The penalties begin


Diane and I woke first and found that one of the girls had been up for a while as at 8.30 breakfast was served and there was warm fresh bread on the table. When all of us had finished breakfast the Captain said we would be taking a short cruise around part of the island to a very quiet cove.

Once we sailed round the island and were moored up which had taken a total of an hour, the captain had a quiet word with Zack who called Diane and myself over.

The Captain said “when we were all out last night we were talking about the punishment that the other teams would be facing and speculated on what it was. Whilst I know what it is in detail, I did say that it will require their involvement and because of that Mr Zack had postponed it until Friday. The crew insisted that they would be more than happy to work for a couple of hours this afternoon to help if it provided them with some entertainment.”

Zack said “If Peter and Diane are happy to do it this afternoon, I am sure that they will enjoy it. But it will mean 4 of the crew in the 2 dinghies and the others helping whilst on board. Peter and Diane, whilst you don’t know what the penalty is, I think if the crew are happy, we can do it today. As Susan and Dee have already managed to earn a couple of tasks, it will leave more time for them to perform them tomorrow.”

Diane said “I had planned to spend much of the day on the top deck working on my tan and getting the girls to rush around getting drinks etc. If we are in the sun, I don’t mind.”

I said I was happy either way.

Zack grinned, “OK we will do it this afternoon and thank the crew for their kind offer.”

When Dee and Susan had finished serving lunch, Zack went to the crew dining room and briefed them on what would be happening that afternoon. The door had been left slightly open and we all heard laughter at various stages of the briefing.

My first thoughts were “if the crew are laughing, this sounds like fun to watch.”

Zack reappeared and said “the crew have asked that they have an hour to prepare everything. I have naturally agreed especially as they are giving up some of their rest day.”

He carried on “Except Peter and Diane, you will all wait in the bow sitting room with the curtains drawn and the door closed. You will be called out in turn to suffer your punishment. Before you leave the room, you will be blindfolded and guided to wherever you need to be and then your punishment will begin. The crew who are not actively participating will all be watching the punishments from the main seating area on deck. The order of being called is the order in which you finished.

“Will you please make your way to the Bow sitting room to wait for the call. Whilst you are there, ladies, please put on the bikini thongs and the gentlemen the swimming thongs designed for them. Peter and Diane, you can stay with me as I explain how this will work in more detail.”

The others all went to the Bow sitting room and when the door was closed Zack started “Each of them will be taken to the podium we used yesterday, they will be given goggles and a life vest in case they fall off. They will kneel on the podium and their wrists will be cuffed to outside of their ankles that will be held apart by an 18 inch spreader bar. They are then required to lean forward so that their faces are touching the podium thus giving the target of their upper legs and asses.  We will each fire 15 paint balls at the target. When they have had their turn, they will be released and can rejoin us. Corrine and then Maria will be a target at 30 metres and face 15 paint balls from each of us. Celia and William will be a target at 25 metres and in addition to the three of us, Corrine and Maria will also fire 15 paint balls at each of them. This continues until finally Susan and Dee will be at 10 metres and will face 15 paint balls from all 11 of us. The captain has reset the guns so the paint balls fire at a slightly higher speed than they did yesterday, so I suspect that they will be felt a bit more as they land on target.”

“I suggest that we shoot with single shots so that every shot counts as I expect that the later ones will make them wriggle and possibly fall off so we will have to wait for them to be reacquainted with the podium.”

Diane laughed “I like the sound of lots of little bruises on the backs of the thighs and asses. That will be painful for Dee and Susan if all 165 are on target. But sounds great to watch.”

The crew finished their preparations and Corrine was the first to be guided down to the dinghy. She was appropriately cuffed and presented a really interesting target. Diane went first and scored a few direct hits on her ass before catching the back of her legs and then the last one was right in her crotch and that produced an audible squeak. I made a respectable effort of my shots, mainly peppering the round targets of her ass cheeks. One shot managed to catch her just at the most tender area of her sit spot to another squeak. Zack took his turn and mainly aimed at her ass with most shots counting.

She was released and decided to swim back to the boat. She joined us and Zack told her “You need to be quiet when the others are lead out as they should have the same surprise as you did.”

Maria was  led out, secured and her ass was twitching with nerves while Diane had her turn. Her ass was as well peppered with shots as Corrine’s by the time we had finished. She swam back to the boat and joined Corrine. While the crew brought the target in Zack said “I will go first, then Corrinne and Maria and finally Diane and myself. We will keep that same order and the others will follow on from us five.”

William was lead out next and was comfortably settled on the podium when the first shot landed right in the middle of his left cheek. There was an audible OW before another few shots hit home with the same reaction. When a shot hit the back of his leg, he lost balance and slipped off into the sea. He was repositioned and the last of Zack’s shots were on target. Corrine and Maria both got in a few good shots directly at the center of each of his ass cheeks, then Maria’s last was a direct hit on the back of his crotch with a painful sounding Yelp coming from him. I looked up to see the female members of the crew laughing and the men grimacing. Diane and I managed to make all our shots count and mainly concentrated on hitting his ass. He swam back to the boat and as before he was warned to keep quiet while Celia took her turn.

Celia was taken to the podium and we were presented with another firm ass that was a bit wider than the others. Every hit on her ass produced a small “ow” until a second one hit the same spot as an earlier hit. Diane concentrated her fire on Celia’s upper thighs and sit spot and even managed 2 direct hits on her pussy that produced pronounced yelps of pain. Eventually her ordeal was over and she chose to swim back to the boat. When she was back on the aft deck, she was warned to keep quiet. She and William were told about their turn in the firing order, and Celia asked what was happening while the podium was brought to 20 metres from the aft deck.

On being told, she said “wow, those were more painful than yesterday’s and at shorter distances they are not going to be happy bunnies.”

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