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The captain stepped forward and said “it is our turn to provide your games for today. The first game is another obstacle course but with a big difference. When I have finished the briefing, I will finish setting up the course. There will be a thin 100m rope. You will be wearing nipple clamps with a short string attached to one special link. Those with pierced nipples will have the string attached to their piercings. The lengths have been carefully measured so that the distance between the nipple and the end of the link are exactly the same for those with clamps and rings. You will make your away around the course by following the rope. Where it meets a stanchion or other post, there are marks on each side of the post. You will move the clip past the mark, unclip it and re clip before the next mark. You will also find that the height of the rope varies so that it is not a straight walk, at times you will need to be almost flat on your stomach as you negotiate the obstacles at others you may well be on your tip toes. The rope height at its highest will be altered for your individual height. We will be at sea very shortly and there is a mild swell, so balance will also be essential. You are not allowed to use your hands to touch anything except to clip and unclip the link and when you are crawling under objects. When it is the first mate’s turn Mr Zack will take my place as judge whilst I take the helm.

“The fastest time wins. If the clips are unclipped before the mark or clipped back after the mark, you will incur time penalties of 20 seconds each time. If you use your hands to touch anything other in the circumstances I have outlined, there will be a time penalty of 10 seconds.”

We all looked anxious because we were concerned about the balance aspect if the boat made any serious movements.

The Captain went out and put his rope around the yacht. As we left the bay into open sea, we could feel a gentle rock as it moved along so some of our anxiety was relieved. Kathy was first up and the special link was attached to her piercings and she went outside to the start point.

She came back a few minutes later and said whilst the distance was not that much, the obstacles made the game very challenging especially when the walk on tiptoes was required. Diane came back with some very sore nipples and required some tlc from my mouth to relieve the suffering.

I waited my turn, had the strings attached and was led out to the start point which was at a comfortable height. It soon went down to about 1 foot off the ground, rose again whilst I clambered over the fixed seating area and then had to crawl over some coconut matting under the table and back over the other fixed seating before going in a crouch up to the top deck where I had to walk on tiptoes for about 15 feet before descending back down the stairs again crouching to the finish line.

Zack did his turn doing the judging whilst the first mate took his turn. At the end we were given our times and both Diane and I had done reasonably well in 3rd and 4th place. Dee was last and Susan only a couple of places above her.

The afternoon game was announced by the captain as being an interesting walk. “you will have your wrists cuffed to your ankles which will be connected together by a link. You will make your way from the door of this cabin, along the deck to the stern where you will descend on this side and come up on the other. You will then make your way up to the top deck where the finishing line is. I will start you all three minutes apart so many of you will be on the course at the same time.”

He started us off and when I reached the stairs to the rear deck the only way was scuffling forward on my ass, and going down one step at a time. When I went a little too fast I got quite a jar on my bum, so decided to take the rest a little more easily. When I had got to the finish line, I waited for the others and Susan in particular complained “that my sore ass from Dee’s caning last night did not help, as I have never had her use one so viciously before.”

The board was updated with all the scores and Dee and Susan were left lagging behind, whilst the rest of us were quite close together.

The outcome of the combined scores meant that Dee, Susan, had the added pleasure of sitting on the special mats the following day.


The special cushion covers were produced at breakfast and Dee and Susan decided that they would use them for an hour before the next game began. The cushion covers were a very coarse coconut hair mat that is very itchy to sit on. Those of us who did not have to sit on them watched in amusement as they wriggled whilst sitting on them. This continued all day and as the day wore on, we could see that they were finding it more uncomfortable each time they sat on them.

The crew member whose day it was for the games came and explained the first game. It was described as being a weightlifting challenge. “The men will be fitted with parachutes and the women the rods with balls at the end that they hold in with pussy muscles. You will all have your ankles attached to a one metre spreader bar throughout the game until the last person finishes their turn. Before you start a lift you will move your hand to your sides and they nor your arms may make any contact with your body until a lift is over.

“The aim was to lift and hold the greatest weight with legs locked and hold the weight for 30 seconds for men and 20 seconds for women. You will be told when the lift is finished. Each person would have 5 lifts, and you are only allowed one lift at each weight. If you passed on a weight, you may not return to it. The weights lifted by the men will be averaged as will those for the women, the placings will be determined by the percentage variation of each person’s best lift against the average for their gender. If you tip over either way or use your hands other than for balancing, the lift does not count.”

This was going to be very challenging to both the men and the women. For the men the weights started at one kg and the women ½ kg. the increments were ¼ kg each for the men and 100g each for the women.

We all put a score on the board with our first lifts. After a considerable number of passes on both sides, I was left with 3 kg as the next weight for my last lift to get the highest score for the men. I passed and decided to go straight to 3 ½ kg for my final lift. Whilst I knew it would be painful, I was determined to make it. I straightened my knees, felt the weight tugging hard on my ball sack and whilst mentally in agony counted down the time only to find I had to hold it a bit longer than I thought. I heard the time’s up so immediately collapsed on the floor relieved to get the weight down. The crew member said he would do all the calculations and add the points to the board in due course. When I saw the points I was surprised to find I was the winner over all.

The second game the crew member thought up was another balance and agility one, again using ropes. We were moored in a sheltered cove and the boat was secured to the rocky out crop with 2 ropes.

We were told, “there are 2 ropes there, and they are 3 metres apart/ at the point you will be competing You will be taken out in the dinghy to a specific point where there is a 1.5 meter rope hanging from the top rope. Once you have climbed on to the bottom rope and have a hold on the dangling rope and released by the crew member, your time will begin. You have to hold on as long as you can before you fall off in to the water. Just so you know how difficult it is, the bottom rope is 1 cm diameter. It is the top rope that is taking all the strain for the mooring.”

One by one we took our turns and had difficulty balancing on the thin rope which seemed not to stay still. I lost my balance very quickly and fell face first into the water. Dee surprised us by keeping her balance for over 2 minutes and winning the game. That and their sterling performances that day brought Susan and Dee up to 2 points of fourth place.

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