Diane and Celia suffer

After she failed on a task, Diane’s reply to a blissfully orgasmed out Dee was “Unfortunately I may have an uncomfortable few days to come.”

While I gave Diane a little time to recover from her bondage escapade, Corrine treated Maria to a gentle flogging against the St Andrews cross.

I asked Diane “what is the total attention that you think your bum should receive for failing in the task we set tonight?”

She thought for a moment and with a cheeky grin said “a nice sensuous flogging and maybe a few strokes of the cane?”

A few of the others giggled as she finished before Celia said “Failure has a price and your ass should feel it. I suggest that a gentle flogging is the start to give you a warm up, get your bum nice and pink followed by six from each person here with every implement you brought. As there are 12 of us that means 72 strokes with each implement.”

Every one smiled as I said, “that sounds eminently fair.”

Diane trembled a little, but then remembered that she had chosen the implements and some of them were what she considered to be nice ones.

She asked “If I am to receive that many, please can I be restrained on the horse?”

I replied, “of course. I always love to see your bum in such an inviting position.”

Diane blushed as she made her way to the horse and we lined up to deliver the strokes.

I gave her a pleasant warm up that had her purring as every stroke of the flogger landed. When I was happy with the shade of red on here ass, I handed the riding crop to Zack who positioned himself and gave Diane 6 sharp, quick strokes that produced yelps as they landed. Celia was next and the first tap was gentle, so Maria said “that is not hard enough, any more like that and I will enjoy torturing your nipples later.”

Celia laughed, and laid down the remainder of her strokes harder. After we had all used the crop, I produced the leather paddle that I know Diane loves, and she was positively purring by the time the last stroke landed.

Next up was the naughty stick. She has a love hate relationship with it because it has both a sting and a thud. She moaned and groaned all the way through the allotted strokes and was obviously in her happy place as Corrine finished with the final stroke which was particularly vicious that brought out of it for a while. I handed over the scorpion, which looks innocent but has a bite from each of the 20 tails as they land. When she had received all her strokes, Diane was in tears of both pain and joy. Her ass by now was a riot of bright red with a lot of very small welts.

I produced the quirt and Corrine showed how expert she was with it as every stroke had just the last inch or two landing and bringing up a welt. Everyone had a try with it and although not everyone was as expert as Corrine, Diane seemed to enjoy the sensations of the sting followed by the burn after each stroke. The last implement was a steel cane which provides a thin line of fire.

Diane was a bit worried when she felt a clamp being attached to the pussy piercings. I connected the Electro Stim to both the cane and pussy piercing and handed the cane to Zack. Diane was startled as he landed the first stoke. Not only did she feel the sting of the cane she felt the electricity that jolted through her. She groaned as the strokes landed. I made it more interesting by sometime turning the machine off or varying the intensity of the electricity.

Celia delivered her strikes and the last one was particularly gentle. “As she passed the cane to Maria she smiled and winked, knowing she would get some play.

As Diane knows, we often leave Kathy to deliver the last 2 strokes of a session in her trademark fashion. I whispered to her what I thought would be appropriate and she gave me an evil smile.

Kathy delivered her first two strokes as normal, moved slightly and landed a diagonal stroke across Diane’s left cheek, then did the same on her right cheek.

Kathy then quickly moved and crisply delivered a stroke to Diane’s left cheek on the opposite diagonal so there was an X. She quickly repeated this on Diane’s right cheek. Diane howled she felt the burn and sting from this stroke.

Diane was immediately released from the bonds and I helped her off and held her tight and caressed her.

Diane took her time recovering. She went to sit on my lap and as she sat down she immediately jumped up saying, “I need a very soft cushion.” which brought a laugh from the others.

Celia looked nervous as Maria said “Celia, I think that last stroke was deliberately mild, so time for you to suffer.”

Maria picked up a length that she wrapped tightly around the base of Celia’s breasts. Maria then wrapped rope around each breast so only the brown surrounding the nipple and the nipple itself was showing. The little that was left over from each breast was fashioned into a loop.

