Summer Holidays- The start

On a rather dull Sunday, John, Kathy, Tom, Suzy, Susan, Diane and I all met up at Biggin Hill airport. Zack had arranged for their plane to take us to Rhodes including a short stop to pick up Corrine and Maria. We were met there and driven to their yacht. As we approached I was surprised to see that it was almost the size of a mini cruise ship.

We were greeted on board by Dee in very skimpy, but not revealing, sexy clothing that suited her just right and Zack looking relaxed. We were shown to our cabins that were bright and airy.

After we had changed into more appropriate clothing we went to the aft deck to join Zack and Dee.

Zack formally introduced us to the skipper who explained the planned itinary and also mentioned “most of the time during the days we will moor up in secluded bays. Mister Zack has told me that when you get together it is often a clothing optional time. We as crew have no problem with this, however there will be times when we will moored up in a harbour or close to other boats. We will warn you of this and advise you of the appropriate dress codes.”

Zack said about the staffing arrangements. “There are 10 crew on board and they are 5 married couples.” He added “the captain’s wife works in the galley. They are all in BDSM relationships and were specially selected for that reason.”

He then added “They even arranged for some of the furniture in the bow lounge to be made when we bought the yacht six years ago.”

We were shown around the main deck and the final room was the bow sitting room that looked perfectly normal on a cursory examination. However the look of some of the furniture changed dramatically when the cushions and covers were removed. The captain said if we a few minutes notice, all the various furniture would be ready.

The captain informed us “None of the crew will visit the bow sitting room whilst it is in use by a guest.”

That first night we stopped in a beautiful harbour for dinner and later went for a short cruise to a sheltered remote bay where there were no other ships.

Over dinner Zack revealed that he had been putting the spanking machine to good use in the last few weeks since we had all met up their home.

Dee commented “it made sitting down somewhat uncomfortable on occasions” with a smile. Zack the suggested she told us about a dinner where a senior cabinet minister was present.

Dee blushed slightly, “I had been a little naughty for a few days leading up to the day of the dinner. Because of the work I have been doing at Bustards, I was mentally and to a degree physically exhausted by the weekend and was not ready to play. We had agreed to attend this charity event some months ago and there was no way we could back out.

“Zack decided on the Sunday after lunch until we got ready that I needed a session in the dungeon to be punished for all the offences I had built up. I had accumulated 50 hard strokes of the cane by then and a number of tasks needed to be completed. He gave me the option of doing the 12 tasks due with the 50 strokes of the cane that afternoon or I do just 2 and get 100 strokes of the cane, the other ten tasks would be put back into the pot for future use. I was allowed to choose the tasks.

“I decided that I would take the second option and said I wanted a clean slate at the end of the session. I picked the two I thought would be the easiest, ‘Attention’ and ‘Buttress’. When he saw my choices he laughed for a long time and I knew then that I had picked the wrong ones.

“He said that ‘Attention’ was easy. All I had to do was stand in a corner for half an hour without moving was the first words.  However as usual there were some bits that made it more difficult. Before I stood in the corner he got me to place a small mat there with a couple of wires trailing from it and laid them on a chair. He then placed 4 tens machine pads on either side of my pussy at the tops of my thighs and two more on each breast. He then gave me two cylinders again with wires dangling from them to hang from the stirrups. After I had passed him the wires from these cylinders, he got me into position in the corner and my wrists were cuffed behind me. He then informed me of what was about to happen. I had to stand in the corner for 30 minutes without moving. If my feet moved on the mat at any time, the TENS machine would set off a random set of pulses at maximum intensity on my breasts for 30 seconds. The cylinders in my nipples contained motion detection switches that would set off the TENS machine around my pussy again for 30 seconds. Every time I set the TENS machine off, one minute was to be added to the time up to a maximum of one and a half hours.

“I was shaking with nerves when he told me all this and he waited for a few minutes and the said time was starting. I did quite well in the first fifteen minutes only setting off the machine once, however I was a quivering wreck when I finished the torture after one hour 10 minutes or so.”

We all laughed at this as we knew she has trouble keeping reasonably still at the best of times.

She continued “Zack allowed me about half an hour down time before he ordered me to the spanking bench and restrained me so my ass presented the correct target for the machine. After a few moments he said the machine had been set so that the 100 strokes would be delivered in the next hour. The gap between strokes had been set at random, so I never knew when one would be delivered. Well they were delivered and they were hard, and reached from the crease of my bum and thighs to the very top and when I was released I could see a very hot red bum with a considerable number of visible welts. He gave me half an hour to recover before we got ready.

“In the morning I had laid out the dress that I had planned to wear that night. As we were getting dressed I decided it needed to be changed as it was not the best one to wear with a sore bum, but he said I was not allowed to change it. I also do not usually wear knickers with it, just a g-string. Before I put it on he handed me a pair of knickers that I was to wear that night to complete “Buttress”. They looked a beautiful pair made of gold lace, until I saw the inside, which was a layer of coarse sand glued to the inside. I then realised my mistake as ‘Buttress’ really meant Butt Stress. I was told that I would be required to wear these knickers until we got home. If I said no, it would be 50 hard strokes of the cane immediately and 5 tasks. So I had no option really especially considering the state of my already sore bum and that I had just cleared all but this task.

“At the dinner we were seated with the cabinet minister and he saw me wriggling a bit in discomfort and asked what was the matter. I explained that my ass was sore from the afternoon’s activities and he joked, I wish we could give some of the wild kids a sore ass.”

Much laughter ensued before Corrine said, “I have two people to release from their chastity devices. So a little game is in order. The loser will spend another 3 days locked up.”

Everyone looked surprised except Dee and me. Dee had a worried look on her face and I was feeling a little nervous.

I whispered to Diane “Did you know about this?”

She said to me with an evil smile. “No. But if you lose, I will take it out on your ass tomorrow. As an added extra, if your extra ring does not come off before midnight, I will lock you up again for the three days.”

Corrine then said, “Dee and Charkles, You will whisper your answer in my ear and the closest wins. So the question is: On what date did Stephanie Rahn become the first topless page 3 girl in a British national newspaper?”

I whispered in Corrine’s ear my answer of January 1976. Dee gave her answer to Corrine. Corrine then declared the result. “Dee, you have another three days in your belt as you were three years further out than Charles. The correct answer is November 1970.”

Dee looked annoyed, but Zack just laughed,”Great another three days with my horny, frustrated wife.”

Diane was handed the key to my padlcok by Corrine “Enjoy yourselves.”

Diane smirked, “Oh I will, but he may not.”

We watched the stars for a while before we made our way to our cabin. Diane unlocked my cage, but left the teeth there as she proceeded to start tormenting my cock with her mouth. Diane kept bringing me to the brink with her mouth and it was not long before I was begging her for release.

She was merciless and my cock was suffering as the teeth on the ring bit into me as she kept me as erect as she could.

About an hour later she stopped, saying time for you to use that talented mouth of yours on me. I did my best and after she came for the second time she relaxed and came down for a few minutes before an evil glint appeared in her eyes. She picked up the cage and said “just another three days more” as she managed to restrain my softening but tortured cock in the confines of the cage.

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2 Responses to Summer Holidays- The start

  1. Funny to read about the start of the sexy summer holidays when autumn has already started over here 😉

    Rebel xox

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