Dee goes riding

I had already made my way to Zack and Dee’s house waited with Zack, William and Celia for the two ladies dressed in their revealing outfits to arrive. I hugged Diane when she arrived and asked “have a good morning?”

“Bloody embarrassing, Dee had a little drinks session for us managers and one of them asked why I was twerking when the pulses were at their worst on my ass. I need a pee and need to go now.”

I let her go and do her business.

Tom and Suzy were next to arrive, followed quickly by the Swiss ladies and Kathy and John arrived just in time for the evening meal. The evening passed uneventfully and we all made it to the Christmas night service.

Christmas day was relatively vanilla and we all exchanged presents. The only interesting part was that both Diane and I agreed to exchange our presents on the 26th, in front of all of our friends.

On the day after Christmas both Diane and Dee went to visit one of the shops, while the rest of us went shopping to take advantage of the early sales.

After a good dinner, we made our way up to the playroom. On entering we saw that the room had been decorated to fit in with the season. The only lighting was strings of gold and red fairy lights that gave the room a really warm glow.

I whispered to Diane, “Shall we exchange our presents?”

“Yes” she replied before turning to others and asked them “Please would you form a circle around us.”

They did as asked. I then handed Diane a small box carefully wrapped. As she opened it I said “with this I faithfully promise to honour, cherish and love you. I will help you to become a better person and guide you through the journey of our life.”

As she opened the box she replied “In accepting this gift, I will always love you, and will always do my best to live up to the faith that you place in me.” She then opened the clasp, put the necklace around her neck and placed the lock through the two end links and held the lock up for me insert the key and lock the chain together.

As soon the lock had been secured she leant forward and hugged me tight for a short while. She then produced a small package and handed it to me. As I opened it I saw a very fine gold chain and a small lock. We both reaffirmed our love and bond by her using the words I had said earlier and I repeated those she had spoken. She secured the lock and we hugged each other. Our circle of friends then spontaneously clapped.

After a short while Zack announced “Dee, please tell the others what naughtiness you got up to a couple of weeks ago.”

“I used a banned word and was caught doing it.”

“Yes and why did you use it?”

Dee hesitated a little before saying “In a long discussion with Diane and you, my lovely husband, about a problem; Diane egged me on and I let myself say what I was thinking and I then used the word.”

“So you are blaming Diane?”

“No, but Diane did egg me on.”

I laughed, “So Diane, did you egg her on so that she used a banned word?”

“Sort of, however you gave me the task to get Dee to be naughty and report it to Zack. As he was present he I did not have to report it.”

Diane frowned and realised that she had been set up.

Zack then said, “Well Dee you will be punished for the infraction this evening.”

I added “Diane, you too will suffer a punishment.”

She looked worried until I said, “you will have a task. However long you take to complete the task is the length of time that Dee will suffer.”

I had already prepared the three lengths of rope I needed. I got her to sit down in a corner of the room, spread her legs and bend them with her feet flat on the floor. crab tieI then asked her to lean forward and arranged her arms so that the elbows were by her knees. I secure her elbows to the knees. I then wrapped rope around each wrist to make a cuff. There was a tail from each “cuff” so that when her wrists were behind her back I could tie them so that there were two short ropes about 6 inches long between the cuffs, securing the wrists behind her back.

While I was doing this, Zack had escorted Dee over to the horse on which Zack had placed and secured the Sybian machine. He with a little help from Corrrine got her into position so she was impaled on the vibrator and her ankles were secured over the back of the horse and her wrists tied behind her back.

Once all the preparations had been completed, Zack said “Dee, You usually go out with the hunt this day, and I didn’t want you to miss the chance to go riding”. Dee groaned as he said this before he added “So your ride will be an interesting one as you will find out. Every five minutes I will turn the Sybian up one notch until it is running at the maximum setting. You will be on it until you are released. You may come as often as you want.”

I then said to Diane, “Your task is to find the pair of scissors that have been placed on the floor somewhere in the room, and you will then free yourself from all the ropes before you can then turn the Sybian off and release Dee. The longer you take, the longer Dee has to suffer, and as time goes by it will become more uncomfortable for her. If we have to release Dee before you get to her, you will find it uncomfortable to sit down for a few days. The time starts when you hear the Sybian start up.”

Dee looked at the arrangement, and then realised that it would take a long time for Diane to inch her way around until she could get at the scissors.

Zack blindfolded Dee and turned the Sybian on. Diane explored how crafty the arrangement was as she could only move a couple of inches at a time. Once she had turned around she saw the scissors hiding in the opposite corner. She started to move before realising that the best way was going backwards, so she turned around and started scooting on her bum towards the scissors. After five minutes of this she had managed just to move a couple of feet as the Sybian was turned up one notch. Dee’s moans and groans increased in volume and before the machine’s intensity was increased again she was gasping as she was trying to come, but the stimulation was not quite enough.

Diane had managed to get half way to the scissors when the machine was turned up another notch and Dee squealed in delight and held her breath as she came hard. As she came down form her orgasm, she relaxed, but was moaning as the relentless stimulation continued. Her moans and pants of pleasure became more intense as a second orgasm crept up on her, followed quickly by a third.

Diane finally reached the corner where the scissors were after the Sybian had been turned up another notch. She felt around for them and picked them up as Dee started on her way to yet another orgasm, screaming in delight and pleasure.

Diane fumbled around with the scissors and slowly managed to start cutting through the rope. The way she was tied made it difficult, but not impossible to release herself. The added distraction of Dee’s ride made it more difficult to manoeuvre the scissors so she could make her way to freedom.

Diane struggled to cut the rope connecting her wrists for another five minutes before Zack turned the Sybian up to its next and final setting.

Dee’s moans of ecstasy started in earnest as she rode the machine to orgasm again. Diane finally managed to release her hands and started on the left binding between the elbow and knee as Dee came hard screaming and shouting in pleasure. Corrine watched Dee carefully and said “Diane you better be quick.”

Diane struggled with the knot and finally after a further few minutes managed to release that arm so she could free her other leg.

Corrine watched as Dee succumbed to her most powerful orgasm of the evening. Dee slumped over in exhaustion. The relentless machine continued its work as Dee started scream as the discomfort of her position and the continued stimulation was going to make her come again quickly.

Zack and Corrine watched Dee carefully as a series of massive orgasms rolled through her for minutes. Dee finally slumped forward and Zack immediately turned off the machine as she could take no more.

Diane slumped in defeat as she had nearly freed herself from her bindings. I went over to Diane, cuddled her and removed the last ropes.

Diane looked over at Dee as she was being held tight in Zack’s arms. It took nearly half an hour before Dee had recovered sufficiently to be coherent. She stood up before gingerly making her way to Diane and hugged her.

Diane smiled and held Dee tight before saying sorry for the length of torture.

Dee giggled a little before saying quietly, “It was both torture and pleasure. I hope for your sake it was you that released me.”

Diane’s reply was “Unfortunately I may have an uncomfortable few days to come.”

Dee looked askance on hearing the news.

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6 Responses to Dee goes riding

  1. I love the gifts they have exchanged!

    Rebel xox

  2. girlforhim says:

    I love how the ride length depended on another person struggling in their own bonds. Very very sexy. Well done.

  3. Stranded says:

    Such a gorgeous concept you have here. I’ve yet to explore writing about a Sybian experience.


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