The Final Days of Advent

This advent calendar is inspired from a comment by Rebel and Ana’s advent calendar.

Merry Christmas to all of you who read these scribblings.

We carry on from where we left off last week. This is the 100th episode of the saga and is longer than normal. I hope you enjoy it.

19th December

The card I handed her in the morning read “Today is easy, all you need to do is lock your 5 inch heels on and stay in them until bed time.”

She looked at me with a grin “Oh have you run out of ideas already?”

“No, as you will find out in the next few days.”

She changed into the heels, locked them on having changed her skirt to a slightly shorter one that accentuated her shapely legs. As usual, I was impressed with the sight.

At bed time as she cuddled up  to me she commented “God my legs ache. I was on my feet most of the day in one of the shops and hardly had time to sit down.”

“I know, you had written on the kitchen calendar where you were going to be before we started the month.”

With a twinkle in her eye she replied “Damn, you really are evil.”

Diane changed the subject asking “is there anyway I can get out of the belt by Christmas day as I am sure we will want to play a bit at Zack and Dee’s?”

“I will think about it and tell you tomorrow night”

20th December

We had our usual breakfast and I said, “I have overnight bags packed, and your dress for the night and have booked a hotel room tonight. When we have checked in, I will give you your task when we get ready for the Bustards head office staff party.”

Later that day, after getting to the hotel and checking in, Diane came out of the shower looking as sexy as she always does in her birthday suit.

I sat her down and said “I have been thinking about the belt, and I have thought of an alternative form of penalty for you. All you need to know is that it will be tormenting, but you should enjoy it. Further you will have two tasks tomorrow and you give up the right to any ‘appeals’. Subsequent failure to complete a task means a month each time in the belt starting 1st January.”

“What is this alternative then?”

“That you will find out on Sunday if you agree.”

She pondered for a few minutes while she did her make up and finally said “If it means I can get out of the belt, then yes.”

I leant down to her, kissed her hard and smudged her newly applied lipstick. She was a little annoyed and gave me a playful swat on my bum as I got up.

I handed her the card for the daily task. “You will wear a special bra tonight that has been made specially for you.”

She got up, asked for the bra and looked in horror as I had managed to find a very discreet tack bra that meant that her delightful C cup breast would be tormented all night. She squeaked a little as she put the bra on, and before long she had managed to settle into it.

After the usual dinner had been cleared away, the band started up and Diane decided she wanted to dance. As we held each other tight during a slow dance she said, “The bra is evil but fun, I am really getting turned on by the sensations and every time I move I feel the tacks.”

We enjoyed ourselves during the evening, and the sight of a beautiful woman being tormented without others knowing was turning me on, so much so that when we got to our room, I unlocked the belt and we made sweet love until we were both satisfied.

21st December

When we got home, I quickly altered the card for her task just before I gave it to her. It read ‘Here is your first task for the day. When we go to the supermarket for our food shopping, you will wear a bra, a pair of knickers and a knee length coat that is not buttoned up and the belt is not to be fastened up.’

She read it and looked at me with daggers in her eyes “What! I have to go flashing in the supermarket now. Ugh, The alternative does not bear thinking about.”

I knew I had made it an interesting task, but she calmed down a bit when I said “I will be there to help you, also your hands will be free so you can at least close the front up with your hands in your pockets.”

She giggled then “I had not thought it through, this could be fun, especially flashing the sexy men there.”

As it happens the shopping trip was relatively incident free, however there was one occasion when she whispered in my ear “I wish his wife was not there.”

The rest of the day was quiet until we left for my office party which was being held in one of the top hotels in London. The company had offered us a room that I took with delight.

Once we had checked in, I gave her the second task of the day. ‘You will put your dress on but not do up the back, and come to me for the alterations to be made that will take a few minutes to complete.’

I knew that she had selected a long black dress before I had set the task. Thdresse dress was similar to that pictured. However the thin strap was actually a chain, so with a glint in my eyes I waited patiently for her to finish getting ready. She approached me and I gave a long smouldering kiss before I said, now to make the alterations. I released the chain that went around the back of her neck so her nipples were fully exposed. I carefully measured the length of fine chain needed, cut it to length and attached one end to her left nipple ring. I threaded it through the ring on the side of the dress, round the back of her neck and through the ring on the right hand side before attaching it to her nipple ring on her right breast. I then made sure that the front of the dress sat exactly right.

Once I had finished I said “now move around a little and tell me how it feels.”