Maria also found the trip switch mechanisms and nipple clamps that attached to the electrostim machine. She guided Celia across the room to the suspension point, let down the hook attached the loops from the breast ropes and raised the hook a little so that Celia could not escape.

Maria then attached a spreader bar to Celia’s ankles so that they were three feet apart. She then tied a rope to each of the wrist cuffs and tied it off so that Celia’s arms outstretched and of no use.

Maria raised the hook a couple of inches up, so she was on tiptoes and that there was just a little strain on Celia’s breasts if she let her feet down.

Maria then said “Celia, here is the fun, if you let a foot down for more than 5 seconds; your tits will suffer, as well as possibly giving yourself an electric shock. The electrostim has been set to a one in four chance of you getting a shock after the 5 seconds, however after 10 seconds that comes down to a one in two chance. After 22 seconds you will get a shock. The intensity of these shocks is set at random. I think an hour is about the right length of time, however if you beg really nicely I might let you down early.”

Celia whimpered a little at this comment.

Maria being in an obviously sadistic mood said “whimpering gets you extra torment as you well know.” She then placed a blindfold over Celia’s eyes.

After a few minutes Celia was obviously finding standing on her toes to be extremely difficult and as she relaxed slightly she squealed as the electric shock hit her nipples. She immediately raised her heels.

Maria giggled as that happened. She whispered to us all, “What Celia does not know is that the intensity is not at random, it is the same all the way through.”

Avery few minutes Celia was forced to suffer shocks as her calf muscles needed relief. The time between each relaxing of the muscles shortened as the hour slowly dragged on. Celia started begging for release and Maria grinned before saying, “That is not enough, so a few minutes more are needed.”

After quite a lot of serious begging, Mari, with an evil tone, told Celia “Well for that moderate attempt, I will turn the electrics off, however the hook will be raised about an inch instead.”

Celia did not know whether to be relieved that she would not be shocked. When she let her heels down the first time after the hook had been raised she squealed as she felt the extra strain on her breasts.

After about fifty minutes of torment, Celia was begging Maria to be kind, and even agreed to being on the receiving end of 12 strikes from a whip just to be released. Maria took pity on Celia’s tormented tits and released her from the bindings.

Celia was marched over to the Cross, secured facing out and Maria picked up the Dragon tail. She flicked so that it landed on Celia’s beautifully shaped but already abused right breast. The strikes alternated between each breast except the last two which were harder and the tip of the tail landed on each of her nipples.

Celia was released and was breathless as she dealt with the pain, but when the blindfold was removed there was a real sparkle of joy in her eyes.

The evening continued with everyone being able to enjoy some play.

The next morning we woke early as both Diane and Dee had work to go to. As Diane was getting dressed I asked “Are you up for a challenge today. If you succeed, you can do anything to me except use the nasty cane.”

She replied “Only if the deal includes any implement or torment of my choice.”

As I was in need of some hard play time, I reluctantly agreed.

She asked “so what is the challenge?”

“Wearing only a skirt and top of my choosing and a nice pair of special nipple rings for the whole day.”

“You know I have to work today and some of that will be in the shops with customers.”

“Yes, I know, you will just have to be careful.”

“Go on then, do your worst.”

I picked up a little box that she had not seen before, changed her nipple rings nipple ringto a golden pair which had a little tag saying ‘slut’. I then handed her a modest blouse and a medium length skirt that would not show any of the attention her ass received the night before unless she bent over.

She looked at me and said “god that is evil, but it will be fun, and if I am asked I will be able to show them the relevant implements that inflicted the damage.”

Next week Diane extracts her revenge

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4 Responses to Diane and Celia suffer

  1. Marie Rebelle says:

    Love the nipple piercing! I think I want that same tag for clitoral hood piercing. Love it!

    Rebel xox

  2. slaveana says:

    You are an excellent writer, and I love hearing the stories of your adventures with your wife. I love how you both alternate between giving and receiving, instead of just one person being tortured all the time. I absolutely love your blog, and would be honored if you would check mine out sometime as well!

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