Switch Sunday

For this week’s episode, I have taken inspiration from Mick Collins of UCTMW; we go back a few years to before the saga started. This story ia about what happened on one day when Diane was primarily in charge. Every three months I was allowed one Sunday where I could be in charge, but I was not allowed to use any impact instruments on her. These we called switch Sundays.


After a long day we made our way to our bed and I noticed it had just crept passed midnight so it was now technically Sunday.

As she undressed revealing her sexy body I asked “Have you seen the time?”

“No slave.”

“It is 5 past midnight so it is now Sunday.”


“Well I have slightly different plans than is normal for you today- I am claiming a full switch day.”

“So what.”

I went to the toy box and picked out her ben wa balls. I handed them to her and said, “You will be filled with these all day.”

She shuddered as she rarely used them and only when she wanted to get really horny and demanding of a large number of orgasms.

I watched as she inserted them and shortly after lay down in bed. I undressed and joined in the bed cuddling up to her in a spooning position. I reached over her and drew her back to my chest and started to play with her soft luscious breasts. I teased her nipples until they were fully erect and slowly caressed my way down her body until I reached her sweet pussy. I slid a finger in her and she was clearly aroused. I played with her pussy before concentrating on her awakened bud. I flicked it gently and just as she approached orgasm I stopped. She moaned and pleaded that I finish her off. I refused so she moved a hand down which I caught and said “No. You may not cum until I let you.”

I got out of the bed and went to the toy box and picked out a pair of wrist cuffs and a 2 foot long chain. I secured the cuffs with the chain behind her back. “Now, these will help you stop playing with yourself tonight.”

I held her tight and drifted off into a deep sleep.

As I woke in the morning, Diane was already awake and trying to find a way to pleasure herself whilst still tethered at the wrist. I told her to stop laid her on her back and brought her to the edge of orgasm with my tongue. I stopped to her great annoyance and then ushered her into the bathroom to do the necessary. She complained “I will not be able to clean up.”

“Tell me when you are finished and I will help.”

After we had both finished in the bathroom, I released her from the cuffs and gave her the spandex cycling shorts and a close fitting top that whilst protecting her modesty, showed her fantastic body in the best possible way.

Over breakfast I revealed “As is usual on a Sunday, we will go for our bike ride, however you will not be wearing anything other than the clothes you have on now. As I said earlier, you may only cum when I am ready.”

After a few minor protests she calmed down and we got ready for our bike ride. We cycled to the lake about twenty miles away finding a quiet place on the side of the lake where we could relax out of sight of anyone else. I locked up our bikes, laid out a blanket and hugged her tight. We both quickly took off the little clothing we were wearing and I set about another bout of worship leaving her a gasping horny wreck again. As she recovered I helped her stand and said, “I think a nice swim to cool down is in order. Don’t you?”

“No I would much prefer if you finished me off.”

“No chance.”

I pushed her towards the lake and as she dipped a toe in the water she exclaimed “it’s cold.”

“All the better to cool you down.”

She stamped her foot in frustration before I just pushed her so she fell into the water.
As she recovered from the sudden immersion, she pulled at me so I too fell in the water.
I pulled her to me and she kissed me hard. We played in the water for a while before we walked back to the blanket where we laid down to get some sun. After about an hour of this we put our clothes back on and rode to a nearby inn for lunch. After our lunch we made our way home.

As we rode back I asked, “How are the balls doing?”

“They are a bloody tease; I feel them moving around inside me all the time.”

As we turned into the road to our home I said, “I know you want to top up your tan, so I think a bit of time on the patio is in order.”

We parked the bikes in the garage, went to the patio and we both stripped off again. I told her to lie on her back on one of the loungers and using the cuffs I secured her hands and ankles to the lounger. I quickly got the sunscreen and generously applied making sure that I took particular care to stroke her breasts and pussy to bring her to a peak of arousal.

