Evening fun

After returning from the pub, we went to the boathouse by the lake to catch some sun and top up our tans. There were enough sun loungers for us all to be able to relax properly. After we had been resting for about an hour there were two load squeaks and a moan from Kathy.

The squeaks were from Diane and Dee as the pads either side of thier clit started their work. At the same time the bras they were wearing started to give pleasurable shocks that feel similar to a pin wheel being run across their breasts.

It was not long before Dee was panting breathlessly as the intensity of the sensations increased. Somehow she managed to control herself for the few minutes of the stimulation around her clit. Diane on the other hand was not faring so badly after her training in orgasm control last year.

Once the clit stimulation reduced the intensity of the sensations in their bum started to increase and by the time the knickers had reached the maximum intensity we had set, three sets of bum cheeks were clenching and releasing as the muscles contracted and relaxed. It was fun to watch the dancing cheeks.

This pattern repeated itself for a whole hour including the odd stimulation from the pads by their pussy lips. By the end Dee was a quivering wreck as she had held off from orgasming. Diane was also very red around the face and was clearly well turned on from all the sensations. Kathy had a happy contented smile on her face because she had no orgasm restrictions and had come twice from all the stimulation (albeit less intense than the others).

Dee nervously said “God, I hope that is the worst out of the way, as I may not be able to hold back again.”

Zack cackled before replying “we will see, anyway I would love to see your ass take your favourite cane from everyone present.”

“It is not my favourite. I wish we had never come across it.”

“Oh it is so nice, it is nice and vicious and will help you be motivated not to be on the receiving end.”

Kathy grinned as she heard this interplay before saying “Well I had an enjoyable time, and the sensations were so erotic.”

Dee replied petulantly “Well it was OK for you, but it was not nice and the intensity was so high it was making me very horny as well as being a bit uncomfortable.”

Corrine said “Well we might be able to do something about that later, but you know the penalty for having an orgasm this weekend.”

“Uggghhh, I am in a difficult situation here.”

Diane watched this conversation with amusement before saying, “well I for one want a good night’s sleep, so I will be making sure I don’t come today.”

My only comment was “we will see” to which all the others just laughed.

Dee shivered as she heard the laughter.

The rest of the afternoon was quiet for them as we had programmed in another rest period.

Zack looked at his watch before saying to Dee, “When will you need to start preparing dinner?”

After glancing at his watch, he replied “I better start now.”

Eva commented “I better help you then, as we need to make sure you behave yourself.”

Corrine added “I am sure you could use some more help too.”

As the afternoon was cooling down, we all made our way back to the house, and inside those not working on the dinner sat around just relaxing. A car pulled up and William and Celia got out.

“I am sorry we are late, but I did not get back from the US until this morning.”

Maria, by now had put on her special bra for her evening of fun that she was due.

Just as Dinner was about to be served, Zack turned to Tom, “Shall we get those chairs ready?”

“Why not.”

They disappeared and after a few minutes came back into the sitting room as Dee announced “Dinner is ready.”

As we sat down at the table, I realised what they had done.

Dee, Diane, Kathy, Maria, Suzy, William and Celia were all placed in slightly different chairs to the rest of us.

Tom passed each of us a series of straps and showed us how they attached using Suzy as the ‘model’. The rest of us watched with interest as he firstly secured a waist strap then a chest strap, followed by thigh straps and ones for the arms. Each strap had a flat metal plate that was placed in a strategic position and when in the right place there was a clunk as a magnet held it in place. We could then tighten the straps so that they person was held securely.

Dee moaned, “But we will not be able to eat.”

“No problem, each of you will be fed by someone, all it means is you just can’t move.”

About half way through dinner Both Diane and Dee suddenly tried to bend over as the knickers they were wearing came back to life with a very intense set of sensations. If they had not been restrained they could easily have banged their heads on the table as the sensation hit. Kathy in the meantime felt the sensation but did not react as much as she was not in punishment mode.

Dee and Diane recovered before being hit by the same sensation, had a short pause before being hit again with it.