She did as she was told before saying “Interesting. There is a tug and the fabric is brushing my nipples as I move around. The sensations are arousing.”

“Great, just as I hoped., Now let’s go join the others at the bar.”

We entered the bar area and were handed a glass of champagne. Diane’s dress and beauty attracted many admiring glances as she chatted away merrily.

Diane whispered to me as we went into dinner, “I hope my nipples are not too prominent as I am getting really turned on.”

“You’re doing just fine” I replied.

Later in the evening I asked Diane to join me on the dance floor, and as she danced I noticed her nipples becoming erect and the tips started to be noticeable. After about half an hour of dancing, she leaned in towards me “How much longer before I can jump on you?”

“At least a couple of hours.”

“Awww god, I need a rest.”

We left the dancing and found a quiet secluded area so she could regain her composure. About half an hour before the party would finish, I escorted her back to the dance floor to round of the evening. It did not take long before I could feel her pressing into me during the slow dances.

When we got to our room, as soon as the door closed she was all over me for an session of passionate lovemaking.

22nd December

We finally made it home at lunchtime and as soon as we had got in I gave her the daily task that read “Now you have recovered from the party, find your tightest corset, put it on, and come back to me for it to be tightened. It will be locked on when I am satisfied it is tight enough and you will wear until it is time for bed.”

She disappeared and a few minutes she came to the sitting room with the corset on. I pulled on the laces and tightened it up, but did not lock it. Half an hour later I tightened the laces further so that it was as tight as it was going to get. I picked up the belt and put it round her and locked it on.

I programmed her special bra and knickers and handed them to her saying “You will wear these from tomorrow morning until we go to bed on Christmas day. The rules are the same as before except the first toilet break has been moved to 1.30pm. Also you must be in them by 7.00 am tomorrow and Tuesday and 9.00 am on Christmas day.”

23rd December

Diane was up a little earlier than normal to make sure that she did not get the punishment mode on her knickers and bra. What she did not know was that I had only set a light tease for the morning until 9, a light tease at 1 for half an hour and again two hours tease from 5pm.

As Diane was got home in the evening I handed her the task that read “Tonight, you will pack a toy bag for the Christmas period. You will carefully select 6 implements, show them to me before you put them in the bag. At least one of them must be one that you do not like and up to three may be gentle sensuous ones. If I do not like your choices I will add a further six that will not include any sensuous ones. Bear in mind that you will be on the receiving end of all them.”

I waited for her and when she showed me what she had selected, I said “Not quite what I expected, but I am happy with your selection.”

She then asked “Is there something wrong with the underwear, as I have only had gentle teases today?”

“No it is just what I programmed.” I replied with a smile on my face.

24th December Diane’s version

I found the task leaning up against the mirror when I went for my shower. It read “When you have showered I will give you your dress for your morning at the office.”

I showered quickly but unfortunately I missed the deadline for putting the knickers on so I knew it could be an interesting and uncomfortable day depending on how my sadistic husband had set the program.

I asked for my dress and he handed me a Mrs Santa outfit which hardly covered my ass cheeks. I exclaimed “I can’t wear that in the office.”

With a grin he replied, “You can, Dee has a similar outfit so you won’t be alone flashing your knickers. I am sure you don’t want to let her down and at the same timsanta dresse suffer the whole of January in the belt.”

I reluctantly carried on getting ready. Thank goodness I did not have to drive as the pads gave me plenty to think about as they played with my pussy and ass and were an extreme distraction. He dropped me at the office and to my relief the pulses stopped as I settled down to finish off my work for the morning.

As you know I head up the team for “Bedroom delights” and they had all joined in the spirit of my dress by wearing somewhat risqué clothing for the morning. Dee popped her head in to our office and as I had been promised she was wearing an identical outfit, however when she leaned over I noticed she was not even wearing any knickers.

I let the team finish work at 12 and then went to Dee’s office to find that all the senior managers were there for a glass of wine and nibbles. The chatter was light and as we all worked well together, the atmosphere was good. I then felt a series of strong pulses hit my ass cheeks and realised that I was also going to have to concentrate. A colleague noticed the effects of the pulsing and said “Please don’t take offence Diane, but why are you twerking?”

Before I could reply, Dee said “Oh she is just testing a new slimming product for me.”

I went beet red.

The party broke up shortly after that little interlude and Dee gave me a lift to her and Zack’s home.

Next week recounts our Christmas celebration at Zack and Dee’s Home.

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  1. Some sexy celebrations! Merry Christmas!

    Rebel xox

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