The final games


The final day of games arrived and we knew there were three that day and they had been set by the shyest member of the crew.

He started the briefing off by saying that “I hope these 2 games live up to those of the last few days which have been very enjoyable to watch and take part in although I did not like the weight lifting very much.”

The first game was what he called rope climb. You may have noticed that the mooring rope has been moved lower than it was yesterday on the 2nd challenge. In this game you will be taken to a point 20 metres out from the boat. You will then be helped onto the rope so you can make your way back to the boat along the rope. You may if you wish hang down or do it from above. The fastest time back wins. One of your hands and one of your feet must always be in contact or very close the rope at all times. If you fall off, the distance travelled will be recorded and the furthest distance covered wins.

“Whilst this requires a degree of strength, the girls lighter bodies could actually make it easier for them.”

I was first to go and made it about half way back. Diane nearly made it all the way back until she lost her grip. Suzy was the only one to make it all the way back, whilst Tom fell in very shortly after he had started.

The afternoon’s game was set up while we were having a rest after lunch. We all gathered in the stateroom to see a long plank about 4 inches wide and three thick extending out from the side of the aft deck which had also been raised by about 3 feet.

The crew member said “This second game is about balance and feel. You will mount the board and be blindfolded. You will make your way along the plank to the end and jump off. The fastest time to the end will win, and/or the furthest distance covered. With this game you will all get wet!”

When it was my turn I was very effectively blindfolded once on the beam. I slowly and gingerly made my way forward and when I thought I had got to the end jumped off. It was only when I had got back to the boat that Diane told me I had jumped off about 3 feet short of the end.

The captain joined us once we were all back on board. He then said “this next game which is the final one will be played by everyone present including the crew. Whilst Zack will not be able to take his place on the podium for the game, he will still be able to be involved.

He commented “this game was inspired by Miss Dee’s paintballing experience.” Dee blushed at this remark. “The game is quite simple but also quite hard. Every one will take their turns at standing on the podium and facing the ship. You will be required to wear goggles. There will be five shots from each person on board at the person on the podium. Each shot that hits will score points for the shooter and the person on the podium will lose points. For every hit the person on the podium loses 2 points. For each shot that hits a nipple or on the bikini will score 5 points. The gentlemen will be provided with a small loin cloth instead. The navel will score 3 points anywhere else will score 1 point. Any shots that hit the face will cost the shooter 50 points. As Mr Zack cannot be on the podium, we have decided that he can have 15 shots at each person therefore we will all face 110 shots”

If the person falls off the podium they will have 50 points deducted each time.

“You will all be given 5 practice shots at a suitable target, which is being taken there as we speak.”

We looked out and saw a paint spattered picture of Zack being mounted on the podium some 20 metres away. The captain joked, “this way you won’t miss out on being hit sir.”

Zack turned to Dee, “is that the same one you used last time?”

Dee smiled and replied that it was. Zack laughed and said “You were instructed to destroy it.”

Dee turned white as she knew that she had made a dreadful mistake. Zack then giggled and said “I will decide after the game has finished what your punishment will be for this, in addition, you will perform two tasks tonight, ‘Uprights’ and ‘Chains’. They will be slightly modified to suit the circumstances.”

“Now Captain, please can we get started with the target practice and please could you and your wife score the practice as if it was in the competition.”

We all took turns sending 5 paint balls at the target with varying degrees of success, but there were a few shots that scored highly.

The captain said I will now draw all the names out of the hat to determine the order of firing and the target. The first name is Peter and he will be the first target. The target in each round will be the last to fire in the next round. I was drawn out first and was helped onto the podium that was fairly stable, however as I shifted my weight i had to do a bit of a balancing act. I suffered a number of direct hits at the groin and nipple areas and fell off once.

As we finished our turns as the target we all swam back to the boat as it was a good way of washing off the paint.  Everybody fell off the podium at least once and when Diane got back she whispered to me “it is now getting very slippery with all the water and paint.” I replied “it was wet when I got on so it was not likely to be much different now.” Everybody got spattered with paint, and I noticed some light bruising on the breasts of the women ad they came out of the water.

Dee was the last to be the target and when she went to the podium, Zack said to everyone. “I want you to all aim at her breasts, I want to see how she will explain the bruises when we go ashore next as she does not know what she will be wearing that evening.”

Dee was spattered all over her breasts and nipples. In the early stages she fell off a couple of times, but for the last 12 shooters she stayed in perfect balance. Her tits were a riot of colours and when the last person had taken their turn, she asked the captain to send over the dinghy and find 2 thick sheets of paper. He produced 2 sheets of A4 and she carefully placed them on the table and leant over the paper before lowering her body onto them. She told everyone to leave them as they were and jumped in the sea to wash off the paint. When she had dried off, she collected the paper and took them to Zack’s office area.

The captain asked if everybody was ready for their scores. We agreed we were. But zack interrupted and asked the captain “how many points did I score?”

“The captain replied with all but the last target you scored 239 points, however with the last target you scored the maximum available of 75.”

“And how points were scored during the practice shooting by the shooters?”

A few moments later the reply was “140 sir.”

Zack replied “thank you captain.”

“Now for the rest of your scores, Miss Dee scored one hundred and 75 in the shooting, but was hit 84 times and fell off twice so her final score is minus 93 and is in last place. In seventh place is Tom as he fell off three times, was hit 76 times, but just crept above Miss Dee as he scored 210 in the shooting with a total score of minus 92.

This continued until Diane who was placed in 3rd place with a positive score of 6 and I managed minus 14 for 5th place. The best shot turned out to be Suzy with a staggering 287 points and she only fell off once to become the winner with a positive score of 42.

Next week find out the final scores and the penalties…..

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  1. Interesting games 🙂

    Rebel xox

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