Sunday evening entertainment.

All through the evening Diane and Kathy were receiving shocks from the pads built into the knickers or stimulation to their breasts through the bras. Dee on the other hand was squealing as she was receiving more severe treatment for being late in putting on her knickers that morning. She wriggled in both discomfort and arousal when the pleasurable  stimulation increased slowly.  After about an hour of this torment, she orgasmed again. She looked very sheepishly at us all as she now faced three cane strokes from each of us.

Maria talked quietly to Zack who smiled before she turned to me for a quiet disciussion. Zack disappeared for a few minutes before he returned with his laptop. With Maria alongside him, he tapped a few keys before inserting a memory stick. Maria then disappeared and returned with two floggers and a spreader bar.

He passed the memory stick to me saying “just insert it in the port on the bra, then undo the barbells from her nipple piercings and remove the bra.”

I did as he asked and passed him the stick and he did the same with Dee’s bra and piercings.

Maria then had them stand face to face with their nipples touching. Zack passed two slightly longer barbells and Maria carefully inserted it Diane’s left nipple befor bringing Dee’s right nipple closer and passed the bar through it before attaching the other ball. She did the same on their other side so they were standing very close together attached to each other through their nipple piercings. She attached ankle cuffs to the both of them and secured their ankles together and attached the spreader bar.

Maria passed a flogger each to Corrine and me before saying “Now to warm them up for the cane.”

I began to gently flog Diane’s back and ass as Corrine did the same to Dee. The girls were clearly enjoying the flogging, but found keeping still a challenge because of the way they were attached together. From the way they were moving and the moans of pleasure we were certainly doing our job well.

Once we were satisfied with ther colour of their backs and asses, we released them from each other. They both giggled as their nipples were separated and Diane was clearly turned on from the experience.

Shortly after at 11, they were allowed to remove their knickers and we prepared for the canings that Diane and Dee were to receive. To decide who went first, they played the best of three of Rock paper scissors that Diane won. She elected to go first.

Diane was bent over the back of the sofa and her wrists and ankles were restrained at her request. We all lined up and proceeded to each give her one mild stroke with the nasty four canes wrapped together at the handle. Diane grunted as the first stroke landed and soon was finding it very painful. Corrine stepped up deliver the final stroke that was the hardest of all and Diane screeched in agony shortly after it landed. She was released, and I held her tight. As she recovered she had that look of bliss that comes when she has reached her happy place.

Dee made her way reluctantly to the sofa and took up her position. The marks from the switch were clearly visible and we all looked at each other. Zack conferred with Corrine and then asked Dee to get up before saying “I hope the rest of you don’t mind, but I don’t think Dee can take 36 strokes of that cane. I do, however, have another torment for her that I would like to try out with your permission.”

“Go on” said William.

Dee said “My ass will be sore, but I think I can take the strokes.”

Corrine said, “No, 36 strokes with that cane is too much. I for one am not into injuring people even with their consent.”

Zack added, “This torment will be just as challenging as 36 strokes with a normal cane.”

Corrine and Tom disappeared for a couple of minutes before returning carrying a large box between them.

Dee was blindfolded before the box was opened revealing a Sybian machine. There was also a small stand included in the box and it was not long before it was all assembled.

Zack said “Dee, I know how much you love riding, so tonight you will spend some time on our special pony. You may orgasm as many times as you like, however if you have more than three, you will be placed in your chastity belt with Corrine holding the special combination. You will be released from it when we all meet up again or Corrine sends me the combination, whichever is earlier.”

Corrine giggle when she said,”every extra orgasm you have will earn at least a week in the belt.”

Dee was led to the sybian, and when properly positioned over the tormenters she realised what she was in for and her jaw dropped. She was restrained securely so she could not move away from the vibrating parts.

The machine was plugged in. As is started up, the setting was at the minimum so she would be teased unmercifully. After five minutes she was moaning with pleasure, and at the same time trying to find a way of relieving the pressure on her crotch and particularly her clit. Ten minutes later Zack went to the controller and turned it to the maximum. Soon after Dee climaxed hard. She thrashed around trying to avoid the relentless stimulation without success and came repeatedly. Corrine and Zack were watching her carefully and when her most powerful orgasm took hold Corrine held her upright and Zack turned off the Sybian. All we could hear was Dee’s deep breathing. Zack quickly released her restraints and she was helped onto his lap so that he could hug her until she came back to earth.

It took a long time for Dee to recover. Whilst she had a look of a very satisfied woman, one could also see that her pussy lips and clit were very sore from all the vibrations. Zack produced the chastity belt, showed Corrine how to change the combination and she quickly set it up and secured Dee in it. We all helped Zack and Dee to their room and let them rest together.

The next morning Dee had clearly managed to sleep well, but at the same time was feeling the effects of the endorphin rush from her ride the previous night. Zack produced a memory stick and passed first to John and suggested “it would be good to release Diane and Kathy from their knickers as I am sure that they could do with a rest.”

Diane was especially pleased as she had been late putting on the knickers in the morning.

The rest of the morning was spent relaxing in the sunshine. At lunch, Zack asked “would you all like to join Dee and myself on our boat for a two week holiday.”

He continued “As an added enticement, the yacht has a fully equipped play area and the crew are all involved in BDSM relationships.”

We all agreed it would be fun and the start date for the holiday was set for the end of September.

Corrine then told Dee “As you came 8 times while you were riding last night, the timing is absolutely perfect.”

Dee commented, “Yuk that is five weeks of the belt. It is really nasty as I will be really horny by then.”

Zack giggled, “Well you should have behaved yourself yesterday.”

Corrine said with a smile “I am sure you will find ways of coping.”

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4 Responses to Sunday evening entertainment.

  1. That’s such a long time with the belt on

  2. The Sin Doll says:

    Damn… eight times. I think I’d be a little dead. I’m with Cammies… That’s a LONG time in a belt…

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