Again as she was about to come I stopped, lay down on my lounger to relax in the sun. As time passed, I got her some refreshing lemonade and after 2 hours, I released her cuffs saying “time for you to turn over.”

She did as she was told and I again applied sunscreen. I took the opportunity to stroke her pussy until she was moaning and I could smell the sweet scent of her arousal.

I left her with her hands again cuffed to lounger as I started the preparations for our supper.

Once Diane had “baked” for about another hour, I released her from the sun lounger, allowed her to turn on her back and again used my tongue to caress and tease her sweet pussy until she was close to her orgasm. I stopped to her great annoyance; let her cool down a little before we had a shower together. In the shower I diligently soaped her to ensure that she was properly washed as well as taking the opportunity to caress her glorious body and keep her level of arousal as high as I could.

After towelling her dry, I took her to the lounge so that we could watch a little TV before we ate. Whilst we were cuddled together with her back resting on my chest, I caressed her delightful naked body bringing moans of pleasure. As she reached around with her right hand to her stroke her pussy. “No playing with yourself.”

She pouted and protested “I am so ready to come, that you are just torturing me.”

“Just as I want you, however if you can’t keep from playing with yourself, I will have to take alternative measures.”

She sat quietly, purring away. It was not long before she moved her hand again. I said “Stop.”

I picked up the cuffs and some rope that I had previously brought down from the toy box. I secured the cuffs to her wrist and linked them together behind her back. I quickly brought a straight back chair from the Dining area, set it down and collected our Hitachi Wand from the bedroom.

She shuddered when she saw the wand.

I guided her to the chair and with two length of rope across her beautiful nipples, squeezing the tips tightly, tied her to the back of the chair. I strapped the Hitachi to one of her thighs then closed them tightly together with another piece of rope. I secured her ankles to the base of the chair, plugged in the wand before turning it on using its lowest setting.

It did not take long before Diane was squirming as much as she could within the confines of her bondage. I left her to stew for a while before I started to caress her before finally putting a finger across those luscious pussy lips. When I brought the finger to my mouth and tasted her nectar I remarked “Cooking nicely.”

I left her to stew while I finished our supper and served it. I asked “do you want to have your hands free?”

“Of course I do, I am soooooo ready.”

“For your hands to be free it is required that they are visible at all times.”

She resignedly agreed so I released her and we went to the table where our meal was waiting. I left her wrist cuffs on while she ate her meal.

After clearing up the dinner, we retreated to our den to watch some TV. Diane snuggled into my chest as I noticed her hands were playing with herself.

“Do you want to be restrained again?” I asked.

“No, but I am desperate to cum.”

“Well, you will cum when I am ready for you to cum, not until then.”

She managed to control herself for about another half hour before her hands started straying again. “Enough of this.” I said reaching for the cuffs which I then clipped together behind her back.

She pouted at me and whilst she lay back into my chest, I let my hands wander to play with her still engorged erect nipples.

When it came to our usual bedtime, I secured her in a spread eagle on the bed and started to use my tongue until she came close to going over the edge. I stopped let her cool for a few minutes before repeating the process. As it neared midnight, I slipped my erect penis inside her sweet folds and slowly withdrew before pushing it right back in. In no time at all we came together with Diane screaming with relief and satisfaction. She managed to squirt her sweet nectar all over me before she passed out. I released her restraints and held her close until she came round. She was babbling unintelligibly for a few minutes and her arms and legs were spasming as the after effects of such a stroing orgasm were felt.

She managed to say “That was a nasty teasing day; you will pay for that when I am ready. As a start, I require three orgasms before breakfast.”

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Next week we go back to the present day

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5 Responses to Switch Sunday

  1. Mick Collins says:

    Nice story….. you must have seen those pictures of Mistress tied to the lounger and working on her tan at our SW hideaway.


  2. Anna Sky says:

    Ooh, that sounds mean 😉

  3. The Sin Doll says:

    What a wonderful story. It kept my attention throughout and really put some interesting…bad thoughts into my head. Great piece!

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