More Advent fun

This advent calendar is inspired from a comment by Rebel and Ana’s advent calendar. We carry on from where we left off last week and this week covers 8 days.

11th December

The card I handed Diane in the morning read “I think your pussy needs a work out. Find out tonight what the task is.”

Diane got home just as I finished preparing our supper. When we had eaten, she said “I have been so horny all day after the tease on the card. What have I got to do?”

I had already fetched the items I needed, and prepared space in the sitting room. So I said “Quite simple. You have to insert the rod in your pussy, I will attach a weight you have to hold it up off the floor for one minute. You will do this little exercise at least 5 times in the next half hour. You will blindfolded so you cannot see any clocks, so you have to work out when the minute is each up lift. So you have to decide whether to do just 5 lifts and hope that they all last a minute each. If the rod falls out, that will signify the end of that lift.”

“Interesting, but how will I know whether I have been successful?”

“At the end when I give you your times.”

I removed her belt so she could perform the task. I carefully inserted the rod so the ball at one end was comfortably in her pussy. I then blindfolded her and she lifted the weight so all that was holding it in was pure muscle strength. Her first lift was successful at 1 minute 20 seconds. She gasped with relief after she lowered herself down to rest for a couple of minutes.

Her second attempt was also successful at 1 minute 7 seconds. She did a third lift, but only managed 56 seconds before she relaxed her muscles. She lifted the weight another three times, recording 51 seconds, 1 minute 9 seconds and on her final lift she lasted 61 seconds. She removed her blindfold saying “that is it. How did I do?”

I gave her the times and she resigned herself to a second week in the belt.

12th December

The task read for the day read “When you get home, you will change into your shortest miniskirt and thinnest top you own. You are not allowed a bra. Once you are changed, I will tell you the rest of the task.”

She got home quickly changed her clothes so that her breasts were clearly visible through the sheer blouse and her legs were fully exposed to just under the crease where they joined her pert bum. I then said, “I have just ordered a pizza, and you will answer the door when it arrives just as you are. You also need to give the delivery person a good view of your bum.”

About half an hour later the doorbell rang and she quickly went to the door, opened it and collected the pizzas. She said to the young delivery man “wait a moment.” She turned around, put the pizzas on the table in the hallway, leant over exposing her bum as she got some change out of the handbag which she gave him as a tip.

She closed the door, and came into the dining room blushing. “I hope he enjoyed what he saw.”

13th December

I did not give Diane a card in the morning. In the evening she was all jittery until she asked for her daily task. I handed the her the card that read “You have just performed your task for the day. If you had not asked for it I would have shown you the card just after midnight.” She looked at me quizzically, “What?”

I said, “I thought it would be fun to see if you would actually ask for the task.”

“That was tricky and mean, but at least I can relax now.”

14th December

I handed her the card just as she returned to the bedroom from her morning shower. “This task is in two parts, for today we are going to go Christmas shopping. You will now put on your pair of 5 inch heels that will be locked on until we go to bed, further, after lunch you will ask for the rest of your task.”

We had breakfast and Diane fidgeted all through it. She knew she could refuse, but that would entail another week in her belt.

By lunchtime, apart from presents for each other, we had finished all the rest of the shopping. We enjoyed good lunch at one of the pubs in the centre of town. As soon as we finished she asked for the rest of the task. She read it, eyes widening; as she finished she said “That is so evil.”

She pondered the task for a minute, got up and took a carrier bag with her to the ladies.

She returned, gave me the carrier bag and told me to look inside. In there were all her clothes neatly folded and a pair of ripped tights. As I put it down, she said “I hope you realise how much those tights cost.”

I laughed, “no problem, I will get you a new pair.”

We separated, with me having difficulty concealing my arousal as I thought of my gorgeous wife shopping wearing her chastity belt, 5 inch heels locked on and a coat that stopped well above her knees.

We met up later and as we were driving home she said, “the afternoon has made so horny.”

