Diane takes charge

Authors Note- Due to family reasons I have not been able to review and edit this post as I would normally do, however I did not want to disappoint any readers waiting for this week’s episode.

Diane rose to the challenge and completed it with pride. As we settled down at home after her day’s work she told me “we were really busy in the shops today. I was running around all the time. Only once was there a comment about the state of my bum, and the woman concerned laughed and explained that she too was sporting a few lesser bruises. She asked what did the damage and I was pleased to show her. She even bought a couple of items for her Master to use on her.”

We discussed when I would take my medicine, and as we were all going to Tom and Suzy’s for a new year ‘party’ it was decided that I would suffer then.

As I had agreed to a “no holds barred session” I was expecting to have quite a work out. She packed the toy bag before we left home and I had no idea what was in it. The drive was full of her teasing me about how I would be unable to sit down when I went back to work in the New Year.

We all gathered together in the playroom that Tom and Suzy have. Diane got me to strip before she applied a blindfold saying “no sight for you for about three hours until the New Year.”

I was first told to kneel on the bench on top of the cage and bend at the waist. I felt something being attached to my balls. Once Diane was satisfied she said “OK straighten up now.”

I did as I was told and immediately realised that she had attached a humbler device that meant I would not be able to stand up straight without some considerable discomfort.humbler

I protested “This is not fair.”

Diane immediately retorted “You said I could use anything. For that outburst, everyone can have a turn on your ass tonight.”

I heard some whispering before I was helped down off the bench and told to stand up. She led me around the play room a little and then told “stay here.”

I felt cuffs being placed around my wrists and ankles. There was a snap as each was attached to something. A few moments later there was a whirr as my limbs were pulled until I was in a spread-eagle position. The humbler pulled on my balls and I found it very uncomfortable. I was moaning about the discomfort. Diane then ordered me “shut up and take what is coming. Every time you moan about being uncomfortable, there will be more torture on your cock, balls, ass or nipples.”kalis teeth

I felt Diane put a wide collar around my cock and secured it. She had put the Kali’s Teeth on.

She reached up, kissed me hard and then said “now for the real fun” as she played with my nipples to start arousing me. She then hugged me tight and continued to tease me with her crotch grinding into mine so that I started to get hard. As I got aroused, the pain and discomfort level increased.

Once she was happy with my state of arousal, she stopped what she was doing. She inserted some ear plugs to dull the sound and a few moments later I felt a sharp sting around my left nipple as something landed. I was left dangling for a while and I heard the muted crack of a whip. I felt nothing. I then felt someone’s bum touching against mine. Within moments I felt that someone had been bound to me so that our backs were touching. As I heard another muted crack without any pain, I felt the person bound to me wriggle. As soon as they had settled down, I felt a line of fire across both nipples as a whip landed. I jerked back and the person behind me stopped me from jerking back. This carried on for a while until my chest was on fire from all the attention it had received. I was then left hanging there in discomfort for what seemed like an hour before my arms were lowered and the person attached behind me was released.

I was led to a spanking bench and the discomfort around my balls was eased as I knelt down before being secured down so I had little room to wriggle. I was given a very pleasant warm up spanking.

An ear plug was removed and Diane whispered “Now your ass will suffer with six implements being used. With the first stroke, you have to tell me what it is I am using. If you get it wrong you will get a stroke on your thighs. Once you have identified it correctly I will give you a further 6 strokes with it on your ass. When I have finished, everyone else gets to give you 12 strokes using one or more of these implements. Also if someone wants to let another deliver the strokes for them, I am quite happy for that to happen.”

She replaced the ear plug, and proceeded to land a stroke. I recognised the heavy thud and sharp slings of the Silicon flogger. I immediately announced what it was and Diane landed the six promised strokes with vigour. I was gasping as the last one landed. She gave me a short while to recover before I felt a sharp sting that I guessed the naughty stick. I heard a laugh and felt another sharp sting, this time on my thighs. I guessed a yard stick to feel yet another sting on my thighs so guessed a ruler. There followed six stinging strokes on my ass.

The next implement was different and was thuddier than usual and it took 10 guesses before Diane removed an ear plug saying “It is a new toy, so you have a choice, you carry on guessing wrong or you can take an extra six hard strokes of the cane at the end from Kathy. If you have not got it right after another 12 strokes, the penalty will be increased to 1stroke of the nasty cane from each of us on your, by then, very tender bum.”

I immediately chose to take the six from Kathy as the nasty cane was the worst implement that any of us possessed.

She laid down the six strokes with the new toy on my ass in very quick succession.

Next up was the bath brush and I managed to identify it on the first stroke. The six strokes landed and I was gasping as the pain registered.

The next implement, the scorpion took a couple of guesses before I got it right. Diane finished her session with the quirt landing six exquisite stings on my ass.

Diane pulled the ear plugs out and said, “Now as you have been a good boy, you can have your hearing back, but there is a little punishment needed if you make a little too much noise.”

I felt Tens pads being attached to my inner thighs. Diane cackled evilly before saying “Tom has had these altered and are sound activated so any noise from you will trigger a thirty second set of pulses at a high setting. Also every time it triggers from you making a noise, weight will be added to the parachute that is about to be attached to the humbler.”

I waited patiently until suddenly there was a line of fire across my ass as that nasty new toy landed. In no time, 12 strokes had landed and my moans were getting stronger when suddenly the bath brush landed and I squealed as the change in sensation hit home. I felt the Tens pad pulse and my thighs started to twitch as the sensations made their presence felt. The assault on my ass continued as the tens machine did its work. After 6 strokes I started to make a little noise and felt a weight being attached to the humbler.

I heard a cackling laugh from Suzy as she came towards me. “I’ve been waiting for a long time to do this.”

I felt a light stroke of the scorpion followed by Tom saying “You can do better than that.”

I felt 6 harder strokes land that produced the usual series of little stings as each of the tips landed. I squealed a little and the Tens machine started up. The different sensations were making it very difficult on concentrating on my breathing and therefore feeling the pain far more than usual.

Suddenly the sensation changed when the silicon flogger with its combination of thud and sting landed. I managed to keep quiet whilst 12 strokes were delivered in quick succession. There was a pause before I felt the same flogger land giving me a surprise and I jerked forward pulling on the humbler. I managed to calm down and stay in position and not make too much noise. Luckily, no weights were added and the Tens machine was not triggered.

Someone kindly gave me the opportunity to have a sip of water. I was allowed to rest for a few minutes before I heard a scream from elsewhere in the room and the Tens machine was triggered. The pulses surprised me and I jerked forward immediately tugging on the humbler. Somehow I managed to keep quiet.

Diane said to me “now the real fun starts.”

Next week the session finishes

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