The scores

The captain said “I will announce the scores in reverse order with Dee and Susan coming in last place, Tom and Suzy are 5th, John and Kathy 4th, Celia and William 3rd, Corrine and Maria were second, and I declare Peter and Diane winners and Susan and Dee have to suffer the penalty of coming in last.”

Zack asked the captain to leave us for a few minutes and he would be called back shortly. He started, “Tomorrow is the crew’s rest day except for a short trip out. I also know that Dee and Susan will have to do the cooking tomorrow, so I suggest that we go shopping this evening for any supplies they may need, then go out for a meal, and how about giving the crew the opportunity to have a night in port too. They can enjoy a meal together, without having to wait on us tonight. What do you think?” we all agreed that they deserved a rest.

The captain returned and Zack asked “how much is left of the budget for toys?”

The captain replied “just over €1,000.”

“How long before we dock at Nissiros tonight?”

“About half an hour, then say another half hour to sort everything out.”

“OK captain her is the deal, can you arrange for someone to sit at the stern of the boat to ward off any potentially unwanted visitors when we get to port?”

“Of course, I have a cousin who will do it.”

Fine, ring him and tell him he can earn €100 for doing the job. If not, find someone else who will do the job, because you and the crew can have a night in the port, have a restaurant meal and a few drinks with whatever is left of the toy budget. Apart from the short sail tomorrow you and the crew have a rest day tomorrow. We too will be dining in the port, so there is no need for any cooking tonight. Dee and Susan will be available to serve breakfast from 8.30 so everyone can have a late morning if they wish.”

“That is most kind of you sir, I will get the security sorted first and then let everyone know, I know they will enjoy it. We will try not to be too late back.” The captain left to take us round to the port and make the necessary arrangements for the night.

Zack then turned to Dee, “we need to sort out your punishment for the disobedience. While you were making an impression with your tits, I wrote up 3 possible punishments, one of which is much worse than the others. They have been shuffled around so I do not know which is which. So all you have to do is choose A B or C.”

Dee selected B which when Zack opened, brought a smile to his face. He read “I will chose an implement to be used on you before we all go out tonight. The number of strokes received is the total score I accumulated together with the number of points scored when my picture was the target minus the score you accumulated in the last game., Which stands at a total of 471. These will be administered by the rest of you starting in 5 minutes in the Bow sitting room.”

Dee looked askance as this was a fearsome number of strokes to face, especially if they were hard ones with a nasty implement.

We all made our way to the Bow sitting room and Dee asked to be restrained.  Zack agreed that she should be restrained and then said “you will be blindfolded, and then everyone will administer 60 strokes with the exception of Susan who will deliver 111, as she will be suffering as much as you tomorrow and you scored less than her in the games.”

We were handed a really nice gentle flogger and Zack whispered to each of us, “Be gentle and only deliver mild strokes, with just a few heavy ones thrown in to surprise her.” We all took our turns and Dee was moaning with pleasure as we were really giving a sensuous flogging all over her back.

Zack turned to Susan when it was her turn, “please deliver the first 50 of your strokes.” She administered her first 110 slightly harder than the rest of us. Zack then handed her the nastiest single cane I have seen pointed to the crease indicated hard and said to Suzy, “now for your last stroke.” This was administered with a whoosh and a very loud crack which caught Dee totally unprepared and produced a scream of agony and tears. We released her from the restraints and Zack hugged with the words of love and comfort.

When Dee had composed herself, she said “that was really delightful with the exception of that last stroke which hurts like hell.”

Zack retorted, “I knew I had to do something in the way of punishment for disobedience, but I didn’t really mind the joke.”

Dee looked down and apologised, then asked “may I go to our room please?”

“No, you will stay with us until it is time to change to go shopping.” I then noticed that Dee’s nipples were as hard as buttons and there was moisture round her pussy and thought “she’s really horny, what torment.”

Dee pouted, shuffled her feet uneasily and had difficulty in keeping her hands away from her pussy as she was so turned on she wanted to bring herself off.

Zack asked Diane and myself to join him in the main seating area for a few minutes.

