Penalties and Tasks

We pick up from last week’s episode where those who did not win the games suffer a penalty, having paintballs fired at an upturned ass. The lower your place, the more paintballs fired and the target is brought in closer.

Kathy was led out and was soon in position. As we fired at her, her ass became a riot of colour as nearly every paintball hit the target. She was soon back on board before John took his turn on the podium. His ass too was very colourful when we had all finished. As he came back to the boat, the podium was brought back into be 15 metres from the back of the boat.

Tom was the next to be led out. He was carefully placed on the podium and took we could hear every hit with a paintball on his ass, many being accompanied by a grunt. After we had all had a go, he was quickly released and allowed to return to the boat. Shortly after Suzy took her place on the podium and her pert little butt, being smaller made it a more difficult target. As we were now getting our eye in, it was not that difficult to make each and every one hit. Every hit was accompanied by a little squeal. When she returned to the boat she said “those bloody things sting like the devil.”

She was warned to stay quiet as Susan was led out. As she was being escorted to the dinghy to take her to the podium she commented “well it sure has been quiet. I suppose it cannot be that nasty a punishment.”

Zack then said “For that comment, Susan, you and Dee can suffer a little more than the others.”

He then turned to us and said “now they can get 20 shots from each of us.”

We could all see there was still a clear set of stripes from where she had been caned the other day. Zack immediately used those as his target area and soon Susan was feeling each one and loud sounds of pain were coming from her. We each took turns and all shots hit the target, including a few in her pussy area and the backs of her legs. When she swam back to the boat her eyes were full of tears and she found it difficult to sit comfortable.

Zack then said “Susan if you make a sound before Dee is on the podium, we have plenty of ammo for you to receive another turn on the podium.”

Dee was led out and placed on the podium. Her ass was the smallest, and had the least padding and I realised that she was going to feel these shots even more. Zack took the first turn and managed to place 10 shots on each thigh and by the end there were squeals of pain with each shot.  Corrine decided to concentrate her shots on the area around her asshole, whilst Maria was more general in her shots. William and Celia, followed by John and Kathy mainly targeted her ass, Tom and Suzy each targeted one ass cheek so there were plenty of spots that were hit twice and one was hit three times. Diane went for the clearly defined line from the cane stroke that she had received and managed to be on target most of the time to produce loud grunts of pain. I decided that I would place ten shots on each cheek and these certainly produced loud squeal of pain as spots were hit for the second, third or fourth time. Once her ordeal was over she was released and she decided to swim back to the boat and winced when she sat down.

After Dee had recovered I saw Susan lean over to Dee and whisper something which produced a giggle and broad smile and a nod as if to say yes. Susan beckoned the captain whispered in his ear and that brought a smile to his face. He replied “I will see what we can do.”

He came back and whispered in both girls ears and the result was they both had a wide smile. While this was going on Zack had been inside, and about 15 minutes later he came out. Dee distracted him for a while and I saw two members of the crew take a chair and some timber to the podium.

When they were back on Deck, Dee gave Zack a big hug and deep kiss and Susan quickly blindfolded him. Zack struggled for a minute until Dee said, the more you struggle, the harder it will be for you. All you need to do for a few minutes is do as your told by the crew. With that he was taken to the dinghy out to the podium and placed on a chair which had some arms to stop him tipping off it. His blindfold was removed, and he was given a pair of goggles to put on. The crew in the dinghy moved away just a couple of feet so that they could help Zack if he fell off the podium.

Dee said, “as we all endured the paintballs yesterday, and you didn’t, the captain and crew have kindly put together this little arrangement so you can experience what we all faced yesterday. We will all take turns to fire 5 shots at you.”

Dee picked up the gun from today and sent five shots at his left nipple. Everyone had their go with Susan taking the gun last and targeted his left nipple with the last five shots.

When Zack returned to the boat he was a riot of colour all over the front of  his torso. He laughed and then got serious, “as it was probably Dee who thought this up, and she is our sub today, there will be a task tomorrow. As you are both in it together, you too will have the task Susan. I am sure that you will both regret the game, but I do accept that you wanted me to feel part of it!”

“Need I remind you that you have now earned three tasks for tomorrow and there is still plenty of time to earn some more.” He finished with an evil grin on his face.

I turned to Suzy who was sat next to me, “I don’t think I want to be in their shoes tomorrow.” To which she replied “me neither.”

The rest of the day and evening was restful and mainly uneventful, except for Susan earning a fourth task for them by accidently spilling a drink.


Zack had decided the night before that Dee and Susan would complete their first task of the four while we had breakfast which was deliberately served in the Bow sitting room.

When we had all gathered for breakfast he announced what the task was. “You will have your legs spread apart so that your ankles are 2 foot apart. Your wrists will be cuffed so that your feet can rest on the floor whilst in a spreadeagle position.. There will be a rope that will be stretched so that when you both are on tiptoes you will just feel the presence of the rope. If either or both of you rests your calf muscles, you will both feel the effects of the rope grinding into your pussies. You will be kept in the spreadeagle position for 30 minutes.

We were all involved in completing the arrangements and the time started. Dee was the first to rest her legs and this produced a squeal from Susan who followed soon afterwards. They really struggled to keep the rope from digging into their pussies, but as time went on you could see the strain showing on their faces as they tried to keep on tip toes to avoid the painful consequences. During the last 5 minutes they were only keeping up on their toes for 15 seconds at a time and that meant that they were finding the pussy rope digging in even more and for longer at a time.

When  the 30 minutes were up, they were released and allowed to have breakfast.

After they had breakfast, Zack then announced “Susan as you only earned one task for the two of you yesterday, you can set the additional task for Dee that she will perform tomorrow.”

At around midday they were given their second task. This required them to stand opposite each other and hold a ball about the same size as a tennis ball between their navels. The ball had to be held there for 10 continuous minutes before the task was completed. The first attempt they held it for 9 minutes, so they knew it could be done. It took a total of six attempts over an hour and 30 minutes for them to complete the task. When they finished, Susan quickly jumped into the sea for a cool off and to ease her tense muscles.

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