New underwear

Following the successful weekend in the Alps, Dee informed me that Diane’s new underwear had arrived. We arranged to meet up with the others at Zack and Dee’s house for the late August bank holiday weekend. Zack said that Corrine, Eva and Maria would also be in attendance so that Diane and Maria could enjoy wearing their punishment bras together. In Maria’s case Corrine decided it should only be for an evening as she had not been really naughty.

Unknown to Diane, there had been a lot of emails going around about the settings for both her bra and panties. We agreed on the settings and I completed the necessary programming. It was agreed by us all that she should be wearing the new underwear from the moment we left home on the Friday until our return on the Monday afternoon.

Just before we left home on the Friday evening I ordered Diane into the bedroom and told her to put on the bra. The bra is made of a special material that feels soft on the skin, but has a series of little electrical contacts all over the bra cups. After making sure that the fit was perfect I pressed a little patch on one of the bra straps to lock it on. The bra was an exceptional fit holding her gorgeous breasts perfectly. There was a special peephole on each cup that allowed her nipples to stick out. There is a barbell attachment on each cup that went through the nipple and once on cannot be removed until such time as the bra is unlocked. I made sure that the barbells fitted through her piercings and secured them. The bra now could not be removed except in an emergency (requiring a special unlock code which was on a memory stick).

I then blindfolded her so she could not see the knickers. They were made of a similar soft material with a couple of special alterations. There were two pads for each of her butt cheeks and one pad either side of her pussy lips and another two pads where her clit was located. These pads looked like those used on a tens machine but as they did not stick to the skin it would be interesting to see how they worked. I let her put on her skirt before removing the blindfold.

Now she was properly dressed for the weekend, we set off towards Zack and Dee’s home. About thirty minutes into the drive, Diane let out a surprised squeal as the effect of the program started. The setting that we had agreed on for the evening was mild, with a variation of pulsing and a steady rhythmic ripple across each bra cup. Diane commented “If it is like this all weekend I am going to get very horny.”

I laughed and said, “This is a gentle start. Just enjoy the feelings. Don’t forget you are not allowed to come. The penalty is one stroke from the vicious cane from everyone for each time you come. These will be applied just before you go to bed on the night of the infraction. If you come on Monday you will have a very sore ass on the way home.”

Diane protested, but I reminded her that this was the agreed punishment for having an orgasm without permission.

We arrived at the house to find that only Tom and Suzy had not got there because of a delay on the motorway. Shortly afterwards they arrived.

As is usual when we are all together, everyone was stripped naked except Dee and Kathy. I raised an eyebrow as they were wearing exactly the same underwear as Diane.

Zack noticed this and told Dee to tell us.

“I was very naughty a couple of weeks ago and Zack decreed that I suffer the same punishment as Diane.”

Zack then said “you may not have noticed, but Dee was not in the email correspondence that we have had. Dee you better tell everyone what you did.”

“It’s a little embarrassing, but I have been working so hard that I forgot about a major dinner that Zack was due to host. In the rush to get ready, I did not put on the dress I had been ordered to wear. I also wore underwear against his instructions.”

Zack then added “but that is not all. She had a couple of minor wardrobe malfunctions despite being warned to be careful.”

Kathy then admitted “As we are always looking for new lines for the business, I have made contact with the maker with the idea of including it in our mail order range. John thought it would be a good idea if I also had a weekend in it to see whether it would be a good addition.”

Zack then said “These knickers have special features that you ladies need to be aware of. From tomorrow, there is a panel in the crotch area that is programmed so that you can go to the toilet only twice a day at two and seven. They will only allow you to release the necessary panel with 10 minutes of that time. They will allow you to remove them at night, only after 11pm, and must be put back on by 9 am. If you are late putting them back on, the programme will double the severity of anything programmed for that day on both the bra and knickers. They can also be gently rinsed out at night.”

Corrine let out an evil laugh “Ohh I am so looking forward to seeing them suffer.”

Diane leant over to me and started to whisper in my ear before I cut her off and told her to say it out loud.

She blushed bright red before saying “I don’t know about Dee and Kathy, but I am sooo horny already.”

Dee added quickly “me too.”

Kathy blushed and confirmed she was too.

I said, “I don’t know about the others, but we did agree that Diane is not allowed to come. However as the panties are removed at night, can we allow her one orgasm at bed time so I can get a decent night’s rest?”

Much discussion ensued, with Diane pleading to be allowed to have at least one orgasm. It was agreed by the others that she could, but that she could only come each night if she accepted that she was to be put into a strait jacket that night, in a standing spread-eagle on Saturday night and a moderate hogtie on Sunday night. If she did not want come on a night, she would not be put in bondage except cuffs to make sure she did not play with herself. It was agreed that Dee would suffer the same fate, but as Kathy was not on a punishment, she was exempt.

Just as we were getting ready to go to bed, Diane asked “please can you get a strait jacket out for me?”

I went to Zack and he quickly found me a strait jacket. I went to our room to find Diane had removed her knickers and already rinsed them and were hanging up to dry.

I approached Diane, cuddled her and I gently brought her to the brink of an orgasm before I stopped, let her cool down a little and then inserted my cock in her wet love tunnel and gently eased in and out of her until we climaxed together. Whilst it was not one of her biggest orgasms, she had that smile of contentment on her face. I picked up the straight jacket, instructed her to stand up while I fitted it making sure that the crotch strap was as tight as I could make it so that she would be horny in the morning.

When I woke the next morning, I saw Diane was still asleep and left her while I had my shower and got dressed.

I leant down and kissed her gently to wake her up, and as she looked at the clock her eyes opened in alarm, it was already past 9 am. She asked “why didn’t you wake me earlier?”

“It is not up to me to wake you up; you should have set the alarm so you would be up in plenty of time.”

She pouted saying, “that is so unfair.”

She quickly showered and I made sure her knickers were properly fitted. As the lock on the waistband clicked, nothing happened for a couple of minutes until she bent over squealing as an intense sensation hit her.

“My god, that was so intense, my clit is tingling already.”

“Oh well you have some more of that to come I expect.”

Another squeal came from her and she immediately put her hands up to the bra to try and rub the sensations away from her breasts.

We slowly made our way to breakfast and just as she picked up a glass, both she and Dee squeaked as another sensation hit them.

Diane gasped before saying “I suppose you were late too.”

“Yes, I wish I had got up earlier. I hope it is not this bad all day as I will be in agony.”

Corrine giggled, “You will just have to wait and see what delights we have set up for you today.”

As the morning progressed, there were fewer squeaks as the intensity of the settings reduced (just as we had planned).

As the weather was good, we decided that a gentle stroll to the pub for lunch was in order, so we made our way there. On the walk, the girls wearing the bras started to stiffen their backs occasionally as the bras delivered their programmed teasing and the odd higher intensity sensation. At exactly 2 the three girls in the knickers made their way to the toilets, so they could relieve themselves without making a mess.

The walk back was uneventful as we had programmed the underwear to deliver nothing until later that afternoon.

more next week……

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4 Responses to New underwear

  1. Now that seems like very interesting underwear…. you have quite a vivid imagination!

    Rebel xox

  2. The Sin Doll says:

    Great read! I love the details in the clothing, and the creativity.

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