My torment ends

Authors Note- Due to family reasons I have not been able to review and edit this post as I would normally do, however I did not want to disappoint any readers waiting for this week’s episode. Normal service will resume next week.

Diane told me“Suzy is secured on the crucifix and Tom has got out his Dressage whip. She also has an electrostim in her pussy. Whenever you make a noise, she will get a series of shocks, and if she makes a noise your tens machine will be triggered. The attachment of weights still applies if you make a noise, and she will have weights added to her nipples if she makes a noise. Also I have agreed that the others can use different implements if they so wish.”

Diane removed the humbler leaving just the parachute pulling my balls down.

I sensed Diane had stepped back when I heard Corrine say, “Pass me the quirt please.”

I normally love to be on the receiving end of the quirt as the little stings send me quickly into my happy place. However, with the possible distraction of the Tens Machine, I realised that this would probably take longer because of the different sensations.

I relaxed into the sensations from the quirt as Corrine laid down a series of exquisitely placed stings that peppered my ass. I lost count of the number that landed, but as I was in my happy place, it did not really matter.

I was brought out of my happy place with an especially hard stroke of the bath brush. I did not know who landed it. A second hard stroke landed and I squealed loudly. A moment later there was a squeal from Suzy that triggered the tens machine that sent pulses around my groin. I also felt a weight being added to the parachute.

Diane sniggered in my ear “That woke you and Suzy up.”

I was relieved when the tens machine switched itself off, while the bath brush was landing with a thud on my ass every few seconds.

I felt fingers around my balls as the parachute was removed. Diane then said to me “Kathy has decided to give you her 12 strokes now and she will finish with the extra strokes. So there are just 18 more for you to endure. To make it more fun, the intensity of the tens and Suzy’s electrostim has been increased to maximum. And you will make a noise, but as I want you later we won’t add any extra weights.”

I heard Tom say something to Suzy which I expected was similar to what Diane said to me.

Kathy tapped my bum with what I recognized to be a very whippy thin cane that when wielded properly produces a very precise thin welt that stings like mad and takes a while to become a pleasurable pain.

The first line of fire landed on the crease just where my ass meets my thighs. It made me squeal and I heard Suzy scream that set the tens on my groin off. The high intensity made me writhe as the muscles around my groin spasmed harder than I had ever endured before.

The second stroke landed at the top of my thighs and whilst was not as hard, it had the desired effect in making me squeal. Kathy waited until the machine had stopped before landing the third stroke at the top of the right cheek of my ass. Which set off another round of squeals from me and then Suzy. The next stroke was right across the middle of my left cheek followed shortly by one across the middle of my right cheek. The fifth and sixth were at the base of each of my ass cheeks followed by two more so I had received three lines of fire across each cheek.

Kathy then moved position and then I felt a vertical line of fire as the cane landed on one side of my left cheek. This was repeated so there were three vertical lines on each cheek. As each stroke landed I squealed and Suzy reacted in a similar way to the electrostim pulsing in her pussy.

Kathy came over, stroked my now very sore bum, taking her time to trace each individual one. She leant over me saying quietly “just 4 more to go.”

I felt her gently tap my left cheek before I felt one of her trademark diagonal strokes across it. She waited for the tens machine to settle down after another round of squeals from me and Suzy. The next stroke was the opposite diagonal on my right cheek. Another set of howls from Suzy and me caused the machines to do their work. The penultimate stroke was an opposite diagonal across my left cheek. The howls set of another round of the tens machine.

I relaxed a little as the tens machine stopped and waited for the final stroke which landed exactly where Kathy had planned.

I screamed just after it landed. There was no reaction from Suzy and I did not feel the tens machine. Diane held my head, kissed me hard and whispered, that is your torment over, “Happy new year my dear love.”

The others released all the restraints and Diane held me tight whispering sweet words in my ear. She helped me over to the relaxation area and I winced as sat down as the effects of the quirt and cane marks were felt.

Suzy came over when she had recovered from her torment. She laughed as she said “thank you for not making too much noise, however at the end, the stim was really nasty. My back and pussy have had a right going over tonight.”

As Diane and I went to bed later, I managed to look at my ass in a mirror that showed there was aboxed distinct pattern on each cheek (see picture).

Diane slowly sucked me until I was hard before she lovingly said “I want to make this a really special new year, so I have asked Corrine to help us tonight.”

She was putting on wrist and ankle cuffs as Corrine came into our room, who told us to lay down on the bed. The attached a belt to each of us, then locked them on before she told Diane to insert my hard cock in her. I was surprised to find she was so wet there was little resistance.

Corrine then secured us together at the ankles and the belts. Our wrists were secured together behind each other’s backs and then Corrine pulled a blanket over us and left turning off the lights.

I felt Diane squeezing her pussy against my penis and with what little room there was she wriggled until she finally burst into orgasm. She repeated the orgasm before all her activity managed to make me squirt inside her as she came for a third time. We were cuddled together and I slept very soundly. When we woke in the morning I was surprised that we were no longer secured together.

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  1. Marie Rebelle says:

    I like the sex in the last paragraph 🙂

    Rebel xox

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