Summer games start

After a few days of sunbathing, relaxation, good food and company we started talking about the games last year and how we first met Dee. We were gathered in the stateroom having dinner and enjoying the banter when Zack startled us by saying, “After your successful games last year, I have had a thought that could make this holiday even more entertaining for all of us, but you must all agree to it.”

“As I mentioned at the outset the crew are all in BDSM relationships. They are totally comfortable around all of us. I suggest that we get the captain and crew to set up a series of games, with Corrine and Maria making up a team and Susan and Dee also making up a team.

“Only the winning team will be free from any penalty, and the penalties become more severe from 2nd to 6th places.”

Susan piped up, “that is not fair, if there are games in which you can participate you should be required to take my place and in the unlikely event we lose all three of us pay the penalty.”

I suggested “the captain and crew should be the judges with strict instructions not to favour you in anyway.”

As we were all kinky and so enjoyed the games last time, we agreed to the suggestion of the series of challenges. Later, we called the captain down to the aft deck where we were all gathered.

Zack opened the conversation with the captain “when you and your crew were recruited you were selected for your professionalism and enjoyment of BDSM.

“Last year Dee and I met many of our guests for the first time when they played a series of games that Dee will tell you and the crew about later, if you and they agree to our suggestion.

“The 13 of us here would like you and the crew to set up 2 games a day for 5 days for us as couples to compete in against each other. The games can involve and use any equipment we have on board and anything you can obtain from any ports we visit. You may spend up to €5,000 on items we do not currently have on board and they will remain here for you and the crew to use in any down time in future.

We also would like you all to be the judges for the games, and there is to be no favouritism. You will note that there are 13 of us, one team will comprise of Dee and Susan and if you can devise any games that I can be involved in, I will replace Susan for that game.”

The captain laughed heartily, “I don’t think that will be a problem. Give me a few minutes and I will talk to them and get their views.”

About an hour later the captain returned and said “the crew would love to join in and perhaps allow us to have their own separate competition so everyone has an opportunity to take part. We will arrange the forfeits for the losers in our games.”

Everyone laughed and agreed that it would make the whole week more fun.

After it had all been agreed, Dee went with the captain to tell the crew about the games we had played last year.

The next afternoon the captain had a word with Zack, “I know you have given us a budget for any equipment, however the crew have raised a query. We were planning to replace the mooring ropes at the end of the season. They have suggested that we purchase the new mooring ropes when we get to Kos tomorrow and use the old ones in the games as some of them involve the use of ropes. The question is if we do that does it affect our budget for the games?”

Zack laughed, “that’s cheeky, but as we need the new ropes, you can order them and pay for them out of normal maintenance budget. Any other items though will come from the games budget.”

Over the next few days, the crew had a lot of whispered conversations when we were around as well as a slight spring in their step. The whole ship seemed to be very happy.
After much discussion with the crew, we agreed that the games would start on the Sunday and 2 games would be played each day for 5 days. Each day’s games were to be set by one of the crew couples and they would not participate but would be the judges for their games.


On Sunday after a light breakfast had been consumed, the captain invited us all to join him and the crew for a short while in the stateroom.

In the stateroom 2 whiteboards had appeared with a clear grid to show the results of each game with one whiteboard being for the crew and the other for us.

The Captain said “the crew have all agreed that each of them would have one day for their games and one would be played after breakfast and the second after we had moored up in the afternoon. The scoring will be 12 points for the first down to one point for the last. The crew have also agreed between themselves that where there were physical differences in strength etc, certain allowances would be made to put the women on an even footing with the men. On the fifth day there would be a further grand finale game that had been devised by all of the crew where the winner would get 24 points dropping down to two for the last placed person. The combined total for each couple will determine the final placing. The individual games will be explained and the rules announced before the game started.”
He then gestured to a member of the crew to step forward.

“The first game is very simple, but will be entertaining for to watch. You will all be cuffed at your ankles with a 10cm bar connecting them. Your wrists will be cuffed behind your back. There is a clearly laid out line of white tape around the deck. You will be remain in the Bow sitting room until it is your turn to face the challenge. In a few minutes there will be a series of obstacles placed along the tape. Some are relatively easy, but others could be rather more challenging and if you get it wrong could also be rather uncomfortable. Before each person’s go, one of the obstacles will be adjusted for height. Those who do not have nipple piercings will wear clover clamps. If you fall off any of the obstacles that require you to pass along them, you will be required to go back to the start of the obstacle. If you fail at any of the obstacles, you will have a 50g weight added to each nipple for added torment before you try it again. The winner is the person who completes the course in the fastest time. If you do not complete the course in seven minutes or have accumulated 300g on each of your nipples, the further distance covered will be the winner. Finally, when you have completed your turn and are relaeased from your restraints I recommend you go for a refreshing dip as you will probably want to. When you have had your dip, which may be as long as you want, please wait for a minute or 2 until a person finishes their run and then go up to the top deck. Where some drinks have been placed in the refridgerator.”

The captain then produced a thick black cloth bag. This will determine the order of each person’s participation in all the games. The first person drawn out will be the first to compete in the first game. The next person will be the second so on, with the second drawn from the hat being the first to compete in the second game and so on. We will have a similar draw for the crew’s games, however today’s organisers names will not be added until after the second person’s name has been drawn.

I will ask my wife to draw the order of our guests and Dee that of the crew. With that the order of play was decided. I unfortunately was drawn out last, and Diane was drawn third. Dee had the privilige of being drawn first.

I waited patiently for my turn while the crew waited in the sitting room. When I got out, I was measured and the adjustments made to the relevant obstacle which was out of sight. I hade three pieces of tape stuck to me with a sharp pin sticking out of each. I started along the taped course, managed to get over the stool that was only just wide enough to stand on, progressed through the bowl of water that made my feet slide on the deck before clambering over the seaing at the front of the aft deck. I was sent along a piece of wood that was just 3 inches wide. Dismounted and returned along it. Unfortunately I lost my balance on the return and had the weights added to the clamps before successfully negotiating it. The final challenge was down the stairs at the back and comprised having to burst 3 strategically placed balloons. When the third was burst I was soaked in a slimy mixture before finishing about 2 metres away.

Once I was released, I jumped in the water to rinse off, and was immediately tickled by the small fish feeding off the mixture that I had been covered in. After the first of the crew had completed their turn I managed to get out of the water and join the rest of them up on the top deck to get a bit of sun and a drink.

We compared notes and it was Dee who commented first about the fish as they seemed to enjoy whatever we were covered in.

When everyone had completed their run and had rinsed themselves off, the results were announced. The crew member commented how well everyone had done and that everyone had completed the course. However he did add that one person had managed to fall off the beam four times so was probably a little sore.

Diane managed third place and I was placed fifth. Dee asked him about the fish and their tickling.

He laughed “The parrot fish just love that mixture which is a little flour, water, sugar, gelatine and baby oil. I expect they enjoyed licking you all clean.” Zack when he heard that laughed very loudly. And in my hearing whispered in Dee’s ear “I wish I could lick you all over.”

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