The Holiday ends

Dee and Susan have earned 4 tasks, with Susan deciding on a further task for Dee.

The third task took place in the afternoon and was explained as being fairly simple. Zack detailed the task “You will be cuffed and again your arms will be above your head. Your nipples will be tied so that there is a pull on them whilst your feet are flat on the ground, but when on tiptoe, there will be no pull. You will be able to be keep your feet flat provided you maintain your balance on a board which will be balanced on top of a small ball. The time from will be 45 minutes, so if you maintain your balance all that time, you will not suffer.”

After 2 minutes of keeping her balance Dee let the board slip away so she had to endure either a strong tug on her nipples or strain her calf muscles, which after the morning were already aching. Susan on the other hand maintained her balance for 35 minutes so did not suffer the agony that was clearly evident on Dee’s face at the end. As soon as the time was up, Dee was released and she nearly collapsed from the exhaustion. Zack remaindered her that there was still one task and that would be completed after dinner and would be a test of will power.

We enjoyed dinner with both Dee and Susan looking a little nervous as to what the task was that evening.

Zack explained “the task is quite simple and a variation on the denial contest that Diane and Suzy took part in over a year ago. You will both be tied so that you are sitting face to face, nipples connected by locks and arms cuffed behind the others backs. Your legs will also be cuffed behind the other person. You will both have the same vibrator inserted with fresh batteries and they will be set at maximum speed and held in with a bikini bottom. The aim of the exercise is not to come in the 1 ½ hours of the game. IF neither of you come that is all your tasks for yesterday completed except for Dee’s penalty task. However if both of you come you will be placed in bondage for the night. The stringency of the bondage will depend on who comes first. If one of you comes and the other doesn’t the same stringent bondage will apply as the first to come. There will be a five minute break after the end of the task for a bathroom break, during which your hands will be cuffed behind your back so you cannot bring your selves off if you are still horny before you are put in your bondage for the night. You will be released from the bondage at 9.00 in the morning. Be warned that if you come, you are not likely to get much sleep tonight.”

The two girls were placed in their bondage and the vibrators turned on. After half an hour it was clear that they were both struggling not to come and were at the same time talking to each other, urging the other on to come as they knew then they would suffer less. After an hour it was clear that they were still both struggling not to come and were getting very red in the face with all their efforts.

Both Dee and Susan were alternating between sighs and moans of pleasure and great arousal and determined twisting of faces showing how desperate they were not to orgasm.

We were all very amused watching them wriggle and try to get the other to come whilst not coming themselves. They managed until 11.30 when Dee moaned, stiffened and shouted “YES YES YESSSSSSSS” in total ecstasy. This immediately set Susan off in her own orgasm. They both slumped forward resting against each other. Zack immediately switched the vibrators off and we all helped undo their restraints.

Dee came round looking very flushed with a dreamy smile on her face. After 20 minutes, when she had fully recovered she asked Zack “who will be applying the restraints as I was probably the first to come.”


“How come? we both came, but I was the first.”

“We were all so engrossed in watching the battle, we forgot to tell you when the time was up, you managed nearly 2 hours.”

Sue heard this and said “that was sadistic, if I had known when the time was up I would have come immediately.” and Dee added a playful punch to his arms.

“Despite that, it was a dirty rotten evil nasty mean and sadistic trick; I do love you for playing with me.”

“You have just earned 6 tasks for that little outburst, so you can perform them all now.”

Dee glared in horror when she realised that she had earned that many tasks in as many seconds.

“What 6 tasks now?”

“Yes 6 tasks now, bend over that chair and they are to accept one stroke of the cane on your upper thighs for each task. I will let Susan administer them.”

Whilst six strokes of the cane is fairly painful, Dee realised that she was actually being let off lightly and apologised for the language as she bent over the chair. Susan approached and laid on 6 medium strokes all in a space of 2 inches from the crease where her ass met the top her thighs. Each stroke was accompanied by a yelp of pain.

When it was all over she hugged Susan first and then went and hugged Zack and  sat at his feet tenderly holding his leg in his arms.


Dee and Zack were the last to sit down for breakfast. From the “well fucked” look on Dee’s face they had clearly had an interesting wake up session after her experiences the previous night.

When they had finished eating Zack asked Susan “Have you devised a task for Dee?”

“I have two ready, and am not sure which is the better. So Dee you can choose between ‘A Greasy Pole’ or ‘Rings’.”

Dee said “can you give me more of a clue as to what they are about?”

Zack said with a wry grin “a clue will mean you do both, but you can choose which to do first.”

Dee was a little surprised with that and then said “I will do just one, I choose  ‘A Greasy Pole.'”

Susan said “go and fetch your bikini bottom while I get everything ready.”

They both returned shortly and Dee was handed a small bullet vibrator. Susan said “insert it and then put your bikini bottom on.”

Dee disappeared for a couple of minutes and when she returned Susan quickly pressed a button on a remote control. Dee’s reaction was instantaneous.

Susan then said “Now for the task. The crew is just setting up a nice little pole at the the stern of the boat. All you have to do is to get to the end and pop the balloon. However, the pole is covered in grease and is very slippery. You have 12 attempts. Each time you fall off the vibrator is turned up one setting. If you fail completely, you will suffer 12 hard strokes of the nasty 4 piece cane, one from each of us.”

When we were told the pole was ready, Dee took her time getting to it. She was doing everything she could to delay her starting the task.

Zack was getting impatient with her delaying tactic saying “get on with it, or else I deem you failed before you even try.”

Dee quickly started her way along the pole and after she was just a couple of feet from the platform, she lost her grip and fell into the water. She quickly got back on board and Susan pressed a button on the remote to start the vibrator.

Dee’s second and third attempts were not much better. However her fourth attempt took her nearly all the way to the end before falling into the water.

Each attempt was met with an increase in the strength of the vibrator and it was clear Dee was feeling its effects.

Dee tried another three times, never quite reaching the end. On her eighth attempt, she reached the end but was unable to keep her grip as she tried to pop the balloon. The next attempts were miserable failures before on her last try she actually managed to  pop the balloon. before dropping into the warm sea with a big splash and as she climbed back on board there was a broad smile as she had escaped facing the nasty cane.

That afternoon, we sailed back to Rhodes to return home having spent a couple of great weeks in the sun, swimming, relaxing and having had some kinky fun.

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Next week we are back home with the next game between Diane and myself.

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  1. I wonder whether there will be some Christmas fun soon? 😉

    Rebel xox

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