The Games Continue

After lunch and a snooze we all gathered in the stateroom for the briefing on the second game, which he explained “it is very easy, but there is a slight twist. I had originally hoped that you, Zack could join in, but having observed you today I am not sure that you could, but it is your decision. Each player will be placed in wrist cuffs and face the bow of the ship, they will then throw 5 stones backwards to the target laid out about 5 metres from the stern. You are not allowed to turn your head away from the bow of the ship. We will tell you whether it scored, but not what the score is. There are 2 bowls of stones and the weights in each bowl are broadly similar with those in the Red bowl being about 5% lighter than those in the blue bowl. There are 9 sections in the target and each section scores differently. On the back of the whiteboard he showed how the target looked and the scoring system. The highest score wins. He suggested that if Zack felt able to play, he need not be restrained and could use the lighter stones available for the women.”

We as couples agreed to the suggestion and Zack smiled and said “I’ll have a go in Susan’s place.”

Susan groaned and the member of the crew piped up, “Don’t worry you can still have a go, there are more than enough stones available, but your score won’t count for the main competition. The target will be ready in about 10 minutes.”

Susan cheered up a bit when Dee said, “with Zack’s permission, let’s have a little private competition between the 2 of us. The loser between us will receive 6 strokes of the cane tonight from the other, sufficiently hard to produce welts. If there is a draw, we play sudden death to determine the winner.”

Zack immediately agreed. I then heard Kathy add to John “let’s do the same.” More of the same meant that between us all we agreed there would be 6 sore bums. I heard the crew talking between themselves as couples and motioning to the captain. The captain then added “The crew have all decided to have the same competition between the couples and Giorgos and his wife will take part at the end, so there will actually be 11 sore asses this evening. We will administer our canings in the crew quarters.”

Zack then something whispered in the captain’s ear to which the captain replied that will be no problem, “I personally will deal with that.”

About 15 minutes later we were all called to the little aft deck and we took our turns at the game. We realised how devious the game actually was when we found we could get no idea of range, height etc. I managed to score with 2 of my stones and Diane scored with one, Zack managed a healthy score with three stones that was higher than both Dee’s and Susan’s so it was a fair contest. As it transpired John was the winner with his score of 12 with just 2 stones and Diane’s scored more than my 2. Unfortunately for Susan, she only scored 1 point to Dee’s 4 so we would see Dee actually administer a caning for the first time. William actually managed to score more than Celia and Maria had a very bright smile when it was revealed that Corrine had missed with all her stones.

After dinner, we all gathered in the Bow sitting room, and Kathy, Tom, Celia, Corrine, Maria and myself all received our 6 strokes of the cane.

When it was Susan’s turn to recieve her caning I watched with interest as Dee positioned herself carefully. She took a carefully measured aim and with a short backswing and a flick of the wrist she delivered the first stroke that had Susan squealing with pain. A bright red stripe immediately appeared and the remaining five were delivered with the same precision leaving 6 bright red lines on Susan’s bum.


The previous night we had moored in a quite cove and there were no other yachts around. When we woke up we found that in addition to the anchor holding us, 3 ropes stretched from the boat to the rocks on the side of the bay. The bottom ropes were about one foot apart and widened out as the stretched to the rocks. The higher of the three was about one foot up at the stern and rose up to about 4 foot higher.

We assembled in the stateroom after breakfast to hear about the first game of the day. This involved balance and agilty with an element of pain if we did not get it right. The member of the crew who had thought this one up was an ingenious sadist.

He informed us “the ropes stretch exactly 30 metres. The aim of the game is to make your way as far as you can along the 2 bottom ropes on your feet and you will be straddling the middle rope. You may not hold on to the middle rope for added balance and stability. The distance will be measured from the stern to where we fell into the sea off the upper rope. The markers on that rope were set at every 20 cm. To equalize the difference in heights of everybody, the shortest person’s distance will not be altered, however for every centimetre of height you are above the shortest person will reduce your distance by 5cm.”

We were all very carefully measured before we took our turns. Diane managed a very respectable 10 metres before she lost her footing, her pussy hit the middle rope as she fell into the sea before swimming back to the boat. We all took our turns and the best distance was around 14m.  After we had made it back, few minutes later, our height adjusted distances were announced with Tom in first place and Susan in last with an adjusted 6m 25cm. Diane and I scored 4th and 5th respectively. Whilst we had lunch we motored across the sea to the island of Telendos and moored in the bay where we were advised there was an official clothing optional beach.

In mid afternoon after lunch and a rest we gathered for the second game of the day. The member of crew explained in this game our feet would be roped together and our hands secured to our waist. We were then required to propel ourselves around the boat in whatever way we wanted. It would be a straight race with all of us competing together. The first back to the stern steps was the winner. He added that there will be two members of crew in each of the dinghies to help anyone who got into difficulties and their distance covered would determine their placing. He asked that eight of us manned the dinghies in their race which of course we agreed to.

We assembled at the rear of the boat and started the race. I found a rythm using my legs and lying on my back and managed to complete the course in first place. Second came Susan, Diane was sixth but Dee finished last.

The crew also took their turns and there was a lot of splashing as they tried to outdo us in their race. Once everyone was back on board the whiteboards were updated to show John and Kathy in first place, Diane and myself second , Maria and Corrine third, William and Celia fourth, Tom and Suzy fifth and Dee and Susan last. Zack was not impressed with their performance.

He announced a little twist. “The captain at my request has bought some very special cushion covers, so the two people whose combined scores from the games tomorrow are lowest will be required to sit on the new cushions for a minimum of four hours on Wednesday. The minimum period on the cushion to count towards the four hours is one hour. If there is a tie for these placings, then those involved in the tie will be on the cushions.”

Dee immediately asked “What happens if you compete in one game and Susan the other and your combined score is in the bottom four?”

“Simple, all three of us have to suffer the same cushions. The captain has bought five of them, so there should be enough to go round.”

We all looked at Susan who shivered at the thought of sitting on the vivid welts that were still visible from her caning the previous night.

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5 Responses to The Games Continue

  1. Sounds like some mean cushions 😉

  2. Four hours sitting on the softest cushions wouldn’t be comfortable…but this…


  3. I definitely wouldn’t want to be one of the same losers from the caning to end up on that cushion! Great clifhanger spot to leave off at!

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