“Last week I said I had a punishment for all but yourselves. I won’t tell you the details yet, other than to say there will be some asses sorer than others. I have agreed with the captain how it will work. Also, as it will require a little assistance from the crew so when it comes to Thursday afternoon, we will tell them it has had to be postponed until Friday morning.”

Diane said, “that is just plain devious, and playing mind games like that will add to everyone’s nervousness.”

We returned to the others where Zack announced that all the play sessions will be on Thursday afternoon. He then asked if there were any inter couple punishments due, to which Diane replied “one for me, as we agreed that we would get a punishment everytime we came in last in any of the games.” The others confirmed that there no others outstanding.

Zack said that “there will plenty of time for that on Friday.

“Now Dee and Susan tomorrow you will serve all of us and prepare the meals for the crew. If I hear of any complaints from the crew about the food served, there will be special tasks for both of you on Friday. Further any disobedience, hesitation in carrying out any requests of the rest of us will add to your tasks. If one of you earns a task, you will both have to complete it together. Therefore you need to be on your best behaviour all day.”

Dee and Susan looked at each other when Susan said, “It will be Dee that gets us into trouble and I have to suffer grrrrrr. You better behave Dee, otherwise I might want to punish you on Friday too.”

Zack piped up “even better, after you have both performed the tasks you both earn, the person who earns the least tasks can set additional tasks, the number of tasks being the difference between those earned by each of you and may only include one punishment that lasts no longer than 10 minutes. I suggest that by tomorrow evening, we all prepare some tasks for these two ladies, as I know that they will not be able to keep out of trouble all day.” As he delivered the last comment he grinned and the girls started to look a little concerned.

As we arrived in port and the mooring man secured the ropes, there was a shout form the quayside and the Captain waved a greeting at 2 large swarthy gentlemen.

We were introduced to the gentlemen and it transpired that were both the captain’s cousins, one of whom had only recently got married. The captain said, “they have both decided that they will guard the boat for this evening, and that they will do it as a favour to me. Sotiris got married last year and he tells me that this is a good excuse to get out tonight so that he can spend some time with his brother Lefteris without getting an earful from his wife.”

The two brothers grinned and were welcomed on board and introduced to everyone. The captain’s wife showed them all the necessary things and told them that there was a few plates of food in the galley, that she would bring out when the crew went on shore.

The time was around 7, so Dee and Susan went to the supermarket to get the supplies they needed for the following day.

As we got ready to leave for the evening ashore, Zack told Dee to show us what she was wearing to complete the tasks. She was wearing a skimpy top with a low plunging neckline that showed plenty of her cleavage and the way it was cut, whilst it hid her nipples, the chain linking her nipples, lifted the material slightly away from her chest so there would be a possibility of a wardrobe malfunction. Zack laughed when he told us “Dee asked for some nipple tape to prevent any potential wardrobe mishaps, I of course refused as it is not in the spirit of the task. Therefore she will have to be very careful. I have also advised her that if there is a wardrobe mishap tonight, not only will someone get a very pleasant view, she will earn another task of my choice.”

Dee was then required to flatten the material of her top against her chest and hold it tight at each side. As it stretched over her flat stomach the words I lost were clearly visible from the bottom of her breasts down to the  waist band and were in much larger letters than in the original task. When it was released, there was an indistinct pattern in black showing through, that looked as if it was part of the top or some form of exotic underwear.

Zack reminded Dee “If you are asked about the chain or the printing, you will tell them the truth, in that you lost a game between us and you will show them clearly both your nipples and the writing. I shouldn’t need to remind you, but I will, you are not allowed to fold your arms this evening to try to hide either the chain or the writing.”

Dee spent the whole evening staying as relaxed and calm as she could and apart from the waiter at the dinner table getting a full view of her breasts whilst he was serving our meals, there were no incidents that warranted any further tasks or punishments.

Next week, the penalties are administered.

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3 Responses to The scores

  1. Heaven says:

    Games are always so much fun when there is something you can’t do and want to so bad.

  2. Lori&Hubby says:

    It sounds like a lovely time

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