The Advent calendar continues…

This advent calendar is inspired from a comment by Rebel and Ana’s advent calendar. We carry on from where we left off last week.

4th December

In the morning we laughed about the night we had spent with John and Kathy in the pub. She said “In addition to John and Kathy, we should invite Tom and Suzy for dinner and the night on Saturday too.”

I agreed readily as I knew it would be fun. I then said “I will give you tonight’s task at supper.”

As we sat down for supper, I passed her the card with her daily task that read “After supper, you will give me a Thai massage.”

She quickly cleared up the kitchen, and prepared an area of the sitting room floor so she could give me the massage. When she started on my back I could feel her working hard to take all the tension out of my shoulders. She applied plenty of oil and then lightly brushed my back using just her nipples to start with and then leaning harder into me so her chest was massaging my back. After a few minutes of this she raised her self, gave me a hard slap on the ass and told me to turn over. I did as I was told and relaxed as she spent a long time massaging my front, deliberately avoiding my groin. She then repeated the nipple massage before pressing down harder. My cock was hard as I laid back enjoying the sensations and she then said, now for the final part.

She straddled me, gently lowered herself on to my erection before sliding back and forward for ages until we both climaxed together.

5th December

As she got downstairs for breakfast, I handed her card for the day which read “Wear a cilice for until you get home from work.”

Diane immesens215adiately said, “No, you will. I am exercising my right to appeal.”

I was not going to argue with her as this was the first appeal she had used so said “No problem”. I went to the toy box and retrieved my cilice.

As I sat down in the kitchen I dropped my trousers and secured it lightly around my thigh.

Diane saw it and said “That is not tight enough.”

She came over to me and secured it tighter by just one link. Whilst it was not uncomfortable, I could feel the spikes just digging in. Then she said “wait there.”

I did as I was told as she disappeared then returning with a little plastic tag. As she attached it she smirked before saying “I have kept a note of the number, so it is staying on until I get home or you spend a week in chastity.”

It was a long day and I felt the cilice biting into my thigh all day. She arrived home from work as I was preparing our supper and I immediately dropped my trousers and asked her to remove the cilice which she did. She gently rubbed my thigh while admiring the indentations from the spikes. I laughed and said, “Now I think we can wait until Sunday before you start wearing your belt.”

6th December

As the evening wore on and turned towards night, she asked for her task. I handed her the card for the day that read “Tonight, you will spend a night in the sleep sack.”

She laughed “Great a night without wandering hands.”

As we went up to bed, I got her nicely snuggled into the sleep sack before  lacing it up tight and securing it so she could not fall off the bed. I kissed her as I got into bed and held her as she drifted off to sleep.

7th December

As we woke in the morning, I released her from her confinement. She stretched and worked her legs and arms to shake off the stiffness.

We spent the morning getting the house ready for our guests.

We discussed the week’s tasks. We agreed that she could not appeal for tasks over the weekend before she volunteered “why don’t we make it so I can only use one appeal per week and it cannot be carried forward, and none are allowed after the 21st.”

Knowing the task she would have later, I asked “Are you sure you want to do this?”

She replied “Yes, I am sure.”

As we had lunch she volunteered to cook dinner. A few minutes later I handed her tsb001he daily task that read “From 4 until midnight you will be wearing a special pair of cuffs. You may only ask for assistance when putting the food in or getting it out of the oven.”

She read it carefully before saying “Now I know why you made sure about the appeals. One week in the belt is more than enough so I am not going to refuse.”

She went to the kitchen and feverishly prepared everything so that she could finish off the meal while cuffed. About 3pm Tom and Suzy arrived and while we sat down chatting, Suzy asked “Why are the cuffs there?”

Diane explained about the Advent Calendar and her task for the day. Tom laughed saying “What a great idea.”  He disappeared to their room for a few minutes and returned before placing a set of cuffs on the table in front of Suzy “As you were a little naughty recently, you may as well join Diane in being cuffed too.”

It was only a short while later that John and Kathy arrived and John had an amu578crosssed smile on his face as he removed Kathy’s coat revealing she too was wearing a pair of cuffs.

Kathy looked askance and said “have you been talking?”