Zack grinned “you should have put your knickers on in time this morning as we set them at the high end of pleasure, now you are in punishment mode.”

Diane gasped “I hope they do not go on for too long.” Just as she had finished they were hit again by the sensations.

We had only programmed them for a short while, and when the time was up Zack, said “You can relax for a while now.”

As the dinner finished Diane started to quietly moan with pleasure as she felt very light shocks all over her encased breasts and pussy from the tiny little contacts built into the material of the underwear.

After everyone was released from the chairs, we went to the games room to see a chest in the middle. Tom showed us how the chest that looked so innocent could be an instrument of pleasure or torture.

When he had finished, there was what basically looked like a flat surface 6 feet long and 4 feet wide. The same restraints as used on the chairs were placed in strategic places and Suzy was secured in such a way that there was very little wriggle room. Tom picked up a vibrator and soon had Suzy screaming with pleasure as her first orgasm hit. It did not take long for her to come for a second time and after about fifteen minutes she had come so often and so hard she was spent. She was released from the board. And Zack said “Corrine, I know it is not usual for you to be the sub, but I think you should try it out.”

Corrine frowned “I suppose so.”

Maria and Eva quickly secured her down and her nipples started to harden. Eva leant down and started to nipple at her hardening buds while Maria worked on her pussy with the vibrator. It was not long before she too tried to thrash around in pleasure as the first orgasm hit her hard. As she relaxed the girls did not stop and whilst it took longer than Suzy for her to be totally spent, by the time she was released she had a big contented smile on her face. All the girls except Diane and Dee were given a chance to experience the board and there were a lot of satisfied women by the time they had all finished.

Diane and Dee in the meantime were being turned on by the underwear they were wearing and it was clear that they were both very horny. As we heard the clock chime at 11, they asked to be able to remove their knickers. They were allowed to, Zack picked up Dee’s saying “They are really damp. I hope you have controlled yourself.”

Dee blushed “I nearly came twice, but I am so horny.”

“Well you must decide, do you want to come or not?”

Dee immediately replied “Please, Please let me come.”

“OK, you can get on the board and Susan can do the honours.” If you come more than once, the penalty is that you will get 2 strokes of that cane from each of us for each extra orgasm. Not forgetting your sleeping arrangements in any case for having an orgasm.”

Dee blanched, “Yuk, I don’t want a sore ass but I need to come badly.”

Dee wiggled her ass in front of Zack before lying down on the board and was quickly secured in position.

Susan secured Dee to the board and started to work on her. When she started, she said “You will get fifteen minutes on there, and I will tell you when you have just a few seconds left if you have not come.”

Susan started work, and beckoned Maria and Eva over and they started tickling Dee. Dee was screaming laughing and writhing around with all the attention she was getting. It did not seem that the 15 minutes were nearly up when Susan said, nearly there, you better come now. Dee stiffened, let out a guttural scream, went bright red, strained against all her restraints and squirted hard and collapsed in a shivering babbling wreck after her orgasm.

She was quickly released and was helped to Zack’s lap for him to hold tight and let her come round. Zack in holding her realised she was in no fit state to be put in bondage for the night, so said “Tomorrow we will have her pay for the orgasm rather than tonight.”

Diane turned to me saying, “my turn.”

As I secured her to the board I said “The rules are the same as for Dee.”

With all her denial training last year she easily held off until I told her that it was time and just like Dee she came very hard. She too was in no fit state to spend the night in bondage, so I laughed as I held her, “That is 2 that will be paying for their orgasm tomorrow.”

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6 Responses to Evening fun

  1. It’s funny how some women come very hard after they have been denied orgasms and others cannot come at all.

    Rebel xox

  2. The Sin Doll says:

    Orgasm control and orgasm denial is an avenue that I haven’t explored – fully, and with discipline, but it’s one that I’d like to. Wonderful read.,

  3. I orgasm so much harder when denied for awhile.
    Sounds like a great grouping of friends.

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