued to struggle against the building orgasm I could see she was getting closer and closer to the orgasm. I turned the vibrator off to her great relief. I released her from the sunbed saying “warm up is over.”

I reattached the spreader bar to her ankles and told her to go to the bathroom. “You have five minutes to do your business and then lie face down on the bed.”

As she struggled to make her way to the bathroom, I placed all the pillows in a pile so that her bum was raised nicely ready for the main event.

I laid out the paddle, the crop and my belt as she made her way onto the bed. I reattached her wrists to the bed. “Now for the main event. You will now get 109 from each of these implements. It is one implement for every minute you were early plus one for the hairs.”

She gulped at the thought of the three evil implements I had selected.

I started gently with the paddle and the squeals coming from her clearly indicated that each gentle strike was felt. I gave her 100 taps of the paddle before putting it down and gave her a few minutes to recover and process the pain. I picked up the crop and proceeded to give her a gentle cropping which had her squealing with every strike. As I continued with the crop her squeals of pain turned into moans as she reached her happy place. I put it down after 100 strokes and picked up my belt. I delivered the next 100 strokes quickly and by the time I had finished her ass was a bright vivid red.

I gave her a few minutes to get her breath back and announced “Just 9 more with each implement and these will be much harder.”

A loud splat or thwack was heard each time her ass was hit. Each one was followed by a squeal of pain. I lay down the belt after the last strike, released her from the restraints, turned her over, hugged her close and let her cry on my shoulder. It took a while for her to come down from her high, but once she recovered, she asked permission to look at her ass in a mirror.

As she saw the deep red marks which were close to purple she said  “Thank you. I think I will have difficulty sitting still tomorrow.”

She lay back down on the bed and I asked “how many orgasms do you want tonight.”

“As many as you will allow me.”

“Good answer. You may have as many orgasms as you like.”

I then proceed to make sweet love to her until she was begging me to stop as she was getting exhausted from all the orgasms. Her final orgasm hit just as I came inside her. I decided that she needed some rest so held her as she relaxed and fell asleep for a short while.

When she woke from her nap, we had a quick shower together before we went to a local restaurant for a meal.

After we had finished we made our way back to the hotel and snuggled up together and fell into a contented sleep. I woke the next morning to the sweet feeling of her mouth gently making my cock erect. She said “just relax; I will do all the work.”

When I was fully hard, she moved up the bed, knelt above my cock and slowly guided her pussy on it. Once she was comfortable she rode me hard until we both came together.

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4 Responses to Shaved

  1. Shaving is one of my daily tasks too, but thankfully He has never pulled out any hairs with tweezers. However, I have….

    Rebel xox

  2. Faile says:

    Having your hair pulled out with tweezers is less painful than being waxed. In my experience anyway.
    A jolly hot read though, nicely done.

    Faile x

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