“Of course my dear, I knew what Diane’s task for today was, so I gave you the same.”

I could see that this was going to be a very interesting evening with all three ladies cuffed until midnight.

Everything went well, and Diane finished off the dinner without having to call for any help as Suzy assisted her in the kitchen.

At Dinner, we enjoyed the sight of the ladies struggling with feeding themselves due to the cuffs, especially as they were all put on so they had their wrists crossed.

We decided to play a game of monopoly as pairs until midnight. The winners would have an unrestrained night whereas the couple who came second would be lightly bound and the losers would have a more uncomfortable night.

Unfortunately for Diane and myself we became bankrupt first and we knew we were in for an interesting night. John and Kathy managed to win by a small margin.

As we finished off for the night, Diane and I were told to use the bathroom before going to our room, open up the toy box, put on our leather cuffs (including the thigh ones) and wait for our fate.

As we lay on the bed, Kathy came in and said “I will be sorting you two out as John is looking after Tom and Suzy.

She noticed that I had an erection so told me to insert in Diane’s warm moist pussy. As I did, she quickly secured the thigh cuffs so that we were cuffed together tightly at the thighs. Our ankles were secured in the same way and our wrists secured behind each other’s back. The duvet was thrown over us and told “sleep well tonight” as she left the room and turned the light off. Because of the way we were secured there was little we could do to gain any satisfaction from my being inside her.

8th December

After we had been released from our night secured together, we were a bit stiff. The six of us decided that we would have a walk to the pub and enjoy lunch before the others departed.

At about 7 pm I handed Diane the task for the day. “You will not say a word for the next three hours. If you want I will gag you, but I would prefer not to.”

She baulked a little and found a bit of paper and pen and wrote ‘No Gag.’

This was a relatively simple task as we often sat cuddled together watching TV. As we cuddled, I started to let my hands roam and Diane was soon responding with pleasurable moans. As the teasing got more intense, she broke away, picked up the pen and paper and wrote “Take me to bed and use me hard.”

I did just that bringing her to 4 orgasms, the last just as I came inside her.

9th December

As she came out of the bathroom after her shower, I turned to Diane and said “time for the belt, as we were a little busy yesterday.” She got the belt, put it around her waist and was about to bring the front plate up when I handed her the task. “You will insert the remote control vibrator. As soon as you get to work you will give Dee the control (she is expecting it)  and you will get it back as you leave for the day.”

I made sure there were fresh batteries in the bullet before I gave it to her, She inserted it before locking up the front plate of the belt.

I tested the remote out as we had breakfast making her blush a little as she got turned on. She left for work with a smile on her face.

I did not have an email from Dee thus confirming Diane had followed the instructions. When Diane got home I asked, “Was Dee kind or cruel to you?”

“Cruel, each time she passed the area where our team work she changed the setting. She seemed to go out of her way to pass rather a lot in the morning. The afternoon was also interesting as she played with it in the management meeting, and when she turned it up, it was difficult to conceal my reactions in front of my colleagues.

“What was worse was in the hour before I left, we had our monthly one to one meeting and she kept turning up the setting every five minutes so by the end it was at the maximum setting.

“I was really glad when we finished and she handed me the remote so I could turn it off.”

I laughed saying, “I am glad she gave you something other than just work to think of.”

10th December

Diane’s card for the day read “As you know, we have standing instructions that we report to Zack if Dee is naughty. I expect you have not been as diligent as you may have been, so the task for the day is to ensure that Dee is naughty and that it is reported to Zack.”

She looked at me, “You know Zack is visiting the office today?”

“No, I didn’t. Anyway that should make your task that bit easier.”

That evening, Diane told me about how she had succeeded at her task, and then said “Zack is inviting us all to join them for the Christmas break. From what he said it seems everyone is up for it, so I have tentatively accepted on our behalf.”

“I know, he asked me first, but I suggested he asked you before we decided. I also know that Dee will have to perform the task she earned today at the Christmas break.”

Dear readers- You will have to wait until the end of the advent calendar to find out how Dee was naughty.

Come back next week for more of the advent calendar.

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  1. Love that you are now decorating the story with photos 🙂

    Rebel xox

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