“Not just you.”

15th December

We had a lie in that morning and whilst she was still in her belt, I was able to tease her unmercifully. However, unusually for her, as I was tormenting her with my hands and tongue, she came hard even though I had no access to her clit or pussy which were still locked up tight.

As we had our late breakfast, she asked for her task. The card read, “today you you will have restricted movement, as there will be a three inch hobble all day.”

She looked at me saying “No bloody way.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, a third week in the belt is preferable, especially after this morning.”

We spent the rest of the day doing chores and getting ready for the week ahead.

16th December

In the morning as we left for work I handed her the card read “Today you have a simple task, you will wear your nipple stretchers for a minimum of three hours.”

“I am going to make your nipples stretch, you can do it.”

She got home at her usual time and as soon as she had taken off her coat she rushed upstairs and collected the nipple stretchers. She carefully removed my piercings and put the stretchers on. My nipples stuck out about an extra centimetre. Luckily they are not that uncomfortable as they are not very long. I am so glad that we had not got around to getting the longer ones. However as time progressed, my nipple started top get sore from the pressure and I was very relieved to be able to remove them after the three hours were up. Diane tenderly kissed them and teased them before saying, “well that is a fourth week I have to suffer in the belt.”

17th December

I left it until after we had finished our supper before giving her the task for the day. The card read “you have one hour of corner time. As we know you sometimes fidget, so there will be a dessert spoon that you have to hold up with your nose during that time. You can reduce the amount of time in the corner, but you have to accept one stroke, for each minute reduction, of an implement of my choice. You decide how many strokes youimp500 want.”

I retrieved the implement I wanted to use, returned to the sitting room hiding it from her sight and asked “do you want a time reduction?”

“Yes please, all 60 minutes.”

I showed her the scorpion flogger that I had retrieved from the toy box. It has about 20 tails, each of a different length. When it lands, it leaves 20 little welts  on different parts of the ass.

“I forgot that we even had that. I expect I will be having a squirmy day tomorrow.”

I carefully gave her cheeks a rosy glow before I picked up the scorpion and proceeded to land the strokes, peppering her with lots of stingy sensations as each of the tails landed. She squealed with delight at first before they turned to squeals of pain. After 40 strokes she had stopped squealing in pain and was moaning as she had reached her happy place from the endorphin rush. I landed the occasional harder stroke to shake from that place, so she could feel the full effect of the implement.

When I had finished, she was relieved to be able to rub her sore ass. I retrieved the arnica and gently rubbed into her soreness to sounds of pleasure coming from her.

18th December

Diane came down to breakfast and gingerly sat down as her bum was still sore after her 60 strokes with the scorpion the previous night.

I told her “I will give you your task when you get home. Be prepared to have a fun time.”

When she entered the door from work, I gave her the card that read ‘Your dress for tonight is on the bed. Go and change into it now. We me go out for a walk later, however you may want to persuade me to change my mind.’

As is usual, I got home first and had left just a little baby-doll nightie on the bed for her to change into.

After she changed, she asked “what else am I allowed to wear when we go for the walk?”

“Nothing” I replied.

She pouted, thought for a minute and started kiss me hard, gently fondling my balls through my trousers. It did not take long for her to notice my arousal and sensually make her way down and take me manhood in her mouth. She teased it gently and got me close to the point of no return before she stopped.

With a grin on her face she said “That is enough for now.”

All through the evening she teased me with her mouth and she asked “how is my persuasion doing?”

“Not bad, but I am still thinking of us going for  the walk.”

As I got up after the fourth round, she rushed to me, knelt in front of me, and continued using her mouth. She finally allowed me to cum, and I nearly collapsed with the intensity.

With a grin she commented “I don’t think we need to go out now, do we?”

I replied “No, we don’t”  and drew her into my arms.

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  1. I like the wicked twist on 13 December!

    Rebel xox

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